Episode-2366- Listener Calls for 1-24-19 — 4 Comments

  1. Just food for thought on the Judge, or “Governor” (which I hadn’t heard of)

    I totally agree with the bird shot point, but I’ve carried a Taurus Judge loaded with. 410 00buck strictly for snake defense. I worked on ranches all over the NW Texas area, and I came in close contact with rattlesnakes regularly, so it was practical for my purpose, and at that time I only paid $350 for a new one. I agree that loaded with .45 colt, they’re not worth it. But on this topic, let me throw another scenario: my God father is getting up there in age, his vision is weak at best, and he had a burglar break in while he was sitting on his couch, and when he fired off his trusty 1911 .45, he hit everything but the shitbag. He now keeps a Judge loaded same as me (.410 00buck) and feels much more comfortable.

    Extreme examples, but like anything, I personally feel they do have a “practical” purpose.

    Thanks as always.


    • With all respect at home ranges if you miss with a 45 you are gonna miss with a judge. He may feel better but he is no better off.

  2. One of the easiest side hustles I recently landed is writing.  I write a minimum of an article a month for an online trade journal.  It pays half my mortgage. No joke. Nice to have a second income stream.

    Now, the only reason it’s relatively easy for me is the fact that I’ve got over 20 years experience in the industry. And I wrote about five articles ahead of time before I made my pitch to the company.  When I pitched it to the company, I did not talk pricing.  They offered me the gig and threw me the offer.  It was more than I would have asked for.

    I learned that technique from watching The Shark Tank. Don’t bid against yourself. Let the offer come to you. If it’s too low, then you counter.

  3. I think a person needs to decide what level of criminal they intend to defend again.  If you are only concerned about routine punks then a pellet gun, .22lr or a bright flashlight is probably sufficient.  Fortunately, most bad guys are probably routine punks.  Hardened criminals, on the other hand, tend not to be afraid of guns or being shot.  To protect against the really bad dudes requires better training and better equipment.  Any round that is going to be reliably effective against these guys are going to penetrate normal building material.  I would steer the caller towards a high quality hollow points  in  the 9mm, .40SW, or .45ACP in handgun family.  Tons of research says they all perform the same, so strong preference to 9mm for capacity and minimum recoil.

    When choosing a personal defense weapon, I would look to what militaries and particularly police departments use.  Glock, S&W M&P, Beretta PX4 and 92 series are all around the $500 price point, maybe $400 used.  You can certainly go higher for SIG, H&K, 1911’s.  There’s not much below that price point that I would personally go for, except maybe S&W SD9VE.  I would invest in a full size gun if home defense is your primary goal.  They’re just easier to shoot.