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  1. Hi Jack – could you point us to the video of the permaculture orchard in Canada you referenced? Love your shows this week.

  2. Thanks for taking my call jack definitely was extremely extremely helpful, and NOT what I was expecting (I was expecting to hear it was way too much, clearly that’s not the case).

    “You get shocked”. I nearly got thrown to the ground one of the recent times that I touched the fence. I think I was very grounded and was hit with the full force. Knocked the wind out of me. Normally its just a tough pulse.

    Darby, thanks for answering my question, you definitely answered it to the fullest that I was looking for. According to the Staffix manuals the 2 and 3 Joule chargers ONLY produce 5k volts. This is why I went up to the 6J. The cool thing about the 6J is you can dial back. But even then, I take out the staffix volt charger and it reads 9+kv. Even though the manual says very clearly “5000 volts”. Oh well.

    Thanks for all the help!

    • Mike,

      Glad that I could help. In the end, I should have said “more is better” when it comes to volts and animals. Unless you are just strapped for cash, stick with the X6. It’s a heck of a charger, and I love that you can plug it in or run off of solar. Also, you might consider burying a double insulated 12.5 ga wire and route up to a cutout switch. You can then jump to your fence, or run some high tensile along your grazing areas and jump to your fence that way. Kencove sells some American made high tensile wire and double insulated, buried wire. I love it all. Good stuff!

    • I sent this to Darby and he suggested I go ahead and post it. I think Darby did a great job with the question but I have a few additional details.

      We bought this charger to keep our goats in.

      If you look at the comparison chart on the page, they claim this charger maintains 4 joules at 5,000 ohms. Goats, rabbits and deer have some natural resistance to electrics but the vendor claims this charger will do the trick. We found that it did.

      Once they were trained, most of the goats were fairly easy to fence. In fact, I moved to a 1 joule fencer on the goats for a while using the big charger to train some pigs. But if goats are escaping regularly there must be a reason. We had the most trouble when the goats ran out of browse. Goats don’t eat grass. They will if they have to but that’s not their preference.

      The guy asking the question indicated he has four goats behind one length of fence. In our experience, one length of fence only allows enough browse for one day’s grazing for four goats. We preferred to offer them two lengths of fence (4x the area) and we would set up paddocks in a series of hourglass shapes. That made it a small matter to pull their shelter from place to place.

      I want to make one more comment though. We lost a goat because or our netting. A goat with horns got himself tangled in the netting. Netting is great…until it isn’t. You might consider dehorning goat kids for a number of reasons including making the netting safer for them.

      • Thanks for the added info!

        No I have 2 goats. Right now there is zero things to graze on anyways other than the occasional weed / thistle / blackberry. Right now I”m feeding them pellatized feed and in the afternoons cutting down lots of Privet hedge for them to eat. Once I move them I pick up all the sticks and move on. I’m also trying to keep them in a slightly tighter location for longer so they manure it plenty before moving on. My “pastures” need it pretty bad. I’m going to come behind them and decompact the soil then seed things I know they like to eat (like chicory).

        At this point there is zero pressure for them to get out. In fact they don’t want out. They’re more interested in getting pellatized feed, and me throwing in brush than exploring. My question really wasn’t goat specific and more just thoughts on the sizing of an energizer based on nets, voltage amounts, and real world conditions. Not necessarily “how do i keep my goats from jumping out”.

        I like that hour glass idea. I’ve done similar where they can be moved from opening to opening. Its definitely the ideal situation rather than having to wrangle them up and move them via a lead. One of them works well with that, the other wants nothing to do with me and the wife and I always have to catch her.

  3. Topic Time Markers

    [8:36] The Year 1282*
    [13:26] The dramatic difference in freedom between California and Texas
    [24:16] Bringing permaculture techniques into a conventional organic farm
    [34:30] What happens when the last bitcoin is mined
    [49:15] My thoughts on steel vs. brass ammo
    [57:47] [Darby Simpson] Sizing electric fence chargers
    [1:09:53] [Steven Harris] Thoughts on back feeding a battery system
    [1:18:43] The Freemen on the Land movement, good, bad and ugly
    [1:30:27] Shredding leaves for composting at a high volume
    [1:41:32] Storing bacon grease
    [1:41:32] Storing homemade butter
    [1:41:32] Ground covers for high traffic areas
    [1:41:32] Automatic 401k contributions*
    [1:52:16] Why cutting off your nose to spite your face is a bad idea
    [2:05:19] How is a guild different from simple companion planting
    [2:05:19] Why would a consumption tax be better than a income tax

