Episode-2327- Listener Calls for 11-15-18 — 12 Comments

  1. Hello,

    Just a question: Why isn’t CAC helping in the California wildfires?  Evacuees are camping out in Walmart parking lots.  Just a thought.

    • Organizations do what they do well. The board is meeting on this right now but based on on the ground needs and current response, there is not a lot we think we can do. Note I should not even use the word we, CAC is not in anyway under my control or influence, I am not on the board, I have no say in how the org is run. Because good men should also know what they do well.

      • Oh tune in today for more. CAC may be providing logistical assistance for on the ground res-ponders who are local.

  2. Libertarians often don’t care to vote. Do they care if there could be massive vote fraud in Florida, court orders and laws ignored, or that liberals want illegals to vote ?

    • Well most of us think the entire thing is a fraud so… but I think you are confusing libertarian with anarchists, many libertarians vote, there is even a libertarian party.

      Lastly all anarchists are libertarians but not all libertarian are anarchists.

      • If they can get away with fraud in one county that may embolden them to try it elsewhere. If people don’t care about voting at all then perhaps there would be no democracy at all. Certain elites would just figure out how to circumvent voting through fraud. That ends up being more of a dictatorship

  3. As a woman, I feel it is relatively safe to  make the upcoming comments: Perhaps not. I don’t care.

    Anyone who is squeamish about eating an animal they have raised has obviously never been hungry nor their desire to provide clean, wholesome food for their families is not a priority.

    Watch a few videos that show how your store-bought meat was raised and processed. Before you become a vegetarian because of it, I have another thought for you.

    Years ago, I was married to a man that tried to convince me to become a vegetarian. He claimed that the luscious rib-eye I perfectly grilled for him was once part of an animal and he could just “see” the sad brown eyes staring back at him.

    I retorted that just because you couldn’t see or hear it, how did he know that the vegetables don’t scream in pain when they are being ripped out of the ground and chopped up for a meal?

    I don’t enjoy processing birds and deer or other animal that is prepared for my table, but I keep in mind that I am providing the absolute best, nutritious food I can for my family and that is more important than any “feelings” I have toward the animal.

    • I don’t enjoy slaughter, I do it because it have to. I do enjoy processing, once we get past the guts anyway. Something trance like about doing a good job separating joints, cutting perfect steaks, making sausage, etc.

      I do enjoy taking the shot when hunting, but every animal, even a dove or a squirrel when I first touch it I thank it for giving its life to nourish me. About the only animal I ever killed with malice was the coyote that had killed a few dozen of my ducks.

      • I often thought it might be a good idea if people had to practice to be up to a certain standard before going out to hunt.

        I imagine that a good hunter can bring down a dear very quickly with one or two accurate shots.

        I hate the though of a dear or other animal suffering for hours, days, weeks months or even years living a miserable life from an injury csused by an untrained hunter etc.

    • One more add, I forgot to say yesterday. The best way I know to get people on board with pastured poultry is smell. Take a store bought pack of chicken and smell it, then smell fresh processed. The store bought has a stink you really can’t even describe, not rotted, not garbage but a smell you just know isn’t right.

      • I know exactly what you mean by that smell.

        Do you think it originates from the animals living cobitions (depression)?
        (Sort of like sick people in a hospital have a sort of negative smell if you can differentiate it from the bleach and disinfectant)

        Or is it as a result of chicken storage and shelf life ?