Episode-2537- Listener Calls for 10-24-19 — 2 Comments

  1. I haven’t listened quite yet, but Kratky hyrdo is absolutely what everyone’s first hydroponics experiment should be!

    About ten years ago I went to a local hydro store and bought one block of rockwool, some 2″ net cups, and a bag of the fertilizer for about $20 total.  Every Winter when I’m craving something home grown I pull out a rubbermaid tote with six holes drilled in the top, fill it up with water and a few tablespoons of the fertilizer, make six rockwool cubes that fit in the net cups, put two lettuce seeds in each cup, and plop them in the bin so the water solution is just barely touching the bottom of the rockwool under some grow lights.  And that’s it!  No bubbler, no refilling of the water, no adding more nutrients.


    Within three weeks I have home grown lettuce that isn’t organic, but tastes a whole lot better than store bought stuff, and I get to grow something when it’s -20F outside!  It’s also very cool to see the root mass at the end.  You’ll have multiple pounds of roots completely filling up your container.


    It is SO easy.  It’s a great Winter project that you can start and have done in half a day for your first time, and half an hour every year after.


    (Now I’m really hoping Jack doesn’t curse out the method on the show…  I’ll know tomorrow morning on my drive in!)

  2. +1 For Kraty hydroponics.  To your point Jack regarding longer lived plants like tomatoes needing a refill, check out this guy who uses 32gal buckets or trash cans…

    It’s a good site with updates and harvest totals through a full growing cycle.  The root mass is nuts!  I’m thinking they could have used a slightly larger net pot.

    Personally I would add an air pump to improve the results, but seems these tomatoes did alright without one.