Episode-1926- Listener Calls for 1-6-17 — 12 Comments

  1. Jack,

    While listening to the question about the KelTec I immediately thought of Buffalo Bore ammo, and lo and behold, 10 seconds later you mention it. Buffalo Bore makes a 200gr hard cast standard pressure load that may work for the caller.

    The load has an advertised velocity of 1,000fps and a tested velocity of 1033fps from a 5″ 1911. We can assume a fairly standard increase of 25fps per inch of barrel, giving a rough estimate of 1,275fps from the 16″ barrel. This load theoretically would deliver 722.11 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle.

    I agree that the .40 S&W may not be the best pistol caliber hunting cartridge, and certainly not superior to the .357Mag or .44Mag, but maybe with the 200gr load, the caller can continue to bag more deer, and do so with more confidence.

    Great show today. Thanks!

    • Jack Thanks for the input on the hunting, I called it in. The round I used is what I had in house. My choices were, 165 gr fmj flat point at 1130 fps or 180gr jhp at 1000 fps as rated from handgun barrel. Looking at ballistics by the inch website I had good improved velocity and energy. I chose the 180gr JHP
      Jack, your comments are what I did not factor into the shot. I believe the added velocity probably mushroomed the round very quickly. After recovery the bullet destroyed both lungs with very significant internal damage with in the first 8 inches . I took a direct broadside shot, perfect location as needed for bow hunting. Such a bow shot would have provided a great blood trail. Without a blood trail I was fortunate that it had lightly dusted snow I was able to followed scuff marks in the dirt/snow and find deer. I know the carbine will work but I’ll be honest, I had also planned on the kel-tec 40s&w as a good home defense round and practiced with it regularly but I have concerns on how effective it will be with home invaders with heavy winter clothing? Im rethinking my home defense gun. I did check state regs before going out. Minimum caliber is .243 caliber for rifle or .357 for handgun but thanks for watching out for me. Lesson learned though, don’t pass opportunities for does early to wait till the rut for most of your families deer harvest, if the rut is slow no food on the table.

      • try the hydro shock ammunition.. it is designed for heavy clothing penetration.

  2. Keynes’ policy was based on a feature of central banking, which he explained generally in all his works on this. It’s no mystery. He’s a central banker, in a central banking system which is opposite in purpose and effect to what the Federal Reserve System was conceived to be, even, and certainly what the U.S. Constitution conceived to be as an economic policy.

  3. Where we live, Gilpin County, CO, the County makes anyone with an aeration-type of septic system get it inspected at least twice a year by a licensed contractor and have an effluent sample collected and analyzed. This is about $225 a year. The contractor guys tell me that the County may start imposing a fee themselves as well – up to $200 a year! Hopefully, we’ll be in Idaho by then and out of CALI-RADO.

    John P.

  4. If all governments are criminals then we should be grateful when foreign governments hack and reveal the crimes of our own criminal government. Similarly citizens of foreign countries should be grateful to see our government hacking and revealing the crimes of their criminal governments. If governmentd were honest then there would be no need for them to hide anything from hackers. We need democracy not puppets acting for criminal oligarchs.

  5. You kept mentioning Leon Podesta in the hacking section, but I believe you meant John Podesta. Thanks for the awesome podcast!

    • Yep you are right, shows how little I pay attention to these liars and thieves any more.

  6. To Mike in central Ohio:
    My father who also lives in central Ohio and probably not far from you at all, was just complaining to me over the holidays about this exact thing. He claims he’s not playing ball with these guys. Apparently the requirements to be a “certified septic inspector” aren’t regulated by the state, so if push came to shove, maybe you can pretend to be your own inspector? I realize that’s probably not very helpful to you, but it’s always neat to talk with people from your own back yard, so I wish you the best of luck dealing with those licking county fools!

  7. To the caller with the question on the .17 HMR…. 100% you will put a raccoon down with it… I have had one since they first came out (Ruger boltgun) The .17 is nothing more than a .22 magnum that is necked down. It is a preferred rifle for trapping dispatch, beaver in particular. It leaves a tiny entry hole, and I have never had an exit dispatching a trapped animal. I have personally shot everything from gophers/squirrels to moose with it. (the moose was shot at 25 yards in the back of the head, after a car had hit it and broke its hind legs) I have shot over 20 fox, and probably a dozen coyotes with it, and have NEVER shot one more than once. On two occasions I had a pass through, but minimal damage. Another note is I primarily shoot the 20 grain game point if you are worried about pelt damage. If not, I recommend the 17 grain ballistic tip by Hornady, Remington, or Winchester. I hope this helps…