    * – Added by me

  4. Subject: Bitcoin Mining

    I think mining is a bad name for creating bitcoins. The Bitcoin miners are more like accountants verifying the bitcoin blockchain (Ledger) to make sure all pseudo anonymous transactions are valid and to throw out invalid transacations. This prevents double spending of coins and fraud. The miners verify the blockchain and add their digital stamps (notaries) to show the proof of work. For this work they are awarded a batch of bitcoins through a type of lottery system. The miners are solving a very hard puzzle while they verify the blockchain and the first miner to solve this puzzle is awarded the bitcoins. The system is set to solve 6 blocks an hour and if more are solved than 6 per hour the puzzles become harder to solve until the block solving rate is about 6/hour. Along with bitcoins the miners are also awarded the transaction fees. Sending bitcoins is not free. There is normally a small transaction fee charged for each transaction. As the bitcoin goes on the bitcoin creation will end and the miners will make more and more off the transaction fees. Especially as bitcoin becomes more and more popular and there are billions of transactions going on at anytime.

    • That actually helps me understand a lot of things from an ongoing stand point. Thanks.

    • It’s actually a little cooler than that! I’ve been mining for several years now. The bitcoin protocol supports transaction fees (they are optional, although many bitcoin clients force minimal 0.0001 per transaction, etc). As a miner I am under no obligation to include your transactions in the block that I am signing. However when I (or the pool I’m group mining with) sign a block, not only do we get the 25 BTC reward, we also get to keep all the transaction fees for every transaction we include in the block.

      The idea is when the 21 million BTC are fully mined, us miners will happily keep chugging along and the transaction fees will be plenty enough incentive for us to keep going.

      On the other end, if you want your transaction processed very very quickly, including a relatively high transaction fee will guarantee that every miner on the network will be trying to include your transaction in their block.

    • Ummm it is the digital equivalent of mining. You process a unit of ‘earth’ and through cryptographic effort is rewarded something of tradeable value. Sounds liike mining.

      • It is more like a digital contract among the bitcoin miners. The bitcoin does not exist until someone is the first to solve the current block. Once they do solve it the digital contract among all miners running the same software all agree that whoever solves the puzzle first for that block is award 25 bitcoins currently out of thin air. That is when the bitcoins exist for that person. It is not a resource that is discovered like pulling silver or gold out of the ground. It is a contract among software that awards people bitcoins.

  5. On your potato tax 40% of 300 is 120. Which makes your point even better as he is now paying more that a 100 potato a day picker grosses . Good show . I once turn down a pay increase because it would move me from one tax Bracket to the next. The increase would of cost me money after taxes. Pointed it out to my boss and told him we could both save money if the raise was half as much.

    • Could you please explain how that works with a marginal tax rate?

      ” I once turn down a pay increase because it would move me from one tax Bracket to the next. The increase would of cost me money after taxes. Pointed it out to my boss and told him we could both save money if the raise was half as much.”

  6. I love ya Jack but dude… you missed the first question by a mile. You over engineered the answer. Should of kept it simple and small. This women is working on someone else’s farm and needs to take baby steps.

    Don’t worry you are not the only one in this field that does this though… James W is a chronic over engineerer…. practically admits it in Patriots lol


    • Permaculture is about generating the most diverse and healthiest ecosystem such that all participants benefit. And this is also to introduce the principles, and even doing things of varying degrees of boldness to sell the principles with the resulting range of input/output ratios.

  7. Hey Jack, with taxes, I think the caller was talking about Citizens Assisting Citizens, you gave an update on they are waiting for tax exempt status?

    • I was thinking the same thing – I believe that was the Ken Jensen Mass Casualty Triage Episode

      • If @Adam is right then the caller is even more off base.

        If referring to CAC it is the case that for CAC to function and be accepted on site at on going disasters with the government agencies and NGOs we will HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WORK WITH we must be quite a few things and one is a 501C3.

        If we don’t do certain things we won’t be able to help anyone, period the end done.

        So all my comments about cutting off our nose to spite your face stand.

        Now I actually rail against doing a 501C3 often due to the reasons many people want to do it.

        But let me be clear tax exempt is NOT so the company doesn’t have to pay tax, that is what the uninformed think. Any company can pay zero tax. All you do is pay out all profits as wages or bonuses or spend them as part of the cost of operations.


