Episode-1249- Listener Calls for 11-15-13 — 61 Comments

  1. The only benefit I have ever heard of premium gas having (in SOME cases) is that certain companies do not use Ethanol in premium.

  2. Zone 9b? I’m in 9b in Phoenix… Hardwoods? Try mesquite if you can. It’s one of if not the fastest growing desert hardwoods.

  3. Great show Jack.
    I wanted to pass on a related purchase I made last month. I picked up 1000 black locust seeds on Amazon for about $20. If you have locust in your area you won’t need this because you can get seed all day long every fall. They are native in my area but hard to find because they’re so useful. Landowners have cut them faster than they can renew. I plan in bringing them back on my property at least.

  4. How would composting toilets be up in NH or Maine, in a place that isn’t normally heated in the winter? That’s the main reason I’m reluctant to consider them. When I get the cabin built someday, I have this image in my mind of going up for the weekend in November, dropping a deuce in the toilet, and having it turn into a poosicle that remains as-is until next spring. For this reason, I’ll likely just make an outhouse. This would not be a problem in Texas though.

    I understand about not liking travel, but I hope you still manage to find your way to the Liberty Forum again. We saw you there this past year and am looking to the next one. I’m an early mover for FSP.

    I placed an order for 3 lbs of Jerusalem artichokes and look forward to getting them in the ground next year. I haven’t tried eating them yet, but they are beautiful and I like the “invasive” quality of a plant that is both beautiful and edible. What is the best type of area to plant them? I’m thinking along edges of the tree line, facing south? Edge planting is important so that I can avoid mowing them.

  5. I had issues with not using premium gas in one of my former cars. It was mainly due to octane. This was back in the late 90s. After a few months on 87 the car just wouldn’t start well. I had to end up moving to a 89 Plus grade of gas, not 92 premium. So, not sure what was up there. Car was a Mitsubishi eclipse so it might be on that small list.

  6. Jack I would like to know mode about what happened to your personal appearances?
    As a friend I would like to know who did you wrong and why?

    • I am not some D-Bag like that Duane guy, LOL.

      Men work out their differences before resulting to a slander attack in public even if it were justified. Harming the reputation of anyone in my industry is the LAST thing I ever want to do. Though the threat of it was necessary to resolve this recent issue.

      It is now done, the relationship is basically severed and I will keep the details, all of them to myself unless the other party violates our agreed upon resolution.

      The no more major appearances though is only partly from that, it was likely to have happened anyway. My wife tolerates a lot, if we are going to be on a plane and away from home we should be on a beach in Florida or something not doing a prepper convention etc.

      I have learned though to never trust anyone with your brand even if you think they are solid. Any speaking I do going forward will be protected by a signed speakers agreement. Some people seem to think you can take a man’s speech and then use it with another party without their consent, that ain’t cool!

      I want to be clear, the party that did this would have be 100% blessed and free to have used my content for his/her use inside his/her brand. They wanted to take it, put it inside an undisclosed third party’s brand and never told me, I found out from yet another party.

      This third wheel is someone I despise in this industry, a fear mongering miner of the wallets of all they can infiltrate. Someone I NEVER want my name associated with. I flipped a gasket and told the middle party, don’t even think about it. They agreed, done, over.

  7. If there are folks who would rather simply give money to an organization they can trust to let kids learn skills/trades, look up Mike Rowe’s (from Dirty Jobs) MikeRoweWorks.
    The whole concept today was summed up by Mike in a tv interview about two months ago: “We are lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to train them for jobs that no longer exist. That’s nuts.”

    Mike’s organization makes applicants sign the SWEAT pledge (Skill & Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo) and they must be attending or applying to an actual TRADE school.
    More info here:
    and more specifically, here:

    • I actually had a main stream friend who thought we were crazy for not pushing and making our kids go to college. This interview turned them around. We are teaching our kids to work hard, teach themselves, think for themselves, and where and how to find information about what they want to know. We have told them if they go to college don’t go because they feel pressure but to go because they know exactly what they want to do. We will see what happens because at this point they are 16 and 13. The sad part is we are very alone in this belief.

    • I love the work Mike is doing but this isn’t what I really want,

      “and they must be attending or applying to an actual TRADE school”

      Why have we as a people given so much power willingly to institutions?

