Episode-1292- Listener Calls for 1-31-14 — 40 Comments

  1. Topic Time Markers

    [6:52] The Year 1292*
    [8:57] Details on techniques for swale construction with an excavator
    [21:11] Determining sex of chickens
    [21:11] Aggressive roosters vs. roosters with delusions about people
    [29:45] Best starter animals for the homestead
    [42:44] Thoughts to finding a good real estate agent for relocation and a possible resource
    [49:10] Promoting volunteer plants in your garden or permaculture system
    [57:08] [Darby Simpson] weighs in on chicken genetics
    [1:04:55] Why you really should all stop worrying about cross pollination
    [1:14:47] Dealing with earwigs as garden pests
    [1:21:24] How did I meet the expert council members
    [1:28:53] Thoughts on providing personal information like your SSN to people like paypal
    [1:34:54] Where do I get my “news” from
    [1:43:41] The real message of “Gun Control Logic Applied to Stairs” isn’t what you think it is

    * – Added by me

  2. What if you only have one rooster though? I want him for the protection that he gives the flock, but he TERRIFIES my 6yo. When my 6yo goes to collect eggs, he almost always get bitten, pecked, or flown at. If I had another rooster, I’d think about making him dinner, but he’s almost a year old now, and he’s the only one we have (for now.)

  3. I just happen to excavate a 100ft. long x 6ft. wide swale on my property with a mini-excavator. When I get home I will work on completing the post with pictures and link it here.

    I actually ran the excavator on the same line as the swale. So I would remove the dirt and rotate the machine and drop the dirt on the downhill side. I would then move the excavator straight back. With painted lines on the ground I would just look over my shoulder and make sure my tracks were aimed with them. The excavator was just a little over 4 ft. wide so I used the width of the machine as a point of reference on how wide to dig the trench. I dug 3 ft. down. I then went to the uphill side of the swale and dug the back cut adding the other 2 ft. I was good enough at that point to articulate the machine to add a nice slope to the back cut. I was also good enough at that point to scrape the topsoil off of the sub-soil and make two separate piles. I will outline learning from my mistake in my post.

    Excavating from the downhill side and running parallel to your swale might prove difficult with a mini-excavator when you are going as deep as I did. My machine wouldn’t have been able to reach as far and deep with that much berm in front of it. For sure, get a bigger machine if you want to go with this approach. It will be much faster than the way I did it, but I only had access to a mini-excavator. I had to compensate for the size of my tool.

    I am sure I will get some laughs for that last sentence 😛

      • It isn’t a bad swale but a few things.

        1. If you did the swale the way I describe in the show, it would have been faster. It would have also resulted in a much cleaner profile, a flatter base and a less severe frontal cut.

        2. My biggest concern is how short it is, not a ton of catchment there.

        I am sure it will still work out just fine but these considerations may get you more bang for the buck your next time around with a rental.

        These were all done with the same sized machine you rented.

        • In my post I notated your podcast. I explained that the way you described would have been much quicker if I had a larger machine.

          My swale is 100ft. long and 6ft. wide at a depth of 3ft on the level base. That mini-excavator just doesn’t have the reach to complete the task the way you described. Not for how deep I went. I agree that the front cut was severe. I don’t think that the pictures I took give an accurate representation of how big it is.

          I will be putting another swale uphill from the one in my post so between the two I will have plenty of catchment. Adding some small ponds on to each end if also in my plans.

          Thanks for the video, Jack!

      • Thanks KC,

        Your example with pics and problems and reasoning, and Jack’s reply cleared up a few questions I didn’t know that I had. A good job and generous sharing. Bravo!

  4. Thanks jack for the Awsome answer on Swales, got quite a few obstacles like a boundary fence and power lines to deal with that’s why we’re going with a smaller machine.
    Also would love to see your stuff “kc”

  5. I’ve had ducks before they’re awesome. Mine behaved kinda like a dog.. followed me out to the gate when I left and was there to greet me and follow me to the front door(it was a pet). Layed lots of eggs. And in one case ran off a would be robber when he jumped the fence into my yard and was charged by my duck. Had a bug free yard too.

  6. [1:04:55] Why you really should all stop worrying about cross pollination…

    Hand Pollination is done when you have no controlled method.

