Episode-1012- Listener Calls for 11-2-12 — 44 Comments

  1. OK, so I’m not done with the podcast yet, but it just occurred to me that Chef Keith needs to write a “Cooking with Homestead Proteins” book. 🙂 As a low-carb, mostly Paleo gal, I’m always concerned about providing protein to the fam. Cooking proteins like rabbit would be a lot more appealing if I had amazing recipes. With proteins like beef, pork, and chicken, we mostly eat them plain, and I don’t know if you could do stuff like that with things like goat or rabbit.

    And yeah, Jack, he made me hungry, but that might have something to do with the pastured chicken I’m roasting right now. 🙂

  2. Chef Snow had some great ideas. As he says, rabbit is featured in the best European cuisines, so you’ll never run out of ideas. My favorite dish is a garlic and red wine Portuguese rabbit stew. I’ve even heard of a Portuguese dish that makes use of the rabbit’s blood (if you’ve ever had Portuguese or French blood sausage, you’d know that this could be very tasty).

    For everyday cooking, I’d look into canning. I’ve never had canned rabbit, but I imagine that the process would produce tender meat that you could use for almost anything. I’ve also heard of people grinding it up for sausage. If you’re a fan of liver, don’t forget that… and if you’re not, don’t you dare give those things to the dog 😉

    The one thing about rabbit is that dry cooking techniques might take a little more practice. For that, I’d consider brining, marinating and the “wrap everything in bacon” approach.

  3. Thank you for addressing the “bad words” aspect. I have made that very point before! Deleting language because someone is history said so is insane.

  4. Hi Jack ~ In reference to sealing mylar in buckets, you said at 1:16:25 : “If we throw some O2 absorbers in the bucket; now we have done a double redundancy”…

    I did that – and it created a vacuum in my bucket ? and I cannot open that thing no matter how hard I try!! I figure if I ever need to, I’ll need to drill a hole in it to release the vacuum.

    Before I do that, do you know a secret on how to unscrew a gamma-sealed bucket that’s in a vacuum??

    • Yep they make a wrench to pry the edge of the lid up and break the seal. Emergency Essentials and many others sell them.

  5. Ha ha ha bad words cawcaw mouth. That’s what my home ec teacher said I had cuz I said “oh shit” when I sewed my fingers together on the sewing machine. Well it wasn’t but a few min later and she poked her finger with a needle and said “oh shhh ugar.” I just looked at her and said “you might of said sugar but we all know you meant shit.” Yeah got in trouble for saying it again. Oh well. I ended up giving the principal a headache. Brining up free speech & who is the language judge and seriously would it have been better to say fecal matter or poop or manure? Where is it written in the rule book student hand book or any where that that word is bad. What makes it bad the sound the spelling the meaning the intention? I was in the 8th grade. He just shook his head and said good grief just go back to class. Try not to sew your finger again. Ha I had forgotten about that until now. NOW I know where my son gets it. Thanks for jogging my memory.

    I guess now we will have to speed up the getting rabbit process. I know hubby is at work with his mouth watering. yup there is the phone….. calling to tell me all about it and to listen.

  6. So fired up for the Steven Harris Battery Bank episode. I did the powe inverter up here in NH for our power outage after/during Sandy and it worked ok. I was able to run the TV/DVD/Stereo/Low Wattage Lights, but I couldn’t get the fridge or freezer to start. I think the inverter just wasn’t getting enough from the truck battery/alternator.

  7. I haven’t listen to the show yet, but see the comment above from Roundabouts. Why do people feel they have to use strong language to express themselves ? Is it because it expresses the feeling of anger ? Why do you need anger ? If you need to take some aggressive action, consider that it is not necessary to be angry to do that, anger often throws you off balance. Soldiers and police can fight wars dispationately without being angry. There is power in words, don’t expect people to like what you may have to say if you speak harshly. I believe that free speech exists so that you can reveal the truth or speak what you believe to be the truth, the truth about what’s in the food, the truth about the wars and the manipulation of money and power. Do you think the founding fathers decided to create the first amendment because they believed it was important that people be allowed to cuss ?

