Episode-2106- Listener Calls for 10-27-17 — 5 Comments

  1. The difference after converting my 401k’s to my IRA when leaving my last two employers was like night and day. So many more options, and finally an option to just keep a CASH BALANCE!!! Now my last employer was rolling out a brokerage link option for our 401k’s in my final months there, and while it was “better”, from what I could see it still didn’t have the variety of options I have with my IRA (and I bet the total fees were higher too). There’s just no reason to keep it there after leaving!

    Speaking of 401k’s, I get the sense that the recent talk of reducing tax-deferred 401k thresholds is 1) part of the ‘bargaining’ process for the tax talks and probably not happening THIS time; and 2) testing the waters, trying out talking points, and ultimately trying to plant the seeds for “retirement account reform” in the next 5 years or so. The following article from Yahoo Finance seems to have that exact stench about it, basically making the case of “why not reduce thresholds because only 10% are contributing the maximum anyway”… sheesh.

  2. I’m TOTALLY buying a couple cartons of smokes for prepping now! Never even thought of that. But man, I just remember when I was in the Army back in the 80s and 90s.

    We’d be out in the field and peeps would run out of smokes. I always had extra and I’d sell the shit out of those. I had Newports for the black guys and Marlboro reds for the whites. And yes indeed I was price gouging as I was the one who loaded up my rucksack with a couple cartons to take to the field. And then I’d sell by the individual cigarette.

    Never even thought about this as a prep item but I’m going to do it. Thanks for posting that Jack!

  3. Jack can you please extract the Spanish American war suicide rate and post it on Facebook ..I’m in several Veterans Groups and I want to share it Please sir

    • Please note that was not for the total US, causalities were much higher (in the hundreds) I don’t know what the suicide rates were US wide, the numbers I gave were for the Rough Riders only

      With a bit over 1,000 men deployed for about 4 months in only three major campaigns 14 in theater is very high. Astoundingly so if you ask me especially given the Rough Riders were essentially the Special Operations Unit of their time.

  4. Hey Jack

    Just an fyi, you’re episodes are no longer updating on Stitcher. The last episode on there is 2103. Not sure if theres anything you can do but figured I’d let you know.