Episode-2154- Listener Calls for 1-25-18 — 6 Comments

  1. Aquaponics in cold climates…I’m building a Spirko 100 gallon stock tank, two-21 gallon concrete mixing tray ebb and flow system in the insulated shed that I have my quail in right now. The shed is approx. 10′ x 12′ i’m at 9,000 feet elevation in Colorado and it gets wicked cold sometimes (14 right now). The system is running with fish now, all I’m waiting for is a grow light (4 bulb T5 fluorescent fixture). The tank heater I bought (from TPAZ) is keeping the water at 60 deg F.

    The only problem I’m encountering is humidity in the shed (ice on windows, freezing the door shut) when it gets below 20 deg F. I’ll come up with a solution for that.

    I’m considering building a small rocket mass heater for the shed to heat it. I’ve been researching like a madman. If anyone has a link for a really small rocket mass heater design, please post it. Thanks!

      • The “shed” is insulated. It was used as a bedroom. We called it the guest house for years. Skylights may go in the spring. I’d like to get a low cost heating system in there and do some kind of venting on timers.

  2. The bean toxins are lectins, a family of plant proteins. The bean highest in lectins is the red kidney bean; I’m not sure how black beans compare. Soaking and cooking (eventually) destroy the lectins. Sprouting reduces lectin content. I found it interesting that the legume with the highest lectin content is alfalfa, popular for sprouting; on the other hand, it’s used almost more like a garnish, so I guess that is why we don’t read about the “deadly alfalfa sprout.”
    Epazote is used to counteract the gassiness of beans, which comes from the carbohydrates in the bean coat, so it won’t help with lectins as far as I know. However, I suspect that if you soak and cook beans to a level of what we might call internal comfort, that also deals with the lectin issue. Anyway, “lectin” is the key word if anyone wants more info.

  3. Legumes also cause pain for some, think arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, carpal tunnel, etc… Experienced diagnosed with all these and now pain free.  There is a reason Paleo eliminates them and if you suffer from these try getting them out of your diet for six weeks or longer (it took me months, but I also react to other things). Pain free now…:D (night shades are another one to try, the science behind Paleo AIP).

  4. Personally I’ve been enjoying the correction to cryptocurrencies as it gave me a good opportunity and price point to buy a little more (it LOOKS like most are establishing a nice base at these levels). And as for China’s pressure on the crypto space, I think this spells opportunity for other areas. My brother-in-law and I are looking into possibilities for a new business to rent out the extra space in his server room (or partner up to build new, larger server room facilities) for some of the miners that are moving or looking to move their operations out of China. I know some of them are already moving to places like Canada that don’t have the same restrictions on cryptocurrencies.