  8. No offense to Jack, I don’t think he swears that much, but I just don’t find swear words to be that useful and if you need to express yourself it’s not that hard to do without swearing. If you invited me to your house for dinner and I threw up or took my shirt off and started scratching my under arms you might not appreciate it, neither would you like it if I served up some old rotted potatoes for you to eat. Some things are just not appealing and the same can be said about swearing and in particular excessive swearing which as I said Jack doesn’t do that. I even know some people who tend to swear too much. They may have some good qualities but the swearing is not one of them and generally does not add anything to the conversation.

  9. Did I miss something ? Is that why the pilgrims came here and half of them died on the way over or where killed by Indians because they where not allowed to swear as much as they liked over in England ?

  10. Since I made some posts on this, I did fast forward to that part of the show and listen .. I myself avoid using those kind of words for the most part or I try to. I suppose some people may find that odd or strange. When speaking about compost in regards to gardening I may use words such as “cow manure” but when speaking about something regarding politics or something like that, words like “cow manure” would be out of context and the intent in such cases would be seen for that. I still like to say to people if I am out in the woods that I saw “deer sign” or something. I guess I read it like that in an old outdoors book on tracking and animal sign and that is what stuck with me.

    I myself do get angry at times as well but I don’t always like being angry as it can disturb my peace of mind so I try to figure out ways of not being angry without sacrificing my self respect such as when I feel people don’t treat me right. At times that can be challenging but I life does have challenges as they say

  11. Awesome, can’t wait to hear that show with Steve on battery banks. Was just looking to get a couple of batteries, a charger and inverter, but i’m now gonna wait for the episode! Hurry!

  12. Oh my god! With all of the real content of the show today I really can’t believe that most of the comments are a philosophical discussion about swearing! I guess the lesson to be learned here, Jack, is that you should keep on being yourself. But, never bring it up because the response will be irritating beyond belief. News flash: most regular people swear!

    • Who is the self ? I think that it may be a mystery. I know a girl who said she drinks and she just needs to be herself, but I wasn’t convinced that the nature of the self is to drink though she seemed to be saying that she was just being herself. I do understand that it is a complex thing and people may drink for a variety of reasons.

    • It’s not really about Jack, I guess I anticipated other’s input on this. I am starting to have some doubts about this topic, but it seems since I started it, it now has a life of it’s own.

      Perhaps people find it colorful and entertaining to hear swearing and such. Jack said a caller called in and said he didn’t appreciate the complaints about other drivers on the road there, but then when he stopped doing it for awhile other people called in and complained that they where not hearing comments about the other bad drivers on the road any more. So in that case, maybe it’s not about Jack being Jack, and if he sweared less he’d probably still be Jack but some listeners perhaps like to hear some of that and thus are going to encourage that sort of thing.

      • Oh jeez, come on people, stop wining about Jack saying SHIT or HELL once in a while. It’ss not like your well raised kids don’t know that word anyway, and of course they’ve never used it on the school yard either ey? Just like the dude above said, if you go around saying ‘shoot’ all day when you actually mean SHIT, your kid is gonnan know anyway. I suppose they aren’t allowd to watch TV either? Rock music, baaaddddd too. No playing in the mudpool, and no looking at naked women until your dead.

      • People can say whatever they want. They shouldn’t change on my account, I’m just saying look inside of yourself.

        Sure I got into trouble as a kid, but I also spent alot of time and energy trying to learn how to overcome my anger as I got older. Some people say maybe that is partly what life is about, trying to overcome stress and problems and how to deal with that. We can all have fun learning to survive, but someday we will have to leave the body. I did not create myself, somehow I ended up here and I am this being who lives in this body and mind, but how I got here or who I am supposed to be I learn about from meditation and communion with wankan tanka. Other concepts of who I am supposed to be may possibly be just conditioning that I have been exposed to.