        Attitudes like those of the callers on stuff like this again are the product of a lack of knowledge and again cutting off your nose to spite your own face.

        • Agreed… just wanted to take a break and nitpick what I thought he was calling about. Predicted your answer in my head.

          I thought it was funny cause I started filing taxes while listening to that episode. Even as an individual with a good income it looks like I won’t pay much at all or anything with all the deductions (basically, kids and property). Which makes me wonder who really pays income taxes, I mean you have to be single or upper middle class at this point. 5 or 6 years ago I was making a little less, but was single and they raped me for about 25% percent. I agree with you, its better to just do everything you can to give them nothing; though, walking through those hoops just makes me angry.

        • Well I am married but no dependent children. I can tell you with SSI, Plus Matching, Plus Federal Income I paid more last year then many people earn. So who is paying, successful business owners pay most of the taxes, that is who.

        • Yeah, I was just counting Federal income tax on this one because that is what the call was mentioning. A lot harder to deduct out of SSI, though I’m sure there are ways with a business. I think of SSI as more of an adopt and old person program, helps me cope 🙂 I am getting out of state now. I live in an income tax free state and negotiated to work from home. I also border a sales tax free state and there is no sales tax on food in WA, so cut that one way down. If I could do the ag one that would help a ton with property tax. Though, if I can keep the mobility, might just move. I guess that was more my point along with yours in the show, just find ways to give them a lot less.

    • Yeah, I thought he was talking about a 501c3 too, although I wasn’t sure for what until I saw this post to remind me about CAC. That should be fine for CAC. It mainly becomes an issue with churches and other groups that are then forbidden from saying anything bad about government once they file for this status. I would not expect CAC to need to critique government for its purposes, so it should be good to go with this status.

  8. Jack,

    Are you still doing the listener appreciation contest? You’re well past 50,000 listeners. Is it just a “cut and paste” oversight on the template blog posting, or am I missing the code words every episode?

  9. I enjoyed hearing Bill Whittle’s Afterburner again. When he’s on, he’s one of the best spokesman you can have on your side. Over time you can see that he’s slowly becoming a libertarian. He’s at the point, though, where he still believes that things can be solved simply by electing the right people.

    • Most people are as well sadly. We fail to see it is our fault that this system has become what it is and therefore our responsibility to change it.

  10. What I like about the consumption tax over the flat tax is that everyone pays taxes at the final point-of-sale. Undocumented immigrants, welfare recipients, even visitors from other countries would contribute to the nation and there’s no need for yearly tax filing unless you are in business for yourself.
    The other benefit that I see is that if you choose to save your money, you defer your tax. If we don’t feel comfortable spending our money because of economic downturns, we can starve out the government and prod them to make a change.
    Granted I’m only a layman and I don’t have the understanding of economics that Jack has, but I have never heard anyone talk about this end of the idea.

    • Frankly no one would need to file taxes including businesses if we went that route. People just don’t get it, COMPANIES DO NOT PAY TAXES their customers do. This would just make that obvious.

      • Some sectors should be tax-free if they are necessities and to gve every participant more to exchange with for other goods and services. This is why I am against taxing cannabis and other goods that offer massive benefits like with bamboo.

  11. Jack, the $500 options I was mentioning were the walk behind/self propelled yard vacs you talked about such as this: or on the high end this:

    Yes, my property is small. I like your sheet mulch plan really well which should work well – it’s just getting the compost either made or bring it in to add for the multiple layers first.

    I checked out the Toro electric hand held unit and was considering that at first. My thoughts on that unit would be for ‘turning the pile’ – I’d suck up the pile and without using the catch bag, drop the now shredded leaves a few feet away – I could then do that back and forth chopping them even further each time the pile gets turned.

    Thanks for answering my call.

  12. My favorite bit of Income Tax BS, that I’m reminded of every year.. is that Income Tax ‘exemptions’ are used to subsidize powerful lobbies/industries.

    Exemptions are touted as a ‘carrot’ (buy a Solar System and we’ll pay for 30%!).. but they’re really a withheld stick (buy a Solar System and your protection money will only by $x this year).

    The FIRE industry deductions are the most obvious:
    Finance: Mortgage Deduction
    Insurance: All forms of insurance are deductible
    Real Estate: Mortgage and House insurance deduction

    This leads to people doing dumb things like buying a bigger house so they have a bigger mortgage deduction.. or NOT paying off their mortgage for the same reason.