      How much would a young person learn if they took this approach

      1. Get a PDC
      2. Go do a 6 Week Permaculture internship
      3. Take a few classes on landscape design
      4. WOOOF for a year on say 2-3 permaculture farms

      That would just be one approach. What about a kid that wants to build software, they don’t need a degree, a few classes, some books and working inside a think tank will do more than a typical school, trade or university.

      I like trade schools don’t get me wrong, but is that really the only way for a young person to learn, or even the best way in some disciplines?

  8. I don’t know about legalities but if you can’t or don’t want to call it a scholarship why not call it an award our something similar. Also if its under 600 bucks i do believe they don’t have to report it under their earned income.

  9. I live in southern Minnesota and I’ve used a kerosene heater in my detached garage for several years. Unfortunately it’s easier to get propane than kerosene in my area but I’m still hunting for someplace that has bulk kerosene. Fortunately I’ve got a few days (assuming 24 hrs of burn time) worth of heat stored and am working on increasing it.

    A great online resource for all things kerosene (heaters, lanterns and stoves) is Miles Stairs. He’s got quite a bit of experience with many different brands and models of kerosene appliances. He does have recommended models of heater and goes into which ones are the same model with different names on the front (sounds like just marketing lol).

    I got lucky I guess when I picked my main heater (23k btu convection) but from reading over Miles’s site as well as experience using my heater I know that I want to add a 10k btu radiant heater so I have more options.


  10. In regards to the health industry, I heard an interview with Joel Salatin on the other day. He made a statement about this that I found very profound. To paraphrase, he said something like, the health of our economy is measured by the of sickness of the people instead of the productivity of the people. It’s something I think most of us that listen to TSP know but I just didn’t make the mental connection until I heard that statement by Salatin.

    Great show as always Jack. Keep on doing what you’re doing man XD

  11. Paleo/GAPS auto immune protocol. IF you haven’t tried it you need to. I can back Jack up all the way on the health benefits. A life time of health issues healed! My daughter was looking at a lifetime of health issues and medications. We put the breaks on the doctor and said, “no”. Went on GAPS (very similar to Paleo Auto Immune Protocol) and months later she is thriving and medication free. Feel free to ask me questions because it is a huge shift.

  12. another resource that I have used for buying trees, especially this time of year is local wholesale nurseries. A lot of them are trying to get rid of trees that they have had since the spring and are making terrific deals. A few years ago I bought 60+ oaks, elms, and other trees (mainly oaks) for $5 to $10 each. These were 2″ to 6″ trees, B grade.

    I am picking up 2 Shumard, 3 burr oaks, several mexican plums, and 4 cherry trees today for $10 to $20 each. The Shumards are 7″ cal and 15′ tall, the burr oaks are 3″ caliper and 10′. Rest are 8 to 10 ft and about 2″ caliper.

    If your looking for seedlings, there are several nurseries that sell them individually or in plug flats. If you go to and get a free account, you can search for whatever plant you want across the country.

    you should be paying 70 cents to $1.85 for plugs and liners from most people

  13. Jack,
    We harvested Jerusalem artichokes and my wife prepared them similar to what you mentioned, coconut oil, garlic, salt and pepper. We were cautious in trying a new food but OH MY GAWD! was my reaction too.

  14. HMOs profit by having healthier customers. Kaiser Permanente offers incentives to their customers for attending pro-health classes and making healthier choices. Profit motives for health are the answer to the global model of “sick care.”

  15. The best Gun and knife lube BY FAR is FrogLube, I have tested it over and over and it’s the best rust prevention product on the market! check out the tests on YouTube and Kelly John Doe sells it at and you get a discount with MSB

  16. I thought I heard a mention about a source of information on the collapse and highly recommend the X22 Report.

  17. Hemp and bamboo baby if you want much of your needs met. I heard bamboo grows ANYWHERE and hemp a bout as much too.

  18. I would also suggest the many species of black walnut which I even learned about in an environmental science class while at vocational school which covered the basics of forestry.

  19. Jack, what happened to last weeks week in review? And will there be one this week… just wondering I really liked the vids.