        I also learned about sex education and naked women but they never really taught me about having your heart broken or what love really is.

  13. Also, if someone refains from swearing and says some other word, I see nothing wrong with that necessarily. People may often get angry and feel like hitting someone or doing violence but they pull back from it. That is not necessarily a bad thing either. It is true that there is a time to defend yourself, stick up for yourself or whatever otherwise you may hate yourself for not doing so. I am not denying that, but every situation is different ..

  14. For Ty (sp?) in Austin, Scoping a sporterized military rifle. I have WWI Springfield Model 1903 30.06 I bought about 20 years ago. I have been told it looks like the trainer model, and like the A3 version. It was already a “sporterized” stock when I purchased it and has a Bushnell 38mm 3×9 scope with a B-Square scope mount. This is one of the best scope mount types I have seen to reduce the amount of modification to the rifle for installation. It replaces the magazine cut off switch so you don’t need to drill the receiver. The down side to this mount is that you have to remove it to remove the bolt. I do not know if they have made any alterations to the mount since this one was made to change this. I have read a number of reviews over the years, and even though I do not usually remove the scope mount, others have said they can take theirs off and put it back on without losing zero, just don’t lose the little ball bearings.
    As for learning to shoot long range, I am bias where this is concerned, go to Appleseed and learn to shoot. I was an instructor in training until I had to move to a different state for my job last year, and I just have not got back into it since we moved. The basic principals are the same no matter what the distance is. They will give you all the basics you need and you get a little history lesson while they are at it. They do all of this while staying apolitical. I know we all have our opinions, but Appleseed official policy is to fight apathy and teach about marksmanship.
    I have used my Springfield at shoots, but I would recommend, if you don’t already have one and can afford it, getting what we refer to as a liberty rifle to use for the Appleseed shoot. This is a .22 long rifle caliber semi-auto rifle/carbine. There a few versions, the most popular being the Ruger 10/22 with some easy mods done to it. You can find a lot of info about this on the Appleseed/RWVA forums. They are perfect for the Appleseed shoots and handy to have around after the fact. Most of the Appleseed shoots are a Sat/Sun event and you will be shooting scaled range targets at 25 meters, but you may find some that have long range shooting area. If you go to one of the week long boot camps at the RWVA home range in NC, and score high enough on the scaled targets, you will get to shoot actual long range targets. For this type of event you will want both the .22 and some caliber of a center fire rifle. For all of the events, bring lots of ammo, lots of water to drink, some ibuprofen, and a good sense of humor. The Appleseed/RWVA forums have all kinds of info for shoots all over the country and what you should bring, go have fun, and be safe.

  15. Wow. I haven’t even finished the podcast and wanted to post how psyched this information is making me, only to see a bunch of whiny babies crying about the profanity. I call it profanity because it is language that would not be used in church, hence pro(out)fane(church). I don’t care and these posts really distract from the topics at hand. So I’ve ignored every single one after the first one I read. Problem solved.
    Keep up the Good Work, Jack.

  16. Hey Jack, gotta disagree with you on the idea that books are on their way out. I do have a large collection of Ebooks, but they are primarily for emergency backup. I hate reading Ebooks. Staring at the screen for any longer than it takes to read a chapter hurts my eyes. I only use Ebooks if I truly can’t find a hardcopy or when doing a school assignment and using the search function to see how many times an author uses a word or phrase.

    I’m not alone though. I talk to more and more people who feel the same way about trying to read books on screen. I think there’s a large enough amount of people to keep books around on a large scale for quite awhile.

    • @Brandon you say that as dozens of major book stores close their doors. I just watched a huge new beautiful Borders Books close its’ doors at one of the busiest new shopping centers in Texas.

