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  1. Topic Time Markers

    [6:06] The Year 1287*
    [9:59] Planting in an area that floods often
    [17:32] Converting an SK to take AK mags, you can but should you
    [26:11] Thoughts on finding property when relocating
    [39:39] [Chris Starr] Dealing with a nuisance hawk
    [47:40] Thoughts on the risks of MRSA infections in hospitals
    [55:13] Thoughts on finding a person to be a live on property helper
    [1:11:33] Dealing with cold winters by growing indoors
    [1:22:40] Thoughts on roosters and expanding flocks
    [1:33:37] Understanding functional and time components of cover crops
    [1:41:50] Running pasture birds when you already have an egg flock
    [1:47:33] Thoughts on the Duck Dynasty’s big drama, FINE I’ll say a few words
    [1:52:35] Another look at what happens when all bitcoins are “mined”
    [1:56:13] Dealing with a property dispute with a neighbor

    * – Added by me

  2. To add to the value of a rooster with hens…

    I have a [terrible] 21 second video which shows a rooster out strutting in the chicken run with 11 hens huddled inside the coop and a barred owl sitting on a veritical 4×4 over head (gray shape about 10-12′ up, center post in the back).

    For best results, fast forward to about 18 seconds in.

    – josh

  3. On the SKS mags. They make “duck bill” 30 rnd mags that swap in/out easily. You just have to have the bolt back. I have several on these…

  4. Jack on the forums they want a postings like that in swap meet. I posted in homestead the other day with a similar offer with 13 acres, I was told I hadn’t hit the post count to post only the post count to view and never got a strait answer on a needed count to post.

    I have a bit more land to offer but my idea was a lease situation. Where they could put a cabin up if they wanted (pole in place but no water or sewage av) and have monthly tasks that need to be done. Give x goals for the month in exchange for rent.

  5. Duck Dynasty i agree a marketing scam now Mossberg has jumped on the bandwagon and has come out with a special edition shotgum hmm go figure.

    • I’m pretty sure all that kinda backfired hard from what I understand ratings are down to about a 1/4-1/3 of what they originally where.

      • I hear you. I live in a tourist town and have been seeing on bilboard,s etc Duck Dynasty.And before all this those places didnt evan carry the product.Make a buck while you can.

    • I’m not too sure what Duck Dynasty is and Jack’s comments affirms my decision to avoid TV all together.

  6. Jack,

    Your advice to the guy with the last question about the potential neighborly property dispute was excellent ethically, but could be quite far out legally. I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on a podcast (grin), but sometime in the distant past I ran up against a similar question and was surprised to learn that at least in some jurisdictions, if you either inadvertently or maliciously take up someone elses property, say with an off the mark fenceline and use their property for a certain number of years without them contesting this use, it can legally become your property.

    You should have told the guy to consult an attorney who knows property law backwards and forwards. Otherwise he could risk losing that few square feet of property, if he hasn’t already, simply from the building setting on it, unused or not. This really calls for a professional opinion, that could be defended in court, if it came to that, and the area in question is significant enough to anyone. In the end perhaps a simple legally binding agreement between the two property owners is all that it will take for them to leave things as they are without some sort of squatter’s rights changing the outline of the property boundaries. But…, I don’t know and neither do you.

    • I haven’t finished the podcast but in KY of there is no written agreement and someone cares for a piece of property for a set number of years it becomes theirs. My grandfathers farm lost between 10 and 20 acres to a neighbor he fenced it off for cattle back in the 60s he died his son took it over… His son gave it to grandson who has had it for about 20 years now.. And because they went off the fence line when the deed changed hands it became there’s because they where legally caring for the property…

      Another case in ky was a house that was abandoned. A guy moved in, lived there for years put out a garden and everything. Owner had no clue the house was a property he bought and kept intending to tear the house down. The squatter lived there long enough that somehow he ended up with it. He was a good guy though and gave the deed to the rightful owner. He was poor and needed a place and an abandoned house worked. That isn’t always the case.

      Never let anyone on your property over 30 days without written agreements.

