Episode-2138- Listener Calls for 1-3-18 — 12 Comments

  1. RE: Thoughts on lethal force and duty of retreat.

    Andrew Branca is one of the few attorneys that specialized in Self Defense law for concealed carry holders.  He has a ton of excellent resources for those of us that use our permits.

    I strongly encourage anyone interested in this topic to check out Law of Self Defense at  Start with his free podcasts, available on iTunes and I’m sure other normal sources.  (Go back to the original episodes from 2014.)  I’m sure you google Andrew Branca to find more free resources.

    I also recommend Andrew Branca’s book and his state specific online or in person classes.

    Additionally, check out Massad Ayoob, Marty Hayes and the Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network.

  2. Regarding the gentleman concerned with homeschooling classes….

    Here in Granbury Texas we have a private academy that lets parents enroll their kids in classes “a la carte“.  Their target market seems to be homeschool families.

    For example, if you want your child to attend an actual chemistry class with a real lab, advanced math, music, or even theater arts etc. Maybe an organization is filling that niche in your town and worth checking in to.

    This academy also counsels parents on requirements and reporting to Texas Dept. of Education which is a huge bonus. Depending on your states requirements it may be a great help if one local to you offers this service.

    Keep in mind that many of these organizations, including the one I mentioned here are very Christian faith centric but non-denominational.


  3. I noticed that Hatfield also offers youth versions of their 410, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns in youth models with 20″ barrels, bead sight and fixed modified choke.  Looks like a sweet little package however I’m curious if the stock is shorter to accommodate smaller folks.

    • I didn’t see that but it is actually bad ass!  I am sure a stock would cost less then rechoking a cut barrel.  Assuming you can buy stock somewhere.  I am positive it is the same frame so stocks would swap easy enough.  I’d also bet a slip on recoil pad would add about 1.5-2 inches to the length of pull.

  4. The systemic limitations and misaligned primary goals of the public school system aside, my limited personal experience with public schools in the U.S. had me seeing the biggest impediment for teachers teaching students was too many students for just one teacher. Our son’s teachers in Denver seemed good enough, but from the parent-teacher conferences I almost got the impression their feelings towards him were “I like this kid because he already knows or picks up the material quickly and I’m stretched thin as it is”. Interestingly enough, I see the exact same thing in the Mongolian public school class my son attends currently… it seems the teachers tend to do a kind of ‘triage’ where they pick certain students to help and ignore and leave the rest (usually the troublemakers and the ones uninterested in what’s being taught) to their own devices much of the time. It’s possible I suppose that I’m projecting a little of my own school experiences, but still that’s the impression I got from watching the class.

  5. Cold climate water storage:

    What about that floating stock tank heater in the IOD?



    I’m not a gunsmith but it is my understanding that with a shotgun barrel you have the chamber, the tapered forcing cone, the non tapered barrel and then the tapered choke.  I’ve never heard of a fully tapered barrel.  If I’m correct, there should be no problem cutting it down and re cutting for choke tubes as long as you don’t get into the cone but to to that the barrel would only be 8 inches or so.  By the way, last time I had a barrel shortened and re-cut for tubes it was not at all expensive. $20.00 or so.



    • Well that is AWESOME! I have also been told that Hatfield makes youth models of the 12, 20 and 410 but so far I can only find 410. The youth length is 21 inches which is simply perfect as long as you can buy an adult stock. I am going to reach out to them this week. Perhaps there is something we can do together. I just landed for MSB so the timing could not be better. I am also going to check with some local smiths about getting the job you just described done.

      Sitting here looking at a Browning A5 and you seem to be correct, it looks like it tapers all the way due to visual effect, but in reality it seems to stop tapering about 14 inches down the barrel and stays constant until the choke. It makes perfect sense honestly so that they can make various lengths from the same base stock of rough cuts.

    • On the tank, sure that may prevent it from icing totally up inside but the hose bib, etc could still rupture. I guess you could put heat tape on all that stuff and wrap it in fiberglass.

  6. Try  ADM Gun and Rifle in Grapevine.  He seems to have a good rep in the skeet, trap and clay’s crowd in your area.  From the little bit of investigation I have done, that would be my first stop.

    A few things that I have learned over the years about gunsmiths:

    If you let them know you are in a hurry, the job costs more, the work is usually not as good and you will be lucky to get it back within a few months.
    There are two kinds of gunsmiths, artist/machinists and parts changers.  I shouldn’t need to say which you want.
    When you find a good one, get to know him.  Hang out and BS with them at the shop when they aren’t busy.

    By getting to know my guy, he usually does those little jobs like re-crowning a barrel or threading for tubes while I wait.

    • Basically I find most gun smiths to be too damn arrogant for the amount of business they actually have, most are struggling to pay bills and would not be if they just did the damn work they take in, and if they did that, they’d get more.

      I have hung out with so called “busy gun smiths”, I have looked at piles of guns sitting while they did NOTHING, I have seldom seen one actually work.

      Just what I have seen and I don’t have time to fuck around hanging out with some guy in my private time just so he will do the damn work he quoted in the time he quoted.

      As to what kind I want, on a choke job, I want a parts changer machinist that will do that little job in the 30 minutes or less that it actually takes to do. Honestly what I should do it check out larger companies that do this for turn around time. We are not talking engraving here, rather cutting a tube and tapping some threads into it.

    • I actually just looked at what it takes to do the job yourself, it isn’t much. Wondering if a machinist could provide this service without an FFL as it would involve barrels only, no guns being taken into their hands.

      A guy with a metal band saw, a vice and about 300 dollars in tools could be turning out 10-12 a day in spare time tomorrow. That 300 in special tools is per gauge, given most business would be 12 he could start there, add 20 later. It is simple enough anyone that got an A in metal shop could do it with may be one or two practices to be sure before taking in someone’s property.

      Waiting weeks to months for something like this seems, just gonna say it, retarded.

      • Here is how to do it, I would bet a good lathe would make it easier. With the right lathe, and band saw (another 500 bucks) this looks to me like a 15 minute job tops. 4 an hour, 30 bucks for fast turn around. That is 120 an hour in your garage. Client pays shipping both ways, same box it comes in it goes back in. UPS will pick up from your house. Jeez, gonna bet that you do need an ffl and that is why no one is already doing it.

        Just doing 10 a week on the side, is working including re packing say 4 hours every Saturday and putting 300 bucks in your pocket. 1200 a month, about 15K a year. For a hobby business, ain’t bad.