      In 1980 many people felt the same way about records that you do about books. It is nothing but nostalgia. They will hold on longer then records. Print on demand tech like Lulu and Create Space use will help, etc. The primary and college text book scams will keep those type of books going for quite a while. For now like I said some books simply work better in print but that is nothing that can’t be over come.

      I remember after CDs really took over and you could walk though most malls and find Kiosks selling old LPs and Tapes, they did a fairly good business for a few years. That is the future of the printed book. Within a few generations a book on a tablet will be more useful and interactive then any print book and when that happens, game over.

  17. Brandon, I have to agree with Jack that most book are on the way out.With the exception of books that need pictures like instruction manuals or sewing,craft books etc.
    My Daughter and one grand son are never without their nooks.My other grandson 12 is always listening to a audio book on his ipod.He learned to speak fluent spanish that way.
    I also listen to books while I do everything on my ipod. I buy them at In fact once I went to barnes and noble to buy a book for my grand daughter that I had listened to on my ipod and they did not have it in hardback.
    There will always be books of somekind but most will soon go the way of records and cds. ebooks and audio books are simply more cost effective and take up far less room.

  18. @oil lady

    I don’t understand electric reading very well either, except I know that a 50 watt light bulb is 50 Watt and a 50 watt marshal guitar amp is pretty loud.
    If you run too much electric stuff off of a generator, it will not be able to power everything and it’s no different as if the power is going out at your house or the lights will flicker. The bigger the generator the more it can do, it will also cost more and take up more space to store. I don’t have a generator because I have too much stuff as it is. If you have questions on generators, most people who work at home depot or your local hardware store will have some decent knowledge or you can look for reviews online.

    • To be honest, I wanted to know how to translate the values back and forth in my head.

      I can successfully translate in my head the value of quarters into dollars, and dollars into dimes. I can also successfully translate in my head the measure of feet into yards and yards into inches. But I am at a loss on getting a handle on watts and volts and amps, and herz, etc. I have no idea what translates into what. So I do not understand what a 120 wall outlet is, nor why my light bulb says 40 watts and yet also the same light bulb simultaneously lists volts. Why does the light bulb list both? And why do we need to have this other thing called an amp??

      I have tried looking on the internet for a web site which can enlighten me, but I have struck out there.

      I liken this to the sad disconnect between the textile industry (which measures bolts of fabric in squate yards) and the construction industry (which measures the area of a floor plan in square feet). If you want to install wall-to-wall carpet in your living room, you need to know how many square feet your living room is (the measurement that the builder used). But then, when you go to a carpet wholesaler, you need to translate that square footage into square yards because –true to the textile industry– all carpet is sold by the yard.

      So I can handle that carpet scenario because I have a fairly competent and working mastery of feet-to-yards and yards-to-feet.

      But I have not even the most basic grasp of watts and volts and amps and herz, etc. So when I read about a generator and how it has an output of …. something ….. and then I try to assess the electrical load posed by my household appliances, I just don’t have a clue on how to make the two measurements connect. That ignorance on my part translates into a vulnerabilty on my part — the sales dude could rip me off as far as a generator sale, and I wouldn’t know the difference. I don’t want to languish in this kind if not-knowing-ness. I really wanna know.

      • You obviously are a science type.

        I found this article:

        “A neat analogy to help understand these terms is a system of plumbing pipes. The voltage is equivalent to the water pressure, the current is equivalent to the flow rate, and the resistance is like the pipe size.”

        I took digital circuitry class in college as part of my Computer Science degree (bachelor level mainly). Something like the above sort of sounds right or vaguely familiar. After school though, I mostly focused on software and I didn’t have to apply alot of the math or other things I learned so I have forgotten alot of things. I just figure ways to get by or ask questions as when in Mexico I can use sign language or any means possible to figure out how to order off the menu when the waiter only speaks Spanish.

      • Oil Lady,

        It is so simple there is no reason to make it complex and don’t worry about math other then basic addition.

        Note the following analogies are not to be directly interpreted just needed to understand what actually matters.