      • I believe it’s called squatters rights. The “stuff you should know” podcast did an episode (Feb 17, 2009) on it. I think the time limit is usually 7 years.

    • Yep go to the man, before attempting simple and peaceful resolution that will fix everything.

      • I’m not saying don’t talk to him. But make sure you have rights. It’s always best to try to keep neighbors friendly if you can but you don’t want to give up your legal rights by doing so.

      • Jack thanks for the quick answer . Here are afew more details If you are interested

        we Left the Building where it Was Because my uncle was going to Buy the property. SO we never really looked Into dealing with it in hindsight I should of got some advice on it Before it was Sold. But like I said we thought it was going to stay in the family.

        Some info on the Building: its a metal type shed Like a mini Aircraft hangar Mabye 14′ wide. it sits on a slab attached w/ threaded Rod into the Slab. It has Large Slideng Type windows On Ourside that would make it easy to Bypass our fence.

        we have a fairly Small Lot to be trying to home Stead its only 10O ‘ x 200′ and the Building is Only about 3′ over the line so only takes about 40 sqft Away from US. Now that I think about it its reallly silly if we cant come to an aggrement to ruin a potential friendship over such square footage. Mabye you could recommend something I could plant along the windows to make a fedge so they could not be accesed (already have allot ofrosa ra gosia (SP) thanks fore that by the way ). Zone 8 windows face south but are in an alley with a building about 12’ in front of them so they get morning sun to about noon or 1 . You do t have to do this if you have no spare time I can figure it out just curious about what you would come up with.

        SO that about it . I think I am going to ASK if we Can Mabye work something Out where I Can tractor my C hiCkens on there Vacant lot or cut Some Dead wood off the Wood Lot. They do not strike me as Peppers or homesteaders and times are tight I could use the recorcces. That is going to be my starting point in “negations” over beers. Sounds better than my wifes idea of a saws all and sledge hammer . I am sure that would make us fast friends .

        Thanks again man you changed my life and on a funny note I came to Tsp from a fellow named Chris Duane about a year and a half ago dont really follow his work anymore but I am glad he led me here.

        Pat G
        In Nc

      • Also if that building is built with posts in the ground chances are it’s in the survey as being neighbors. If that’s the case legally the dirt it sits on is his property as well. It’s all about how a deed is worded.

  7. first thank you AMY:

    [1:11:33] Dealing with cold winters by growing indoors

    I think if you have any kind of room and you growing in a greenhouse you need air movement. On the south side of the building you place windows that have panels that can be dropped down and have reflexive material on them. The shed is well insulated with reflexive material on the ceiling. When the sun comes out you drop the panels so that the sun shines in to the shed. The reflexive part of the panel will shine more light in up to the top of the of the shed that reflexes it down to the plants. With the fan system Jack talked about and doing this your will have a great winter green house.

    If you are just putting pots outside and moving them in the winter to stay warm, Think of window gardens.

    or this

  8. This is in regards to the gentleman who called in from Minnesota regarding looking for a way to grow some food year round in his climate. I was expecting Jack to mention the possibility of an indoor aquaponics system. Maybe that’s just because I have getting a system of my own up and running on my brain these days.

  9. My greenhouse is over my septic field. Indoors I am successfully overwintering green pepper and some volunteer lettuce and tomatoes. In my south east window I have two Myer Lemons started from seed last year, so far so good

  10. Too bad we couldn’t post pics in this feedback area, but I suppose that is what the forums are for.

    • But you could like post stuff to flickr, photobucket, etc and link to it from here.

  11. To the caller in Minnesota, this is what is possible indoors in Prince Edward Island. The rosemary is in a west window, the Myer lemon is in the southeast window and the huge Mineola tree is in the south window

  12. On the MRSA issue – you were right to steer the caller away from the hospital. I work in quality performance for hospitals nationally and hospitals are penalized for hospital acquired infections ( HAC). If the events are true, there is definitely a higher than normal occurrence of MRSA there. BTW it is methicillian resistant staff aureus ( ar-E- us).

