Episode-1452- Listener Calls for 10-24-14 — 14 Comments

  1. Jack, I’m waaaay behind in episodes. Are you not going to Mark Shepard’s this weekend? I will be there this weekend so I thought I’d ask.


      • Sorry to hear that Jack. Wisconsin is an incredible state and in my opinion ripe for permaculture development. If you are able to reschedule the trip please stay in contact as I would make my time available to assist you in any way.

    • They have done more than worked on it. They made it, it exists. It however is NOT APPROVED by the FDA and so it isn’t worth worrying about for now.

      Sooner or later they will do it, that isn’t worth worrying about either for now.

  2. Hey Jack,

    Thanks for touching on the automatic watering item. Automating things is one of my favorite things, and the plant propagation class is a must-buy for me. So I am super excited to build this misting system you are talking about.

    If there is any chance you could do some video on your system once it is done, MSB or not, I would really appreciate seeing a system fully put together. Your videos on how you did your beds was incredibly helpful!

  3. I’m super behind on the show right now. Congrats to the guy with the quail. I would expect the laying % will slow down a bit as the birds mature a little more. The quail will molt eventually if you let them, if you keep a steady light cycle you can discourage this. After about a year they will slow down a bit in laying %, that’s usually when I replace them.