        Volts – this is something you don’t need to worry about in reality. You can’t plug a 110 volt cord into a 220 nor can you do it the other way round, it was designed like that to make it dummy proof for people like you and me. Voltage is simply a measurement of force, think of it like pressure in a garden hose.

        Watts – this is where you need to do math. Watts are more like how much water gets delivered to the end of the hose. If I need a gallon a minute I can get either though say a 1 inch pipe or from a 2 inch pipe but I have to up the pressure to get the same amount though the 1 inch pipe. The analogy sort of breaks down here if we get literal so don’t.

        Just understand if you want a gallon a minute of water delivered that is all you really care about the pressure (voltage) doesn’t matter unless it exceeds the capacity of the pipe, which with electricity and generators won’t happen. The system in its entirety is limited more by generation capacity then the “pipes”.

        So when sizing a generator all you need to know is how much “water” you need to deliver and though what type of “hose”. Most stuff will go in via a “110 hose” but some may need a “220 hose”, like your dryer. You can’t screw this up because the 110 won’t fit the 220 and vise versa.

        So the math is I have X appliances and they all have Y watts the sum of all watts is Z if Z matches the rated output of the generator I can meet all the needs. If it doesn’t I have to decide what to run and what not to run at specific times to make it work or get a bigger generator.

        I also personally try to size a generator to run at about 60% of a standard working load, it just asks for less, burns a lot less fuel and extends the life of the system.

        As for why a light bulb says watts that is how much “water” it needs. Take it to another country with different voltage and the same bulb will fit in the same socket and require the same amount of power it does here. It will be delivered with a different force and the system will adjust accordingly so that when the force and power are combined you get the same result at the end of the socket. Just like we can restrict the flow of water and end up with the same gallons per minute from two different pipes.

        If you want to go deeper then that you have to move out of the “for dummies” arena into actual electrical theory, and unless you plan to become an electrician it is all stuff that will not likely matter. If you do want to move into that area, I have to recommend taking some formal classes in it.

  19. Could not agree more that the “solar generators” on the market are a huge rip-off. That is why I studied up on it and learned to build my own this year. Now I have a fairly portable version that I can use for the greenhouse or for camping. The heavy part is the battery/batteries but if push came to shove, you can have it in a wheeled cart like I do and it’s not terrible and it’s certainly not any heavier than a normal gas generator.

    • I would live to see/learn about what you did! Maybe you can add some to the Steven Harris episode. There is always room for innovation.

  20. Thanks so much for answering my question Jack and Chef Keith! My wife and I listened to it, and I think it really helped her feel more comfortable with the whole thing. Not that she wasn’t before, but it was reassuring for the both of us.

  21. .


    The following comments area NOT directed at you Jack- it’s your show.
    I choose to listen, because I’m a “big boy”, (I do have to wear headphones when I listen to Ya, I never know when you’re gonna let one fly, and the wife and my 11 yr old are usually within hearing distance 😉 )

    I.M.H.O.- and food for thought,
    On swearing (or other things that are considered “bad” in todays society,)

    Swear words in today’s society are used as “expletives = !!!!”
    “I’m gonna beat you up!”,
    just doesn’t have the same effect as ,
    “I’m gonna kick your F***’N Ass!”

    For me personally it falls under the phrase:
    “…. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

    And if someone swears every other word, or all the time, they will not have anything left to say to add the explanation point, … and the hammer/thumb “OW F**k!” won’t seem to be enough, and you’ll probably either stutter, or use a barrage of “bad” words because the “F” bomb just doesn’t seem enough.

    I personally also think it does reduce the “professional” (or intelligent) tone or feel of any conversation.

    My own wife gets on me when I slip and say “shit!”, and we’ve had the the same conversation about “…why is crap or poop less offensive than shit?, they all mean the same thing!”

    It’s because Society/culture has made “coarse language” what it is.
    And certain words are reserved for the “insult” or the “explanation point”.