    On the Duck Dynasty comment I think they are still good people despite how the show wanted them to look. They are what they are.

    Love what you do and listen every night!

  13. I didn’t care much about the Duck Dynasty thing, but I’m pretty sure it had to be a publicity stunt. If you hire a guy who insists on closing every show with a prayer and then act all appalled when the guy essentially quotes the bible when asked what he believes, you’re either a liar or dumber than a bag of hammers.

  14. For the guy with the SKS question, Tapco makes removable magazines that will fit in the gun after removing the fixed magazine. They have good reviews, but due to the design of the SKS, magazine changes are slower than those in other platforms.

  15. In regards to MRSA I have been a nurse for 16 years in acute care and the prevalence of multi drug resistant organisms is becoming more common place. The best advice for all your listeners is to demand any health care worker they come in contact with immediately wash their hands before they lay hands on you and that goes the same for any equipment they use from patient to patient (stethascopes, BP cuffs if not single patient disposable). If they are offended by this request then they are not a proffesional. Alongside of this is the individual responsibility to not demand antibiotics from your doc when not warranted and always complete all the antibiotics you are given even if you are feeling better take all dispensed to you. The final word is always good handwashing for everyone patients, family, and practioners.

  16. Jack, I’m going to bust your chops (just a little bit) on the neighbor’s building on the caller’s property. Yes, I agree that he needs to be talking to his neighbor.

    However, just letting it go can have bad consequences for both of them. What Ron Shook was talking about above is a doctrine in the law called “adverse possession” which says if you don’t defend your rights to your land, you can lose title to someone who exercises possession adversely (i.e. against your rights). They can gain title after a certain number of years specified by state statute, in most states 21 years.

    I had a situation several years ago that was very analogous to Pat G’s. I was selling my house. The buyer was getting a VA loan, of which one of the requirements is that a land survey be done.

    (As an aside, it is always a good idea when buying property to get a survey done to see if there are any hidden problems in the legal descriptions.)

    The survey of my property turned up 2 problems. 1) There was a wire fence separating the back yards that was found to be 1 foot over into the neighbor’s property. 2) A 15′ x 15′ building in my back yard was found to extend into the neighbor’s property by about 1 and 1/2 feet.

    This situation had persisted for a long time, the building had probably been there for 70 or 80 years, and the fence had been there for at least 40 or 50 years, more than enough to give adverse title both ways. It so happened that the neighbor was trying to sell his house at the same time, and this situation constituted a cloud on both of our titles. The title insurance company would not issue title insurance until the cloud on title was cleared up, and that prevented the lenders from granting loans to the buyers, blocking both sales.

    The method of correcting this was simple and inexpensive, we cross-traded deeds. I gave my neighbor a deed quit-claiming any adverse possession of his property caused by the fence. My neighbor granted me an easement to allow my building to exist on his property. The easement was written so that it would expire if the building was ever torn down or otherwise destroyed or removed. (The building was rather ramshackle, and in fact, several years later it was torn down.) These cross-deeds cleared the cloud on the title on both our properties and allowed the sales to go through.

    So, just letting the situation rest as it is can cause a title cloud that can affect the ability to sell both properties. If Pat G and his neighbor can come to an agreement to do something similar to what I had to do, (i.e. neighbor quit-claims adverse possession, and Pat G grants an easement for the building) would protect both of their rights and prevent someone down the road from having to bring or defend against a specialized kind of lawsuit call an “action to quiet title”, which can get expensive for both parties very quickly. Having deeds of this nature drawn up should cost a couple of hundred dollars at most, unless there is some really weird additional problem that hasn’t been mentioned.

    Hope this helps.

    • In case I wasn’t clear when I said if no other solution could be found I would “let it go” I absolutely meant it and still do. As in adverse possession would not matter because I would let the guy have the damn thing rather then create a neighbor’s feud over it. Bust my chops if you want but anything other than the two of them agreeing to a solution involves “the man”. I simply would not ruin a relationship with a neighbor over 40 square feet of dirt that I had not cared enough about to do something about for over a year before the property was purchased.

