Episode-1900- Listener Calls for 11-17-16 — 17 Comments

  1. I believe clumping cat litter is made from sodium bentonite. A brand with few to no additives might make it a cost-effective option for a smaller pond. Would a rototiller work as well for mixing the bentonite into the soil?

  2. For listener Alex wanting to move to TX:
    I walked to Freedom last year (and moved to Texas from the People’s Republic of Illinois) and also work in finance. If you’d like information about my experience, drop a post in “The Survival Podcast Facebook Forum” group and I’ll reach out to you.

  3. If congress grandfathered themselves that would make a person like me to want to throw them out of office. I just wonder if that would make enough other people thinking the same way. Congress using the the whole screw me no screw you attitude.

  4. To the LEO who called in-

    I understand where you are at; I worked as an engineer for a defense contractor, and being someone with an anarchist bent I too had reservations about my career. I felt rather alone and isolated, to the point of where I judged it prudent to be less vocal on certain issues…. non-mainstream opinions and frequent criticism of government policy, even if peaceful in nature, are often considered a ‘red flag’ that gets you investigated (“the law and rules are irrelevant compared the principles of doing no harm and honoring an agreement” is not a statement I imagine would go over well with the average investigator). It too was a mixed bag in regards to my principles…. while I could see examples where some good was being done in the DoD and Intelligence Community, I had serious reservations about some of the things being done in the wider community, about the direction the industry was heading, and especially the integrity and intentions of the high-level government leadership. Ultimately, though, I decided to follow my passion and I knew that career wasn’t where it was at. My principles regarding privacy and strict limits on government power played a secondary part in the decision, even if a close second. And yes perhaps it was a little easier for me, since I didn’t really enjoy my work the majority of the time. I may have been somewhat selfish but I see it as a good kind of selfish, or at least a kind that is net-positive. I saw the people who’d been in the industry a long time, and AT LEAST half of them were hollowed-out, unfulfilled people. If that sounds too harsh, at minimum I can say they were certainly not the people I wanted to be like 20 years from now. So in the end, I made the decision to leave because it is what I needed to do to seek fulfillment and not be a miserable human being for a good chunk of my life.

    Jack is right… follow what you feel to be the proper path for YOU. If you truly love your work despite the negatives and the good you do makes you fulfilled, find a way to be the best anarchist LEO you can be. Having higher level doubts about the nature of police work or concerns about hypothetical what-if situations in the future are (probably) small compared to the good you feel you are doing. But if your actual day-to-day work is currently creating frequent conflicts with your principles and/or you feel the negatives are affecting your life (or if your passion simply lies elsewhere), then find something else that is more fulfilling and make your transition plan accordingly. Just speaking for myself, I may not be making the kind of bucks I was 4 months ago, but I am far happier.

  5. I have lived in Houston for >20 years and would say this about the town:

    1) If you want to make money, this is the place to make it. Jobs are plentiful and they pay well. While the cost of living is lower than most places, it is getting more and more expensive the closer you are to downtown. The economy is such that the recession of 2007 to present barely registered. Sure, the recent oil price drop hurt and there were layoffs, those people were absorbed into other industries.

    To tie those things together, I recently met a young couple with a baby under one. They were probably in their late 20’s. She is a geologist and he is an engineer of some sort. They both work in oil and gas. They are building a 3000 square foot house for approximately $760,000 in a decent neighborhood with a decent school, just outside the 610 loop. That they can afford this at their age is amazing to me, but they must make >$100,000 each.

    2) If you want to enjoy the outdoors, this is not the place. Houston is ugly. It takes a long time to reach nature here. Galveston is not that great. The water is dirty and ugly.

    3) The traffic is bad and getting worse. Seriously consider traffic patterns where deciding to live and work. For instance, if your wife works in the medical center and you work downtown or in the Galleria, living in Conroe or the Woodlands (north of Houston) is just not going to work unless you want to drive 90 minutes each way.

    4) If you want land, be prepared to live further out. Northeast Houston or Northwest Houston are growing rapidly as is West Houston. Southeast Houston is locked by the bay and the traffic is horrible. Directly south of Houston is OK, but traffic is horrible. Southwest Houston is OK, but tough to get land.