    • IRS does not have license to do business. They have no authority to collect tax. They are based on Puerto Rico.

      Frankly if you are taxing your own, you are doing it wrong. Many South American nation-states gave checks to their people and offered many things that those in the American Union would dream of! They got A RETURN for their investmeent!

      • It was an over simplification unfortunately.

        If you’re self-employed you can deduct your health insurance costs. If you have a home office you can deduct a portion of your house insurance. If you use your car for work you can deduct a portion of your auto insurance.

        I do all of those things, but an ’employee’ probably wouldn’t.

        The biggie is the health insurance deduction.

  13. Bitcoin is set up such that the transaction fees go to reconstitution of the next blockchain. This extends the liife of mining ops and encourages use of the coins for goods and services instead of storing wealth.

    • Wow, at least you got one comment correct in this thread! That is absolutely true.

  14. The Buck Act of 1947 made the income tax an obligation.


    Another, the freemen commit a fraud against the Family of Nations, not just the UNITED STATES.


    STOOOOOOOP using the term soveriegnty unless you reeaaaally know what it means…supreme authority over an area of LAND! Nooo citizen owns land! The state does! The States have the Bill of Rights protections and guarantees. THOSE SWORN IN have it too. Guess what? Their status is “outside national”. THEY are not citizens. America != United States. It is NOTHING like you think…

    GUESS WHAT? THE WHOLE THING IS FICTITIOUS. A FRAUD! STOP recognizing the fiction. It is killing the planet.

    • God the misinformation! The Buck Act has NOTHING TO DO WITH INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES. It has to do with taxing authority within state boundaries but on federally owned land.

      Thomas there is a thing called google, please use it!

    • Add to thiis. The Law of War and the Law of Nations. These are the core rules nations all muust abide by.

  15. Bro, on the MD thing…there iis nothing ILLEGAL that the offiicer did…there iis no longer suuch a tthing called illegal detetiion or abuses of power….We are under Military Rule. Martial Law by-rule. Cops Protect and Serve (note the lettering) the corporation!

    MD cops especially have scanners on their cars to scan plates which they do wiithout cause. We are all Enemies of the State…

    • Not true at all. What the officer did is absolutely illegal. Even in our current police state. Pulling over a vehicle for no reason and detaining a person only because they have a license from another state. I ran this by one of my local PD contacts. He told me flatly an officer in our department that did this would likely not only be fired but face charges as well.

    • Worst part about this story (which doesn’t seem to be in the link Jack provided) was the quote from the poor guy after the ordeal was over. He said something like “Maybe I should just cancel my CCW because it’s too much trouble”… that, my friends, is exactly what this kind of crap is all about. They can’t take our rights away, but they can make the so difficult to exercise that most people won’t go to the trouble. Same idea behind poll taxes, which were designed to keep poor people (mostly black) from voting. They couldn’t take away the rights of black folks to vote, but the could make actually voting more trouble (or cost) than it’s worth.

  16. Do you accept any crytocurrencies for your MSP or do you have a donation address setup? You do not need a merchant account for either, just setup a wallet at and create an address. If you have few enough buyers you can manually confirm each transaction. I’ll gladly send you some so that you can experiment with it.

    It’s also relatively easy to conceal what you do with your balance. There are scrambling services or you can just create multiple addresses and make mental notes of who is privy to each.

    The greatest part about crytocurrencies is that you can be your own bank. No one knows how much bitcoin I have, it can be transferred with me everywhere I go and I can spend it with a secure computer and any internet connection.

    • It is not impossible to figure out how much money is in your wallet if you publish the address to that wallet for donations. The bitcoin block chain that every miner downloads is a map that tells where all the anonymous transactions are coming and going. Once you publish your address to anyone that route can be followed. The path can get murky at times but that does not stop thug men from shaking down the end recipeints to find clarity.

      • Research ‘bitcoin laundry’ for more information on how to conceal what you do with your bitcoin balance*. There are too many cases where people have concealed their activity to suggest that you lose your anonymity using bitcoin.