    I just know I was raised to not swear, especially in front of ladies, or children out of respect.

    I also think it does limit an audience – and therefore income dollars.
    (- Kinda similar to the Dixie Chicks bashing Bush on stage- they killed off HALF of their fan base by doing so -(+/- , 50% Dems – 50% Repubs).
    They “can” and “did” speak thier mind, But “should” they have? To me, it was an expensive mistake.)

    Try and have a heated discussion with your boss-or your wife, and throw in a few swear words – see how far that get’s ya 😉

    Keep up the great work Jack

    • @TrekFan I get you are not slaming me and understand I am not slamming you just responding to two points. You said

      1. “It’s because Society/culture has made “coarse language” what it is.”

      Well, that is exactly why I find it totally invalid! If you look at it realistically 95% or more of what I teach is totally contrary to what society/culture would find normal, endorse and recommend. Why should I limit that to debt, preparedness, lifestyle, why would language not be part of it?

      2. “I also think it does limit an audience – and therefore income dollars.”

      Well, I totally disagree for every one person that wants some typical bullshit show with no profanity, 10 or more will respect authenticity. Now if you did a show Dan I would advise YOU not to swear, why, it is who YOU are, if you cursed it would be counter to who you are, and if I didn’t when pissed or called for it would be counter to who I am. People know when you are full of shit, to the soft side or the hard side matters not.

      If profanity limited an audience NBC and CBS would not be free while people pay a premium for HBO, Cinamax and Showtime. There would be no need for PG, PG13 and R ratings at movie theaters as to have the most pull all movies would be G.

      The reality is most people say shit and asshole and what have you. They do it whenever they are in a place where they don’t have to be plastic and comply with someone else’s view of how things “should be” and what is “appropriate” and then they put on the false BS front when things are not that way and comply with what others thing.

      We all do it depending on requirements. I do it with my father-in-law, it is important to him and he is family so I just don’t use certain words around him. Though I use many that others would have an issue with. You do it around your wife, you comply with a request you really don’t agree with, if you did agree with it you would never “slip” and say shit. The reality when you say oh darn or whatever is you are being fake you are complying with something to appease someone you love. I don’t fault you for it but it does not change reality.

      Well, when I am broadcasting I may love my audience but you guys are not my dad in law. I set the tone from the very first day, I have promised to never bullshit you or lie to you. If it limits the audience and revenue please point me to another podcast as successful as this one in the same sector. I would bet that TSP is actually financially one of if not the most financially successful fully independent podcasts that exists.

      Why, you know what you get and due to that you trust me. Dan, I am sure I piss you off, I am sure I anger you at times and I am sure you think I am totally wrong at times. But honestly have you ever thought even ONE TIME that I was lying to you, being dishonest or even being disingenuous?

      I would bet the answer is no, and I would say the reason is you can’t think of any reason I would. You should have no doubt about my honesty, integrity or ever feel I am just trying to feign a concept.

      Why? Clearly I don’t give a shit what people think, I care about being true to who I am, doing the best I can and if it doesn’t work for someone, they can go elsewhere. There is almost no one else in media of any sort that always takes that stance. We need more people that will, cursing or not doesn’t matter as long as they are true to who they really are and never attempt to bullshit their audience.

      The day I stop saying shit or whatever, is the day that stops being the case for me, I shall therefore never do it.

      • @Jack

        We agree more than you may think, on a great many things, and though we’ve not met, I consider you a brother in arms.
        And you have never really angered me, but on a rare occasion, I do think you are wrong.

        One thing I’ve learned is, everything in life is “lines” and “waves”.

        Lines, We all draw the “line in the sand” in different places in every aspect of life, based on conviction and life experiences.
        I.e. How much we swear, or not, etc.

        I try not to swear at all, at least not gratuitously, because I don’t feel it’s necessary when engaging in normal conversation.
        That’s my line…
        However, when severly angered, I can, at times fly off the handle. – And use an exclamation point! (Like when Barry Obama lies to us, right to our faces.)
        Your line is just in a different place. And that’s fine.