  20. You can give anyone up to $14,000 without any tax repercussions to you or the person you give the money to. Neither of you have to even put it on your income tax form. See “gift tax” on IRS website.

    • While this is true, you can do it once to a person and I think it might be once in your life?

      • Hmm, the way I read it it does seem like 14K per individual and 22K per couple per year. Lots of talk about kids and heirs though. Anyone with a tax law degree want to clarify this mumbo jumbo our overlords put on us about how much we can give away?

        • You can do it every year if the law hasn’t change (except the amount in the last 30 odd years).

    • My wife is a CPA. I will bounce the question off her tonight and get her input. I know from experience that the IRS contradicts itself a lot.

      • Ok, MamaWolf has clarified this. Since it would fall under the gift tax not income tax, you could, give 14k to as many individuals in a year as you had the money to do, as long as you didn’t repeat in the same calendar year to any specific individual. If it is a couple, then it is 28k a year. And since it is under the gift tax, NOT income tax, you don’t have to to file a single thing with the IRS or report it to the IRS.

        I am so glad she is a CPA, because I can rebuild a motor, but tax law makes me squirrelly!

      • Good answer but I didn’t see 28K to a couple, but 22K. I am guessing a married couple filing individually could do 14K each but if filing jointly would be limited to the 22K number? FTR I effing hate tax law as well.

  21. I think if you plant black locusts on your property you will always and I mean always regret it. there is no containing them. you will find babies over 100% of your property w/in 10 years.

    • After finally deciding to plant 50 BL I found one on the property that’s about 10 years old and then a year later found a much older one (maybe 16″ diameter).

      While I have seen smaller runners coming up I don’t see it as a problem – it’s free nitrogen for the soil. The cows and sheep take care of them for me. I think the only livestock that has problems with them are horses.

      • People see locust as a “problem” because if you don’t plant anything around them or manage the area they spread. Why? That is what they are supposed to do. They repair open and infertile spaces.

        Have you ever noticed there are no mature locust dominated forests? There is a reason.

    • Are locust trees only a “problem” down south? We have honey locusts up here in the northeast (not quite sure about black locust), and I can’t imagine anyone describing these things as “invasive”. 12 years of watching one in my yard get larger, and not a single seedling sprouted up, ever. The only times I ever see them is when someone has on purposely planted one, and there’s never any sign of them spreading.

      What’s the deal? Am I out of luck in participating in growing “invasive” locust trees? I wish I could spread them around, since I have the side of a hill that I’d like to get something nice growing in to hold the soil in. Mostly what we have are eastern cottonwood… I hate the things… I’ll end up with about one every square foot if not brush hogged back, and they grow up to be junk trees that rot and fall over.

    • And yet people are growing them for coppice systems all over and are not bothered by this problem, hmmmmmmm, LOL just saying.


    A friend is on statin drugs. He’s torn a tendon in his arm and one in his knee and can’t remember what you told him ten minutes ago. Yet he doesn’t make the connection.
    People are all too ready to take drugs because doctors have been elevated to almost messianic status. Many of them are just dope peddlers.

    • There is a link between Statin drugs and Alzheimer’s. Dr. Natasha-Campbell McBride author of the GAPS diet, nutritionist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, and MD has seen a marked increase of dementia and Alzheimers in people on cholesterol lowering medications.

  23. I wanted to chime in on Bamboo. There are two different types, Clumping and Running bamboos. If you plant the clumping bamboo it will spread very slowly and can be managed easily. Running bamboo is where all the horror stories come from. This stuff will spread like crazy and be extremely hard to manage. Here is a good resource for purchasing bamboo as well as a good place to find out the difference between clumping and running bamboo.


    • BTW Jack, thanks for the ideas…my mouth was watering as I listened to your suggestions and I can’t wait to hear Keith Snow’s suggestions!

  24. Hey Jack,

    Glad you like the Jerusalem Artichokes. I sent them to you a while back in the Botanical Interest box. =) Here is a blog post I wrote about harvesting and eating them, I assume this is what Dorothy read when she told you about slicing them and frying them like potatoes.

    I have so many Jerusalem Artichokes I can’t possible eat them all. I have 30 some containers full on the deck, a large patch in the back yard and a ton in the crisper in the fridge.