        * has a shared send service, which might suffice:

  17. Darby Simpson commented that he had no experience with goats and electric fences, so I would like to add a comment as I have had this experience. First, goats jump. Second, an animal in the air does not create a complete circuit (ie. get shocked) until they hit the ground at which time the fence has shorted out against the ground not through the goat. The solution to this is to put the animals in a fairly small pen first where they are more likely to bump into the fence while on the ground than take a running start to jump it. A couple of shocks like this and they learn to stay away from the fence. If their first experience is jumping the fence and getting out, they are more likely to continue trying to jump the fence. Also, don’t rely on just an electric fence to keep Bucks away from Does in heat. Keep them in a high fenced (minimum 5′ high) sturdy, conventional woven wire fence. If you keep the Buck in with the does at all times, this is not an issue. If you keep your Buck sparate to control kidding times it is a royal pain in the neck if you don’t have a sturdy enclosure for the buck.

    • I’ll second what TheRancher said. We had a buck who would walk through 4 strands of electric so we put up 50″ cattle panels. He jumped those.

    • The goat had already been shocked at least a few times before it jumped. Not only that they’ve already been used to an electric fence their entire lives. The goat didn’t do a running jump, and everything I’ve read goats never “run and jump”. (Just like deer, they stand in one place and jump).

      ” Also, don’t rely on just an electric fence to keep Bucks away from Does in heat. Keep them in a high fenced (minimum 5′ high)”
      The family I purchased the goats from has a 42 inch high fence for their Boer Buck whos pen is literally right next to where the 50+ does are. The goat has never attempted to escape that enclosure (because its hot enough). In fact this setup was the most low tech way I could have ever imagined and they’ve never had a single issue ever. No fence was over 48 feet tall, they were using the regular wire you’d buy at lowes connect to those same old crappy T posts, with 3 hot wires on the inside, and one low hot wire on the outside.

    • @James
      How hot are you running the fence? I’ve read countless times its about having a powerful enough shock. Not to mention proper grounding so that the full shock goes through the animal. (Goats obviously have insulated feet).

      I’ve touched electric fences where it was basically a good strong pulse that would zap my fingers, and there are other times (like recently) when I touched it and was almost thrown to the ground. In the first scenario, I wouldn’t be afraid to touch or brush up against it, the 2nd has me personally quite concerned about touching or even brushing a live fence.

    • I use the Stafix x6i also and am running 7 wire high tinsel strength, four are bare wire and 3 are high visibility (love kencove). I have fainters and they never touch the fence. When i first put them in the fence i “introduced” them to the fence (put peanut butter on it, and no its not cruel in my opinion, i want them to get a shock under a controlled environment). Know a buck in rut is a different thing – i use a chainlink fence that is well built and high.
      I do not have predators either with this setup, but i also run two Great Pyrenees in the fenced area:)

    • @James Carpenter

      Very cool. Thanks! I have considered doing high tensile, but I know that’s a serious investment, requiring one to say “I want fence here …. forever” hah. Not quite to that level yet hah.

      I definitely admit I was like “WHOA!” to the peanut butter idea. haha. I find that all creatures, human, or otherwise will touch that fence as the first thing they do. My dog did it (right on his little wet nose, he was quite tore up from it), my nephews did it, the goats did it.

      I’m looking to get a great pyrenees but at this point its a money issue, plus time. So I’m more or less crossing my fingers, and hoping the fence keeps things good. So far, absolutely zero evidence of predators going around, just armadillos. But I know, if there is one attack, just one, it’ll be game on.

      I didn’t get the I version of the Staffix 6. Didn’t really feel the need to have a wireless capability especially for two times the price. How long is the total feet of wire you’re running on that?

  18. In addition to the ground covers you mentioned, i.e. plantain, clover, for Christina in GA, Ground Ivy (glechoma hederacea) is native and nearly indestructible. It is medicinal and it is in the mint family. I think it’s perennial.

    “Ground ivy is used in alternative medicine and is an excellent spring tonic, it is an appetite stimulant. It contains a volatile oil which aids in relieving congestion and inflammation of mucous membranes associated with colds, flu, and sinusitis. It is Anti-allergenic, Antibacterial, Anti-flu, Antihistaminic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Antiviral, Cancer-Preventive, Expectorant, Immuno-stimulant, and Sedative.”

    Most people consider it a weed and try poisoning it, but it is rhizomatous and very hardy. It likes shade and will fill disturbed areas quickly. It will blanket a high traffic area and withstand nearly any amount of foot traffic.

  19. Jack,

    Thanks for your analysis on Sovereign Citizen/Freemen stuff. It was one of the best, and very gentle, responses I’ve heard to this stuff.



