Episode-1939- Listener Calls for 1-26-17 — 8 Comments

  1. Great show! It always struck me as strange how people try to grow things on their property that aren’t native or complimentary to the environment. Why fight against nature when you can use it to work for you?

  2. RE: Stephan Moleneaux. I was surprised at his support of Trump as well. He seems to be justifying it by believing that Trump was the only candidate attempting to save western civilization, based on the idea that numerous things were attacking it and trying to tear it down. Muslim extremists, illegal immigration, refugees, etc.

    Also, regarding voluntaryism, I love the idea. I think, as Americans, we’d all hate each other less if we’re forced to pay for all types of things we didn’t want to. Most of our arguments are over what we do and don’t support and generally people’s objections are they dont want to be forced to pay for things they don’t agree with. I personally think we’d all be happier if we could voluntarily fund the things we actually want to find.

  3. I like the idea of the song of the year as we go forward. That was the song that got me into Billy Holiday and other jazz singers of the time. PBS did a documentary about jazz awhile ago and I ended up watching. Had a segment on Strange Fruit.

    As for an axe, I still believe the Gransfor small forest axe is the perfect size for an all around axe. I have an American felling axe, when I use it, I feel it the next day. Whenever I’m out camping or working in the field, that small forest axe is with me. Was a punch to the gut to pay that much for something like that but have never regretted it since.

  4. Just a reminder that although Stefan is a great speaker and can articulate things very well he is also a known “cult” leader (he’s been called that by a cult expert) and a bit of a megalomaniac. I wouldn’t want a teen or young adult that is easily impressionable to be listening to him since he does advocate for the separation from family (beyond just the bad relationships) and advocates that people don’t listen to others besides him.

    Having grown up in a rather authoritarian religion I think makes me a little more sensitive to people like him. But he has been known to encourage breaking up of good relationships.

    • It is what it is. I can’t help that Stefan is a cult leader. You are into recognizing reality for what it is. And Stefan is a cult leader. I don’t understand what the problem is.

  5. Check out the reviews on the husqvarna wooden axes this is a link to the “boy’s” axe. I bought this axe and was impressed enough with it that I got the hatchet a few days later. Last time I checked they were made by Hults Bruk for huski and are not seconds as far as materials. The only differences are:
    The wood is not finished and can use some sanding, oil and wax.
    Husqvarna is stamped into the head instead of Hults Bruk.
    The head still has the black finish from the forging and the edge needs a little filing and sharpening.
    20-30 minutes and you have a top notch tool that will literally shave hair like a premium knife.
    Until you have used a fine axe, you have know clue as to how an axe can perform. This little axe will out cut any full size axe you will find in hardware stores.