Episode-1465- Listener Calls For 11-14-15 — 15 Comments

  1. No of course not, you are not true to your parent are you?

    Seriously no but it will produce pecans, likely better tasting than a grafted variety but slightly smaller in size.

    • Thanks, Jack. That’s why I asked. Because there is grafted pecan tree about 70 years old that my late grandfather planted in his house, so I too was thinking of a way to get a replica of it. The pecans are large with an egg like shell very easy to break with two fingers.

      So I suppose if I want a replica I have to graft a branch from that tree into some root stock rather than plant a seed.

  2. Thanks for the clarification on the Swiss referendum, I definitely misunderstood the scope of it. Great show today! I am packing up my homestead and moving in January, so your greenhouse question for Nick was perfect timing, as we will be downsizing a bit.

  3. I can’t say that I agree with your statement that ISP throttling is necessary.
    I do agree with what you said about business prioritizing network traffic internally to get the best usage of their bandwidth. However if an ISP was externally throttling a business bandwidth, they would be pretty pissed.
    Saying ISP throttling is necessary, is kind of like saying that airlines booting passengers from flights due to overbooking is necessary.
    The real problem is airline overbook, and ISPs over sell. If my ISP promises me 100 mbit/sec for a certain price, I should have the expectation to receive that promised service or a return of my money. Just like I would if an airline cannot delivery the service the promised. What purpose I am using the service for should not matter.

    • No it isn’t that simple.

      First a business that wants a guaranteed SLA doesn’t use DSL, etc. They get a dedicated connection like a T1. If you are a business of any size you either do this or you deal with what comes.

      Next people don’t get on and off a plane in mid flight. Your analogy is pointless on this regard. Basically your solution would be for ISPs to deny service period to customers once a threshold was met.

      Pretty much here is the deal, the internet works and mostly because government stayed out of it. It will continue to get better as long as government stays out of it. ISPs throttle only as needed to maintain service to all customers.

      And you do get what is promised, READ YOUR AGREEMENT WITH YOUR ISP. Again if you want a guaranteed full time SLA, get a dedicated connection.

      • I’m not saying net neutrality is a good idea. It’s a horrible idea. The government should stay out of it.
        As far as ISPs cutting you off, they do and have for years, if the feel you’re a bad enough bandwidth “hog”. And it’s extremely common already for cellular internet.

        I chose 100 as a round number. I understand that it’s very unlikely for a home user to have 100 guaranteed. But, if you believe ISPs won’t throttle you below your minimum guaranteed bandwidth as a normal home user, if it suits them, you’re fooling yourself.

        ISPs should have no right to tell me what I use my bandwidth for once I’ve purchased it. Just because my use is entertainment based, should not give then the right to prioritize another customer over me.

        • See that is the thing though, consumer internet level service DOES NOT COME WITH A GUARANTEED MINIMUM AT ALL period the end. It is a best effort to best serve all customers service. That is why you can get it for 14-30 bucks.

      • And by the way, Comcast openly admits they will “kick you off” if you breach a 300GB threshold for your bandwidth.

    • Am I missing something here? Isn’t the download/upload speed, which is a price bracket, also at throttle on your bandwidth usage. The person who pays for more speed gets more bandwidth.

      • Sorta Kinda

        You get Comcast BLAZING FAST INTENET with upload SPEEDS up to 30MBPS

        Everyone seems to miss the up to part and many miss the upload part.

        The key is the up to means that, it can get that fast at times if you are lucky. From there it is the companies “best effort” and generally in a manner that “best serves all customers”.

        And they do that, no company wants a customer unhappy, except may be the sat internet providers because they KNOW you have no choice but them.

        When you buy a dedicated line, like a T1 you get an SLA or service level agreement that guarantees minimum uptime (generally 99.999 aka 5 nines) and minimum DEDICATED bandwidth.

        People see a 300-500 dollar T1 and wonder why anyone would pay for that when you can get Joe Spooty Broadband with 30MBPS for 19.99 or what have you.

        The T1 is your 100% private road, it is two strands of copper that go from you directly to the phone company you lease that copper and NO ONE ELSE CAN USE IT ALL ALL INFINITY as long as you lease it. In fact most of that 300-500 bucks is the loop charge, meaning it pays for the copper not the bandwidth.

        People should stop even looking at numbers (including the online “speed tests”) and just judge their service on performance.

        Right now I usually have 6MB up and about 30MB down on a speed test. Yea well that is a nice story but the 1.5MB T1 I had at my office that was shared with 30 other networked computers and a digital phone switch on it SMOKED this connection in every measurable way.

        Think of it this way you can have

        1. A highway with a 125 mph speed limit with EVERYONE ELSE ON IT going in one direction. When you come back there are just as many drivers but the speed limit goes down.


        2. A highway with a 70MPH speed limit but you and who you let on it are the only ones allowed on it going both ways, you can drive full speed when you want, as fast as you want up to the limit always.

        Which highway would you choose?

  4. On canned fish… isn’t the added salt a critical component to longevity of preservation?