    I have seen all kinds of pollination done do to the fact some country s have killed the bees from pesticides over useage. If you want strong plants you have crosses. After a while you will only have seed of that plant that you want, it take 4 seasons to breed a pure plant breed that is stable, strong, & done for your site of breeding in new components from local and reoccurring plant sources.

    fast way to pollenate your plants for one seed is to cover those pants with netting that you wish to have one line, no cross and put your bees inside the netting so you only get that plant. Making seed is an art. If you want to make a pure line of see, no cross. Do a greenhouse and do only that plant. Or a one yard raised bed and cover with netting for only one pollen type for see with bees. Fast and not as much work, but you can only grow one kind of crop in the raised bed.. Yes it is good to wrap a few flowers with a ribbon and hand pollenate them so you know you have pure lines, but netting/cover mass pollination works great. And in reverse you can cover your plants with netting to reduce pollen from outside sources.
    As a BKeep we take bees to only do some crops. A home garden is open like the bees, free range. You get what you get unless you master your garden and become a steward of your property. You may make a great Brussel sprouts that for your reign, clime, altitude, and distance from the ocean. Or with practice and working your dirt, green houses, ponics systems, and food production this will come to fit what you need.

    Fail a little to lean a lot.

  7. Jack love the Eddie Murphy/ Richard Pryor reference “have a coke and a smile and shut the $@&! Up”. Lol

  8. Working as a grower and at a retail garden center for 14 years, I can’t tell you the hundreds of questions I have gotten over flowering, pollination, fruiting, etc. I agree one hundred percent with Jack’s comments about almonds and most plants. However, I believe one plant you have to be concerned about is sweet corn. With the 3 different types out there, normal sugar (su), sugar-enhanced (se), and supersweet (sh2), if not properly isolated by distance and or time, cross pollination can cause the kernels to be tough and starchy.

    • If you have two stands about 20 feet apart planted so they are in tassel and pollen at the exact same time, yep. Otherwise you are worrying for no real reason.

  9. I listened to your closing thoughts on today’s podcast and tears came to my eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for delving into the real reason for school shootings; your podcast reaches far more people than my lone voice. Every time the gun control/school shooting conversation comes up in my little world, I always have only this to say: “That horse is out of the barn and has run so far down the road we will never find him again [i.e., gun control is futile]; I think we need to have national discussions about what the real problem is and it starts with the PARENTS and to a smaller degree, the society around these kids. Seems no one gets it, agrees, or cares about my diagnosis.

    But let me tell you a story:

    I have a 14 year old nephew who is seriously addicted to drugs, disappears for days on end, has no interest in school (can’t blame him there) and is now in a “boys recovery ranch,” which my brother put him in after arranging to have him “kidnapped” and transported in the early morning hours of November. This boy is also a sensitive and talented artist. The recovery ranch is a macho dude ranch sort of thing and as far as I can tell they are not addressing the real issue. Guess what that is.

    My brother and his ex wife got divorced when my nephew was an infant. Since that time, I can’t even begin to list the trauma and dysfunction they have inflicted on him. Let me briefly state that both of them have since had a never-ending series of boyfriends and girlfriends who often come to live with them or vice versa, they have both been married and divorced for a second time. Mom decided last year that she wanted to move to California and take the kids with; that turned into a 3 month court battle, jury and all. Mom lost and my alcoholic brother got full custody of the kids. Mom is already back now (in Texas) and the kids are being pulled back and forth.

    As I mentioned, my brother is an alcoholic and has had his share of drug experiences as well. Not sure about his ex-wife. You might have already picked up on it but these are upper-middle class folks with respectable jobs and they look really good “on paper.” I am sure that my brother spanked the hell out of my nephew in the past, especially when he was drunk (which is probably every night after work) – he is a mean drunk. My brother is very controlling and authoritative but he puts on this show as if he is an enlightened parent. I could go on for hours…. it is devastating.

    So, why did I write all of this? Here’s why: My mom, my sister, and I see what’s going on but we can find no way to “save” my nephew (or niece, which is another story). If we try to even speak a word of truth to my brother he lashes out big time and shuts it down. (even using non-violent communication techniques.) While I don’t think my nephew would ever grab a gun and shoot himself (and possibly others along the way), I can’t help but worry all the time that he is at risk. But what can I do? Just as additional information, my dad, from whom my brother basically learned these parenting skills, is totally clueless (and too old anyway).

    We (mom, sister, me) have given up because whatever we try to say or do only results in the most vitriolic defensiveness you can imagine from my brother . As for my nephew (and niece), they have become so alienated from our family that we can only approach them in a superficial manner and even if we could have sensitive discussions with them, my brother would find out and lash out not only at the kids but at whomever had that discussion.