    • Yes,
      Many people as to quote the Mythbuster say: “I reject your reality, and substitute my own” (which was not said there first). My point is to try to live in a world that does not exist, and could potentially experience of lot pain as Jack discussed. I am not saying people should not work toward making the world better, but you have to live in the world that is, as you strive to make it as it ought to be.

      Also, on the subject “Why cutting off your nose to spite your face is a bad idea” Jack is right, and the problem is similar, that is many are accepting the “perfect is(as) the enemy of good” (, they are still having difficulty between “is” and “ought”. For example, such people fight laws lower taxes, because it not abolishing taxes. We should welcome improvements in freedom, even if it is not all the freedom we should have.

  20. Bit coin, lol. Until you can pay your mortgage, buy gas and pay your bills, it’s not going anywhere. To think it can’t be tracked by the government is very ignorant. When it comes to money, the government is all over it as you should know.

    Bit coin is the next be a beanie baby. Itm folks

    • Funny you should say that.

      Buy gas? There are already gas stations taking it.

      As for paying your bills given it is immediately convertible to FRNs why do you think you can’t do that? There are now Bitcoin ATMs where you can use your bitcoins to withdraw cash. It is so funny that people are judging bitcoin on things that simply are not applicable. You can currently purchase far more with bitcoin then you can with silver or gold.

      • Just to be clear I am saying right now if you say use online bill paying you can take bitcoin, and set up automatic transfers of bitcoin from a service like bitpay to transfer US dollars to your bank account and have auto bill pay on your bank account. Once set up you don’t really have to do much. This by the way only converts the bitcoins you need as dollars and keeps the rest in bitcoin for direct transactions.

    • Man, I’m a bigtime skeptic of Bitcoin as a way to get rich, but this thing IS becoming a viable currency. Look into the increased acceptance it’s getting in China, for instance, and Europe. Some Las Vegas casinos are accepting it. is planning to begin accepting bitcoins soon. These are examples right off the top of my head. Bitcoin might not be up to your standards just yet, but things ARE moving in that direction.

      • Tyler, started accepting bitcoins earlier this month (late last year?). You can also buy $1,000 Amazon gift cards from with bitcoin; and then buy just about everything you need.

      • See the thing is people that use bitcoins are not doing it to get rich, that is the buzz by the unknowing. Bitcoin is a currency not an investment.

        No one has been a bigger skeptic then me.

      • Lets get one thing clear. “Accepting bitcoin” is different than using bitcoin. All of these retailers who are “now accepting bitcoin” are taking ZERO currency risk. They’ve just got it setup that once you make a purchase they convert that bitcoin to US dollars. Done.

        There are two people with bitcoin. Dealers and individual consumers. No businesses. At this point its more of a medium of exchange than a “currency”. At this point bitcoin more or less == US dollars.

        • That’s not exactly true, merchants that set up a storefront via Bitpay may elect to have a portion (or all probably) of their funds remain in BTC instead of being immediately converted.

        • Ok true. While I said “No Business” I REALLY should clarify that statement. The business recently that accepted that made all these recent movements and made news, and things like the “University of Cyprus” now taking bitcoin are all not actually taking using bitcoin.

          It would be like people paying jack in Euros via Paypal. Paypal is the converter and handles the liquidity situation of Dollars -> Euros, Euros -> Dollars. Therefore jack can be paid in Euros and actually never receives euros.

        • IMO, It’s a critical mass issue. The more merchants that accept bitcoins the less need there is to convert them into USD or whatever the local currency is. As a small business owner that does pass-thru taxation, it might make sense to keep some in BTC and avoid the conversion fees if I know I can spend the BTC on something useful in the future.

        • “No businesses [are holding bitcoin]” – This simply isn’t true. My business accepts bitcoin and holds bitcoin. I do freelance for bitcoin and hold bitcoin. There are a lot of reasons they would want to hold bitcoin as a store of value and that’s why the price is what it is (perceived future value).

  21. Been interested in the concept of a consumption tax for years. there are bills in both the house H.R.25 and senate S. 122. Great info at

  22. Back feeding your house with a modified sign wave inverter can be done but only use a suicide cord without a ground or it could fry your inverter. This happens because most cheap modified sign wave inverters have a hot netural (there is 60volts AC between the neutral and ground on the outlet ). All houses have the neutral and ground hooked together in the breaker box so it will short out the inverter. This means there will also be 60volts AC between your battery terminals and anything grounded in you house so you can get shocked if you touch a battery terminal and anything grounded in your house at the same time.