        (The “waves” are a reference to the saying…,”if there is one constant in the universe, it’s change.”
        Things get better, things get worse, then better, etc.)

        See ya, or rather, hear ya tomorrow- cussin or not;-)

    • Personally I think the “bad words” are a lot less since the early days in the Jetta. There were days I was convinced that you were about to stoke out. And the swearing was too much for this former Drill Sergeant on a few shows back then.

      But like a “free” person, I did not stop tuning in. I just stopped listening to that episode. Now, if you had continued with that level of swearing and anger, I would have found other podcasts. But you did not make the whole show a swear filled version of an angry Alex Jones every day. It was rare.

      Would I like it if you used less swear words? Of course. I would like it if you did not push beer brewing as much also being a non-drinker for religious reasons. But I can tune these parts out or just skip a show and replay an old one. (hmm, can’t take this brewing stuff, gosh, which of these other 1011 should I play?)

      To answer Jack’s question, it becomes a “dirty” word because of how it is used. The term “bloody” in 1610 was not “dirty” but by 1800 it was. (or Shakespeare was a very amazingly predictor for the opening act of MacBeth: Act 1 scene 2)

  22. I’m still amazed that adults care about profanity or others sexual orientation.
    Give me a break.
    I’m outraged at your outrage.

  23. I told myself I was done posting on this topic, but here’s just one more (hopefully). Do I think the right to swear is worth going to war over ? The revolutionary war wasn’t fought on that type of issue and I don’t really feel like I am oppressed if I am not supposed to swear. Troops are not sent overseas to defend the right to swear, that’s how I look at it. Why is that ? Because swearing doesn’t really add much to the conversation I guess and you could just as easy say what you wanted without swearing so it’s not worth fighting over. A few other things may fall into that category, but I am not going to go there.

    I have many faults myself believe me, so maybe I feel a little hypocritical on making a big deal on the swearing thing, but for some reason this topic stuck in my head.

  24. About profanity, well said Jack!. I agree that there is much less than in the days of the Jetta. On the lighter side of this subject, It reminded me of the Stand up skit of the late great George Carlin who listed the original “7 dirty words you cant say on tv” in 1972.

  25. I’ve just learned that I can’t listen to Jack in the car with the wife and kids unless it’s an interview show.

  26. About ebooks. I have a nook and usually get free ebooks when sites are having specials. Problem I foresee is you do not actually own the book. Ask anyone who bought a book from a Canadian site that was still copyrighted in USA that had it removed from their device without refund. Or the woman in Europe who bought a used device, gave it to her mom and bought another one. Something she did violated the terms and they wiped her account. She lost all of the books she bought. You are basically purchasing a license for the book. As with anything, licenses can be revoked. It would take probably only a few keystrokes for Amazon or Barnes & Noble to wipe a book from everyone’s device because someone decided no one should be able to read it. That being said, it’s a great tool but having back up hard copy how to books for emergencies is a good idea. Two is one and one is none as Jack likes to say.

  27. This is the recipe I plan on trying for my first rabbit. I a buck and a doe, but have not yet had any babies. I may have to go get a new doe, the current one was a find and she may have been altered. But by thanksgiving next year, we will be eating rabbit, if not sooner 🙂

    A loose translation of the ingredients…

    1 rabbit cut in six pieces
    2 rosemary branches, fresh chopped
    90 ml (6 table spoons) honey
    5 ml (1 teaspoon) hot paper puree
    1 filet of olive oil
    3 cloves of garlic, minced
    Salt and peper
    1 bottle (341 ml) of white beer

  28. G’day, Jack.
    I don’t swear myself (well I do perhaps half a dozen times a year), but I enjoyed listening to your explanation and your position statement as much as I’m sure you enjoyed recording it. You continue to be yourself Jack – that’s why we are here – if you were just like me, I’d never bother to tune in.