    5) Personally, I would never live south of I-10 due to the hurricane risk as well as escape routes in case anything happens. I was in the Hurricane Rita evacuation nightmare. Ike went much better, but I evacuating from the South East part of town is still going to be a problem.

    6) Look at the crime pattern and school ranking before you move. Houston Independent School District is not that great. Some schools are better than others if you have the money to live in that zone. I calculate that a house in a zone with a good elementary school is worth 20% more than one just over the line in a bad one. Also look at the flood plains and avoid those areas like the plague. There are places that are outside the 500 year flood plain that I would not be surprised to see flooding in the coming years, mainly near the many bayous.

    7) If you like to eat, Houston is the place for you.

    If you need more advice about Houston, let me know.

  6. Might want to read Article 5 again. The only limitations to a called convention are that they can’t interfere with the slave importation until 1808, name a king, queen, prince etc or decrease a states representation in the senate.

    In some circles, just making that assertion spawns nasty debates within the people on both sides of the issue but neither side gets it. I happen to think amendments, in general, are a bad idea. We, as a people today, are far to short sighted and too quick to jump to an emotional decision to analyze the long term ramifications to make decisions of that magnitude. But the fact is, IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER.

    Lets apply some Spirko lessons here. To begin with, for the most part, this issue is just another distraction to keep us occupied and fighting among ourselves. The term dichotomy comes to mind. Combine that with “circle of influence…”
    Even if a convention were called, “It’s a big club and we aren’t in it.”

    Now lets say that a convention was called and the only amendments passed were for a balanced budget and term limits. They were perfectly thought out, perfectly written and the long term ramifications were all 100% beneficial to our nation.

    Do we really think passing more laws limiting the government would be any more effective than passing more gun laws to limit criminals?

    • You need to get some historical context to go with your assertion which I at one time shared.

    • Like this? I won’t say how I know the author because she prefers a certain annonimity but I will say that I know for a fact that discovering the meanings of the Constitution primarily through the use of all the a available writings of the authors and contributors within the definitions and writing styles of the times has been her passion for close to 50 years. On this, she is the expert council.

  7. My biggest point, though, was that I don’t trust the people that would probably be appointed to get it right and that the fed won’t abide by new restrictions any more than they do the current.

    • To your last comment you need to look at how Article 5 conventions have been run. They have always been tight and to the issues they are called for.

      Additionally I am not worried about the 2nd which is where all the fear mongering is, you are not going to get 3/4ths of the states to vote on anything repealing it.

      In any event term limits are a hard limit, if you get an amendment saying Senators are limited to 1 term and house representatives are limited to 3, that is that.

      Same with a balanced budget amendment, if you get that it is a hard limit.

  8. Dude, there has NEVER been an article 5 Convention of the States under our current Constitution. EVERY amendment has gone through the Congress and been sent for ratification

    The ONLY precedent for this in American history is in 1789 when a convention convened to fix a few things in the existing constitution. They threw out that constitution and wrote a new one. Look it up!

  9. Jack, I know you said you did not want to deal with raising turkeys as a business next year,but here is what we are doing. We have been raising Bourbon Red turkeys for their hatching eggs. This spring we had Bourbon Reds and Royal Palms on the homestead. Unfortunately, we didn’t get them separated in time for mating season. Didn’t stop folks from buying mixed breed turkey hatching eggs for $20 a dozen! We have since sold all the Royal Palms and are focusing on one breed. For pure Bourbon Reds, I have seen prices of $30-$40 a dozen for hatching eggs. Our turkeys will pay for themselves and then some!

  10. Jack – you stated you brought the turkeys to a processor – I am also in the North Texas area – which processor did you use? & what did they charge per turkey? I know you might not be able to answer the $$ question…

    • Hamilton Meats in Weatherford, 8 dollars a bird.

      Two things

      1. They get in no hurry when you are there, don’t expect fast service, good service, sure, fast though, not happening. I am not talking turn around, I am talking like when you go the next day to pick stuff up, slow as fuck but nice people.

      2. Not for resale is what they do, it is for your use only. Now what you do with that is on you but all meat is stamped with a meat stamp saying “Not for Sale”