    Sorry for the long post, but this is, I think, the reality many of us (family and friends) who are close to a highly dysfunctional situation face and until this becomes a national discussion (I am not implying anything about the govt here), those of us on the front lines have no option but to sit back and watch a nightmare. Stephan Molyneaux is addressing this with his occasional discussions about child abuse in all its forms. It sounds as if, and it is my hope, that you are adding your large soapbox to this conversation.

    • I agree and feel your helpless frustration with a bad situation that you view so clearly but are helpless to fix or do anything about.

      Over 30 years ago as a rookie cop working in the Los Angeless County mens jail I had a module of about 30 juveniles that were too tough and out of control to be housed in Juvenile Hall. One night I pulled a kid out and talked to him over a cup of coffee. He made it clear that his goal in life was to be the baddest pimp with a stable of ho’s on Century Blvd. He had no desire to be any other “socially acceptable” person. As time went on I worked 7 years patrol, some special assignments then detectives. I got to the point of being able to accurately predict the future of an 8- 10 year old just by talking to them and visiting his home environment. In the mean time our penal, vehicle, welfare and other code books have doubled in size of things we call violations and crimes. Jails, community outreach programs and probation systems are packed, but the social problems and costs escalate every year with no end in sight. I even have an old high school pal who sits in front of his computer and sends me daily emails detailing Obama’s crimes and such. Why do I relate all this?

      Jack used the word pain, which is correct, and points out the illogical arguments of what is presented as the gun debate, drug debate, immigration debate, unemployment debate and so on. I choose the word hopelessness. That is what our culture, young and old, feel and have felt for a long time. The escape from that pain and hopelessness is what we see daily around us as drug use, a call for more laws, more wars, different politicians, more religion, bigger TV’s and the newest mind numbing electronic diversion. Our culture masters have granted our request, and have made a huge profit filling those subconscious escape wants. Throw in a system of mal-education, and the current short range shiny object we are supposed to focus on and talk about, but please “don’t make me think”. There is no profit or control in a self functioning low crime society. Your family situation is the fallout of that culture control and why the parents are unable to deal with your reality. It has been that way and accelerating for over 80 years. All I can say is stick around and be the example you want that child to emulate. He may or may not see it, but at least you will be there as the example he can turn to if and when he wants.

    • Lisa-

      Its sounds like your nephew is in a very controlling and abusive situation. My mother went through a similar situation with my father. I was too young to realize what was going on. My dad wouldn’t even allow my mother to have a driver’s license. My mother’s way of dealing with this was subterfuge and sneaking away to learn to drive. Eventually she got her license and took me and my sister away. My point is people in these situations are looking for a way out. The people that control the abused are really good at noticing changes. I suppose my suggestion is for you to get a phone to him. Maybe at school? A prepaid phone perhaps and arrange a time to for him to call you when his father isn’t around. At least you would have a way to start some communication with him.

      My father has since learned the error of his ways, but my mother has turned into an angry bitter person.

      I hope this helps. You are not alone there are support groups out there. I wish you well.

    • I listen to the Recovered Podcast for help with situations regarding alcohol and drug abuse. The discussion is centered toward people who have a problem with alcohol or drugs or are living with someone who has problems with alcohol or drugs who have not yet sought help. You will hear me on the show occasionally. I phone in and talk about my own experiences.

      I am also a volunteer chaplain at the local jail. I run an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting there once a week.

      Also… for those who are living with an alcoholic/drug user and want to focus strictly on what you should do as a non-alcoholic… check out The Recovery Show podcast. I’ve not listened to the show itself but I have listened to two of the hosts several times on the Recovered Podcast and they know what they are doing.

  10. On diatomaceous earth…while I’m not saying don’t use it…it is NOT safe to inhale! It contains fine silica particles that can have a similar effect as aespestos. Wear a mask!

    On PayPal. After reading the actual law, it looks like one has to exceed both 200 transactions AND $20000 in transactions.

  11. I think you have really hit the nail on the head with the end of this episode. I really have seen this first hand in my career field. I have discussed this with many friends and the only thing about the pain of our children is the loss of family and loss of coping skills. Can not wait to see the video and hope we can all save a life or many everyday.

  12. That looks great kc, i like the look of doing the back cut from above the swale, one of our swales is going to be just above a fence so it’s good that it can be done both ways.
    Ill video all our swale digging adventures and try doing it all different ways.

    BTW so cool getting a question on the show all the way from Australia!