      As for an impact on the ability to sell both properties, both sold now the way it is. There is always a PERSON TO PERSON solution when people talk.

      • I am always for talking things out and getting it on paper so later they can’t change thier mind… A building in the ground write a temporary easement for that but stating if the building gets torn down you get your property back.

        Cloudy deeds can be a massive issue… My bank did a loan audit on my mortgage and now I’m having to deal with the fact that my deed wording is incorrect and apparently the lawyer that did the title search didn’t so it properly and now the bank is complaining about a Lein that was never cleared off from a precious owner… Even though I’ve had the house for nearly 10 years.

    • Giving the neighbor the land definitely would create “peace in our time”. If that principal was be applied throughout history, countries avoid all sorts of conflict.

  17. Another thing that can be grown in wet areas is Sugarcane. Obviously this is climate dependent. If you live in the south it should be good to go. I doubt in most places it’ll “overwinter”, but its definitely a crop that grows in semi-permanent wetness.

  18. The actual A&E controversy started with a GQ Interview so yes, it was rooted in publicity. However, if you don’t know anything about the show, why not just say, “I’ve never watched it. I didn’t read the article that sparked the controversy. I don’t care about these people so I’m not going to waste my time.”

    Of course the show is mostly scripted, buy why is it tough to believe that someone like Phil Robertson is a “what you see is what you get” guy? Jack routinely shares his experiences growing up or his opinions and we believe he’s calling it like he sees it.
    Phil caught hell for expressing his opinions and relaying is personal experience. For example, this “racist” comment below:
    ““I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

  19. Duck Dynasty –
    LMAO about the ‘I don’t care.. I don’t care.. I don’t care..’

    So, I’ll say something about that.. we have LIMITED TIME.. if you spend time ‘caring’ about BS.. you’re taking time/energy from ‘caring’ about shit that actually matters.

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t have ANY time to waste on societal/’entertainment’ BS.

    Seriously.. make that stuff background noise that you can’t even hear..

  20. #Insidious: If you don’t care, why comment?
    This issue wasn’t about a TV show. The whole flap was about political correctness, free speech…and people owning the consequences of their actions like Jack said.

    The people who were harassing the Duck Commander for being “intolerant” are the most intolerant folks around. There is a culture war in America between people who want to live according to traditional values and people that think that’s stupid. You don’t have to participate, but like it or not that’s a part of the American culture.

    Where Libertarians seem to get annoyed with “Conservatives” is when they feel like they are being pushed toward a belief system. That’s reasonable because no one likes to be told they are wrong. …but consider that Conservative folks get tired of being told the values and moral code they have are stupid. As with any group, most of us want to just live and let live and there are edges that feel the need to proselytize for their side. BOTH sides do this. None of us like being pushed around…

    • I wasn’t commenting on Duck Dynasty.. at all.

      I’m commenting on people being professionally ‘distracted’.. and therefore fragmented in their thinking and actions, by media.

      The ‘flap’, ‘debate’ etc. what I would call ‘theater’ is, to me, completely pointless.

      There was no problem. Nothing was ‘solved’ or ‘resolved’ by all the yelling. There was just a whole lot of time and energy wasted by a whole bunch of people.

      This is just the ‘important issue’ du jour..

      Dumb people being dumb do not require comment. Or as Proverbs puts it ‘do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him’.

      Or for the non-biblically inclined:
      ‘Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.’

      So.. if are a bunch of dunder headed idiots, why are you spending any time/energy trying to debate/convince them of anything?

      Why are you giving energy to something you don’t believe in? (what you give attention to.. you get more of).


    • on the ‘you get more of what you pay attention to’..

      Producer/’News’ Service ‘reports’ a story about an US vs. THEM story (black/white, male/female, citizen/immigrant, christian/atheist, liberal/conservative)

      Everyone is shocked, SHOCKED to hear about such a thing.. giant ‘controversy’ ensues.. ratings are thru the roof.. ad revenue is up.. the producer gets a big fat bonus. Politicians ooze over each other, fighting their way to the nearest media outlet to state their opinion, twitter explodes, blogs with no traffic suddenly get hits by posting controversial/strident/polarizing comments about the ‘incident’.