    • So you store them in the criper? We learned they only can go a day or two on the counter top.

    • I placed an order from They arrive after January. Hopefully it is fine to store them until spring for planting… I have never done this before.

      • They store for months in the fridge. Just put them in a opaque container with a moist paper towel. I pulled some out the other day that have been in the crisper since last January. They are still firm, but they did start to put out roots, it looks kinda strange. I will post a pic on the forum under heliotropicmoth’s garden when I get home.

    • Hey Jack,

      Yeah, if you keep them in a brown paper bag with a moist paper towel they will store for months in the crisper. They will start to put out roots after a while but they are still firm and edible.


  25. Great show.

    WRT gasoline octane. I personally agree with your general assessment. I’ve tried to convince my wife of this, and we have run a few tanks of 87 instead of 92 without issue during a road trip last summer.

    My wife consulted our trusted family mechanic, and he conceded that modern knock sensors eliminate any risk of engine damage. Though he also suggested that the price/gallon savings were offset by decreased fuel economy and performance. (difficult to measure precisely)

    I’m a cheap skate, but it’s her daily driver, so I’m willing to spend $3 per tank in the interest of domestic tranquility.

  26. Normally I sit on the fence when it come to comments, but this was one of those great shows!

    Regarding the scholarship idea, this is a super idea and I do not have the surplus to give much, but I would defiantly contribute to a fund to send young people to PRI. This is a really really good do-ocracy idea that could effect some real change!

    Second, about the human waste processing. We have been doing Jenkens humanure methods and it rarely smells at all except when there is not enough sawdust used and the weather gets over 100 while we have the ac off. However, like you said it is a huge inconvenience to have to haul the bucket away that always occurs when I just dont have time for it. Further, to make it work with women in the house the bucket dooty is entirely up to me and this means hauling it out once a week for a family of 4. While it would mean a long delay before gaining fertility for use a long-term composting toilet might be the answer to maintenance, but requires adding on to an existing house. See: for and idea of how this works; skip to 3:40. One other thing I must add is that urine is where most nutrients are. From one of my aquaponic experiments I am almost convened that one persons urine is enough fertility to grow one persons food. However, I have done a poor job of documenting this. A urine diverting toilet might be a starting place for most people to start which is more friendly and can be automated. You would be surprised how much lush growth comes from diluted urine fed into a garden using subsurface irrogrow tubing makes! Infact, there is so much growth that you could just grow cover crop with it then compost the plants and grasses or mulch to be placed on the garden.

    The tree nursery place in Lindale texas is called Bob Wells Nursery. I have bought trees from many places, but the trees from this nursery have been much stronger and healthy than trees I have gotten anywhere. Of-course I live 15 minuets from them and it may just be the difference of ordering trees that are grown locally to my region.

    On bamboo, I there is a critical mass that it reaches when it shoots out everywhere! The running bamboo will kill off trees by over growing and shading them out, taking over, if its not managed.

    About wheat and grains for chickens. I finally get what Jack has been saying about health and wheat. I will say that threshing it for ones own use is really not to much work at all, unless you don’t like work or are trying to sell it. We have used wheat, rye, and other grains and plants as cover crops because of the massive root systems. The improvement to our soils has been amazing! We have found that rolling the cover over is key. By running our goats through in an intensive manner all the wheat is trampled over then chickens harvest the remaining grain on their own. Wheat stays good for a long time(2+ months) on the stock so just run or roll it down as you need it. So, all that to say that grains have a place and using it for chickens is pretty easy.

    Last, but not least, thanks for the info on cooking artichokes. I actually have the incentive to go dig into out new patch of artichokes. This was the first year we grew them. I like any plant that comes back each year, refuses to die, and does not need babying. I never knew they were all that good.

    • Oh, one question. How do you get russian olive seed to grow? I have yet to get any seed to grow.

    • count me in!

      I’d love to help fund a TSP PRI scholarship.

      How about switch out the word “scholarship” with” essay contest”, post the essays with the names redacted on the forum, and let the donors vote?

  27. Great rant on the BigAg/BigPharm/BigGov love triangle.

    I also lost over 80lbs on paleo, and have kept it off for over a year now.

    People need to get pissed at the system before they’ll take action, as I did.