    • Good to hear, Shannon. I made sure to include the excavator in a couple of the pictures that I took to give a frame of reference. My digital camera that I have is old and doesn’t have the sophistication to really show depth. If you have the chance, do what Jack said in the podcast. Get a bigger machine and excavating from the downhill side will make the project go much faster. I’m glad I could help and would enjoy watching your video.

  13. Jack,
    Is it a coincidence, or did you, your Jetta, and rainbows coming from your butt have any tie to the Volkswagen commercial during the SuperBowl?

    • IDK I feel ripped off again just like I did when Robert Downy Jr. called the congress a bunch of assclowns in Ironman 2.

  14. Any plans to make a condensed version of the stairs video? It’s a great parody and full of tidbits of goodness, but a shortened 2-3 minute version would be great to share on social media. Attention spans these days is frighteningly short.

    David Dakota

  15. Jack,

    I was simply delighted with this podcast and particularly with your detailed response to the starter animal question. How that answer ended with the careful thoughts about tracking down the root causes of the modern allergy epidemic in a family was marvelous. Jeffrey Smith couldn’t have done it better in that amount of time. When I went to school in the 50’s and 60’s no one had life threatening allergies that I ever knew of beyond annoying hay fever and spring sniffles, which weren’t life threatening. About half a year ago I helped make a video about lunchtime in a good Chicago public middle school. 15-20% of the students had to be segregated for lunch with epi pens at the ready because of life threatening allergies, complements of chemical mono-cropping. For you to add to the conversation was splendid. Keep on talking!

    • Jack the only thing that brutalized me was watching the Guns/Stairs video. You had to know that it would be like waving a red cape at a lefty bull and that your gun buddies and sponsors would be snickering and cheering along with it, yet you insist that you had another reason for such mocking behaviour. Architectural furniture and weapons designed to kill don’t analogously mix, so the disdain for a certain category of person was painfully clear from the get-go. Everyone right and left seemed to have missed your intent. If you have to explain in great detail what you meant, you blundered. Apologize and fix that before trying to move on to what I suspect will be something valuable.

      Brutality back atcha, for which I apologize in advance. I want to see Jack Spirko appeal to all spectrums of Americans because he’s potentially the strongest force to accomplish over time what Richard Heinberg at the Post Carbon Institute calls for, 50 million new American agro-ecological farmers with their families. Nothing else would fix America more. Punching lefties in the nose for another categorical denunciation of government won’t get us there, nor get you the freedom you claim to want.

      • Really you were “brutalized by it”, man what a teacup. Not liking it fine, but brutalized. Seriously I am losing respect for you. My opinion that I don’t force you to listen to and my video I don’t force you to watch as done you harm and I am wrong for it. Why don’t you and surfvivor go get a job working together, ask your employer to change the conditions of your employment if you don’t like them. Ride unicorns together and have a grand old time.

        Jeez, BRUTALIZED, wow, just wow.

        • Jack,

          No, your video has done YOU harm in the larger sense of long term and broader influence. I find that quite unfortunate and say that without calling you names or mocking. You drove me and others to heavy duty anger and neither of us win. If I say nothing about the video’s effect on me, neither of us win. No wow about it.

        • Well you should be angry about what is in that video but not angry about me, angry about government control. I know this may come as a shock but TSP isn’t built with big government liberals in mind. It is a anarcho libertarian based community. Liberals and Right Wing Conservatives are welcome but they don’t get to be all bitchy when they don’t like what they hear.

        • Let me add current youtube stats on this video.

          Views 6,042
          Likes 223
          Dislikes 7

          You know what Ron, bitch if you want but those numbers are about as good as anything will see on youtube. The like/dislike ratio of course not the total view count.

          You know your problem Ron, you like some of what I do so much you are trying to make me a fricken hero in some part of your mind. I DON’T owe you changing who I am or what this show was built on. I am not obligated to be who and what you THINK I SHOULD BE. You are full of your own ideology so go find a place that matches 100% of it if you can.

          Your problems with what I do are not my problems they are yours.

          You have the same meme as FreedomRanger did and many others.

          Lots of people listen to you, because you are right about so much.

          I am right though where you are wrong.

          Since I am right and you are wrong but no one listens to me you should say what I want said. You have an obligation to use your influence that you gained without my assistance to further my agenda.

          Same crap I get about cursing from people what say I have a higher obligation.

          I have one obligation, keep my word to the audience. I don’t have any obligation to do what anyone asks, only to always do what I say I will. From day one I promised to always be myself and never change to suit the mood of the time and certainly not to meet the approval of a small minority of this community.

