Episode-2093- Listener Calls for 10-5-17 — 15 Comments

  1. My recent purchase of a 2017 Ford Focus has a capless gas tank. A special funnel was included with the purchase should I need to use a gas can so I keep it in the glove box. I know the type of gas can the caller mentioned and I’m not sure it will work with the funnel and not spill gas all over the place. Gee, maybe I should practice running out of gas so I can get this figured out.

  2. I agree about the Equifax hack… to some degree the information that was stolen becomes less useful (or ‘stale’) over time for financial exploitation and ID theft, particularly after such a hack becomes public. So unless there’s been a rash of ID theft and credit fraud that hasn’t filtered into public awareness yet, a state actor being the culprit seems most probable. China or Russia seem to be the most likely candidates, and would be holding that info for other kinds of exploitation like you said. If China did it, I imagine this would be quite the win for them as they could use this in combination with the OPM hack of security clearance holder information (assuming China was behind that too as is suspected) to build even more detailed profiles of millions of US persons for use in espionage, counter-espionage, and shadier aspects of diplomatic leverage. It’s what I would do if I were in their shoes, and I’d be tempted to bet my left nut the US Intelligence Community has done or is attempting the same on most or all Chinese citizens as well.

  3. I’ve seen these funnels Ford provides with all their cars that have no gas cap. Yes they look like a short tranny funnel. They are maybe a hair bigger around but just as long.

    Which by the way the reason manufacturers are getting rid of gas caps is because of warranty time and having to pay for it. For years older people will buy a car then not be able to turn the cap tight enough. Next thing you know check engine light is on, on their brand new car and they are infor warranty. Of course the mechanic can’t just tighten the gas cap incase there’s something more wrong. Which means the manufacturers ar paying a mechanic time to tell you you left you gas cap loose. So to say money they designed a filler neck without a gas cap.

    Just be ready for the price tag when it starts leaking, out of warranty. If you’ve complained about a $30 dealer gas cap, a $300+ dollar fill neck will make you really happy.

    My suggestion though would be to carry a tranny funnel cut up just a little bit so it fits down into the full neck but still has a big enough opening the gas moves pretty quickly.

  4. Pot mead… The psychoactive ingredients are oil soluble, not water soluble. Mead won’t infuse with THC or CBD, even with the emulsifying properties of honey. You would need to extract a hashoil, mix with honey and add to a finished dry mead after ferment.

    What you want is a soluble similar drug. Try prickly lettuce resin. It’s legal, probably growing in your yard already, works like CBD in marijuana, with a strong sedative and numbing effect. It is derived from a plant latex, so latex allergies are the biggest concern.

    Just look the plant up on YouTube if you’re unfamiliar with it. It’s a great painkiller.

    Alternatively, Kilp Dagga (a warm weather mint) has similar effects and is soluable in water, usually taken as a pot substitute in teas. It just tastes like ass, so you need a good strong mead with sweet flavor, balanced with some acidity, and probably a strong flavoring agent like ginger and habenero. It’s also legal anywhere in the US in any quantity and avoids the latex issue.

    Neither of these are screened on drug tests and have similar effects.

    As with any psychotropic, use in moderation, not while driving etc. If you make and consume these, be responsible and have one glass before bed or when you don’t have someplace to go or other responsibilities. Keep it away from kids etc.

  5. 10 years is too soon for an electric vehicle takeover. We (the utilities) can’t support that much additional generation in 10 years. It takes us AT LEAST 5 to get a big baseload gas plant from idea to turning and burning. A nuke even longer. Imagine taking all the energy we currently get from gas and change half of that to electricity. We can’t make it that fast and we can’t move it that fast (lots of new wires).

    But I’m certainly hoping it comes soon. Great for our sales forecast. 🙂

    • What I said was

      Within 10 years the majority of new cars sold will be electric, within 20 the majority on the road will be electric. I stand by it, not sure how the hell you guys are going to deal with it, but your going to have to.

  6. Roger that. We can respond as we see the demand signal. But there’s a long way to go with charging/storage in parallel with us getting our crap together. Even a 25% shift in 20yrs would be crazy huge. The US uses about 4800Terawatt-hrs (TWh) of gas a year and we only make about 4200TWh of electricity.

    Unfortunately, dealing with it will involve acquiring a ton of Rights-of-way through people’s property, sometimes with the force of the state. That’s the part of the business that really pulls against my own morals. But society will demand it.

    And as I’ve said before, we have tons of jobs (at least down South). If electric vehicles happen at scale, we’ll have more jobs than qualified people to do them (construction, maintenance, engineering, operations). There’s an outlet for automation refugees…

    PS – you’re killing me with these gun builds. I’m trying to hold out for the year and now you do this! 🙂

    • Couple things, note I am saying majority sold in 10 and majority on the road in 20. As you know the tyranny of the majority in a democracy is 1%! Which is why we at least have the vestiges of a republic.

      So saying in 20 years the majority of cars on the road will be electric, means that at least 51% will not 90% etc.

      I also think there is going to be lot of them that are all electric, but have small gas generators on board. That little trick seems to work pretty good.

      They are also going to get very efficient and do some things I won’t say because “The Harris” will show up screaming about thermodynamics and entropy without considering what I am really saying. Let’s just say a LOT of energy is wasted as a car rolls along and there are a lot of ways to recapture some (not all) of that energy.

      If anyone doubts that a car moving has unused energy I invite them to be hit by one coasting with no power being used.

      On the guns, go ahead, send in one and let me push you over the fence.

  7. I like this siphon hose better than the old “bell pump” method that Steven Harris uses. (And “mad props” to Steven for everything he does and knows).

    It claims to do 5 gallons in 90 seconds.

    It’s a 2 pack for the price. It’s “food grade” plastic. I plan on using the second one to rack mead (when I finally get around to making it).

  8. I spoke with a student loan agency investigator yesterday about the equifax hack and student loans. He said what they do is apply for an online school and attend a couple of online classes then drop out. The funds are then returned to them from the school and they have the money. I remember my daughter in brick and mortar college dropped a course and this happened with the left over money so guess it is possible.