    This video explains it in more detail

  23. Jack –

    One thing about the steel cased ammo beyond not being (easily) reloadable. A lot the Russian produced stuff (Barnaul, TulAmmo, Wolf, Silver Bear, etc.) is steel case with a “bi-metal” jacket (steel jacket with a copper coating) projectile versus the brass case/copper jacketed projectile ammunition manufactured in the US (Lake City M193/M855 is a good example of this).

    For occasional plinking, it won’t do much harm to the gun. Prolonged usage (think thousands of rounds) can do a number on the barrels. There have been a couple articles written about Brass Case/Steel Case ammo comparisons. Below are a couple of articles that explain a the differences between the two and effects that that each ammunition can have on a gun. The Lucky Gunner one was one of the more thorough comparisons I’ve seen done:

    At the end of the day, I still shoot both types of ammo through my guns (All the 7.62×39 I have is steel cased and I’ve got a decent supply of both .223 and 308 steel cased/bimetal ammo for when I don’t want to burn the good stuff) but I much prefer good brass case/copper jacket ammo. I just try to take extra PM steps when I shoot the bimetal stuff (cleaning the chamber, extra lubrication and inspection of the affected components).

    Hope this helps provide some extra insight to folks on the differences between the two.

  24. Hey Jack,
    This is Ed from Tulsa OK, a student at the first ever TSP event. On the “cut off your nose to spite your face” person’s comment. I glanced at all the comments here and I’m surprised no one got it, as it registered with me right away. What they were talking about is a comment you had made about looking into any advantage of making the Ethos project a “non-profit”. Can’t remember what # podcast, but that’s what I thought of the minute I heard the call. Although I agree with your rant, I’m sure he was talking about the restrictions, paperwork etc. of being non-profit. Keep up the great work Jack.

    • Nope Ethos was never tax free, never considered doing it, never suggested it, never said anything that would lead anyone to that conclusion.

  25. Time to start a libertarian firestorm.. 😉

    All taxes do NOT equal theft.

    Use taxes are not theft, as they are voluntary.

    However, if the state does not allow competition for the service that you are being taxed for, and the service is necessary, then it is not a voluntary tax.

    The tax would, at least, still be ‘better’, because only the users of the service would bear the cost of the service.

    always IMHO

    • Well that isn’t a tax, it is a service charge!

      Here is what I mean, sales tax doesn’t allow for competition outside of the sales tax. If government wants to sanction in some way with “protections” or some shit the sale of items, and “taxes” them BUT I can sell you a competing item outside of their system with no threat to me or my customer, I am fine with that.

      That isn’t a tax, it is government charging a fee for their service that I do not have to pay and I am not prevented from obtaining equal or better service outside of their system.

      Again to me that is a service charge, if they charge a tax on say just to be ironic “all tea” then it is theft, I now can’t purchase tea without the tax. If there is “government certified tea” that comes with a fee, fine, if I want that, I buy it. If I think the government isn’t necessary and want to buy Insidious tea with no fee and I can, all is well. Again though, that isn’t a tax.

      • After writing this I realized there is another level, which is that, if the government entity offering the ‘service’ was created with tax money that was not the service fee.. then its still theft.


        The funny thing is that once you work out how to make it fair.. you’re right back at private enterprise.

        In other words.. for it to be ‘fair’, the entity has to fund itself from the marketplace (loans or bonds) and be solely responsible for repaying its start up costs with its collected use fees.

        Once you state it that way.. it doesn’t look anything like ‘government’.

  26. On income tax:
    I worked over 4000 hours in 2013 (really).

    Between FED & State Income Taxes (CA)..
    I don’t get paid for 1840 of those hours.
    (Completely ignoring SS, AMT, Sales Tax, etc.)

    46 forty hour work weeks in tax.

    My goal.. zero income.

    • You greedy rich person ;>)

      Do you not realize that the 2160 hours that we let you keep likely makes you one of the most highly paid workers in America.? I bet it is two times what you need as a living wage, we should take another 1080 hours off you to help the less fortunate.

      Sadly there are people that really think that way, sadly a lot of them.

      • The real lesson for me:

        1 hour working on my homestead = 1 hour of benefit

        1 hour working in the money economy = 32.5 minutes of benefit

        So, if I stopped working for money, I could almost double my ‘wealth’.

        Time to get MORE GREEDY! 😉