          Again though Ron, this VIDEO ISN’T FOR LIBERALS, it is for right wing conservatives that think they agree with it, most of them don’t. There are more stages planned and maybe you will or maybe you won’t get it later that isn’t my problem.

          I just have to say again though, you saying I brutalized you is one of the sorriest things I have heard a grown man claim. I really wonder where you get off with such a claim and wonder if anyone has ever actually “brutalized” you? A grown man should not be fricken wounded like a school girl not asked to a dance because another grown many doesn’t share his view on something.

        • Before I go on with Jack, in the interest of full disclosure, I took my critique of the Guns/Stairs movie to Jack in private. Though I wish he hadn’t, he chose to take it public with my permission, by making a wise crack to my public post of praise. We needn’t have had this brouhaha, but I suppose it could end up being for the best.


          Last round for me since we’re both repeating ourselves. OK, there isn’t the slightest doubt that you are a more accomplished man than I will ever be, and I have seen nothing about you that indicates that you don’t live up fully to the personal and podcast audience ethics that you outline above. If you thought I was accusing you of not, you were mistaken.

          You are a frickin hero is some part of my mind, so I do bleed when you call me a school girl. That’s easily countered by asking if a timid school girl would stick her neck voluntarily into the Jack Spirko lion’s den. The only lie that you’ve ever told us and yourself is that you don’t give a damn and never bleed. You sure bled and gave a damn when I said, “brutalized.”

          I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have used such a hard value laden term. And you’re right, I should have just pounded on the gathering anger that I felt as I watched the video made entirely of a consciously inappropriate analogy and mockery. I did notice the ATF thing at the end, but by then I was so livid that I dismissed it as more of the same, which in my case it pretty much was. The big trouble came when the right wing conservatives that you intended to influence didn’t do any better with your actual intent than I did. Hey, ATF has firearms in it, cheer again. I’ve made video my entire adult life, so I have some expertise in the field. If you have to explain your intent with words taking as much time as it took to watch the video, then the video was a screw up. I was one of very few with the fortitude to baldly tell you so. Little girl, my ass. Others did as well, but they were genuflecting while doing so.

          I know you were proud on releasing this video and the fact that it didn’t meet your intentions is not the end of the world. I’ve inhabited that space. It’s a valuable experience in the Thomas Edison sense of the dictum about successful discovery building on multiple failures.

          If the video was a prelude to a Devil Government Crusade, I think I’ll pass over those parts, like I usually do with gun talk. There’s plenty of Devil in government, but the solution is to fix it, not spit at it. There are such animals as true public servants, few and far between as it might seem sometimes. I just heard a podcast interview of a state USDA high official talking about programs for small and beginning farmers that seemed like could be of real value to some of the wonderful homesteaders, established, establishing and potential, that you have significantly helped to mentor. It’s a shame that they aren’t likely to hear about any of that here. Categorical condemnation of anything sucks, IMO. We’ll see how it shakes out!

        • Simply put Ron you are acting like a child. I am done with this, any further bitching shall be ignored. Further rambling comments bitching about the very fabric of TSP will be deleted, anymore cry baby emails will result in me blocking you from my email server fully. You have explained that you are a believer in big government and do not like when I speak against it (at least the parts you like), you have been heard and frankly no one here cares.

          This community was founded on day one from the basis of a libertarian view, I posted this link the day after the site went up and episode two was published.

          From day one I have been consistent with what I do here for the 99% that like it. This show, this community and all that I provide around it and associated with it are based on ONE MANS VIEW, people are free to disagree but you are not disagreeing you are demanding change and claiming to be abused by being subjected to the parts you don’t like. Your basic meme is I demand you give me the parts I like without the parts I don’t like.

          If I did that for all Ron, there would be nothing left. No one has harmed you and you were not brutalized, and if you are angry about anything so much that you are really upset, GO AWAY, GO ELSEWHERE because and I am being totally honest here.

          When it comes to the fight for all liberty, the exposure of all government incompetence and the demonstration that they can’t solve any of our problems from guns to gardens and from money to equality, we are just getting started. If this video no one made you watch “brutalized” you, and you stick around, you may feel compelled to jump off a bridge in the next six months. So either strap yourself and and realize the ride your on, or step off before the next ramp up.

  16. I have had some earwigs in the house .. can they crawl into your ears ? Someone told me no on that, but I thought I heard otherwise someplace ..

    I have had a few centipedes also. I always have to kill those

  17. I’m not sure if your video is a joke or not, but no one needs stairs, especially high capacity stairs, maybe 1-2 steps to get into your house, but 10 steps in a row? Give me a break, get an elevator.