      After a few weeks the ‘furor’ dies down.. until LOOK a *new* polarizing story!


      All because YOU paid attention to it.. making it ‘profitable’ to ‘report’ (create) polarizing ‘stories’.

      Your ‘outrage’ (attention) = profit = the creation of more BS time wasting debates of non issues

      always IMHO

      • My bro works for DHS…and started in Customs about 26 years ago. He says the fed gov is like a beach and administrations are like a storm. There’s lots of noise and turbulence, things move around, but in the end the beach contains sand, rocks and sticks just like it did before the storm.

        Your point about the cultural static of the day is legit. Though culture and politics is inflicted upon me I can’t prevent it by stressing out about it.

        At what point do you care about what is happening in the world around you? If you feel something is a threat to your way of life, do you push back?

        • I would say that the only time you want to expend time/energy ‘fighting’ anything is when:
          1) It will effect your life (really effect it.. not hypothetically in some future scenario related to the thing ie. goats getting married)
          2) Your actions will change the situation

          If they aren’t both true.. go do something else that WILL effect your life & that is within your control (plant a tomato, take a walk, hug your kids).

          IMO, people are wearing themselves out, fighting the wind. And by the time a REAL issue comes around, their so exhausted and disoriented that they can’t even mount a defense.

          They’ve spent so much time/energy/attention on ‘false battles’ that they can’t even tell when its the real fight.. and even if they can, they’re too exhausted to fight it.

        • Insidious gave a great answer to you, I agree

          1. Does it really effect you?
          2. Will what you do even matter?

          To wit the optimist will tell you about Hitler you know when they came for the ______ I did nothing yadda yadda and when they finally came for me no one was left to speak for me.

          The miss there is that when they came for the first person IT DID EFFECT EVERYONE and something at that time likely could have been done. Also that is was GOVERNMENT and GOVERNMENT POWER that made such evil possible.

          Remember this though, the governmetn gets its power from our belief that they are necessary.

  21. #ModernSurvival, you caught the first thing that popped into my head….what about Neville Chamberlain syndrome of denying a threat? However, on an individual level, how does a war in Europe affect me on my homestead? The line is different for each person. I know this is off topic, but I’m trying to understand non-intervention philosophy. I’ll have to read up on what RP thinks of our involvement in WW2.

    • Yes… our grand parents leaving home to fight in Europe didn’t matter much. Some of those men sadly never even made it onto the beach…but a bunch of people did it and it did make a difference. Would the non-intervention principle have applied to that too? Is there a balance or nothing matters outside the U.S. border?

      • =)

        Imaginary lines have nothing to do with it.

        Does it (ultimately) effect you in a measurable way?

        Air pollution in China?
        Drag netting the ocean in the Pacific Rim?
        Dumping nuclear reactors into the ocean in Russia?

        But there are still the two balancing factors:
        Does your action have an effect?
        (which should be followed by: Is there a DIFFERENT action I can take that WILL have an effect?)

        And, is there something else that will effect me MORE that I can take effective action on?

        So, for example, what effects you more:
        That Afghanistan is ‘democratic’ or that the US adheres to the Bill of Rights?

        That the coal plant next door to you is dumping sulfur and mercury into the stream by your house, or air pollution in Shanghai?

        That you have a terrible relationship with your wife & children, or that your Congressperson is voting the way you’d like?

        That you don’t respect yourself when you look in the mirror, or that your boss is a jerk?

      • Aw WWII, and non intervention. This trump card only works if we believe the history we are taught today which is false. That WWI and WWII were separate events. The entire shit mess should just be called the world war and reported to have run from 1914-1945 because that is the truth.

        Had the US stayed the hell out of WWI, there would never have been a WWII. Sorry but if you actually study the full history there is no other conclusion you can come to.

        • I apologize for asking basic questions. I’m not messing with you. I’m just curious how the paradigm fits together.
          Yes. WW1 was nuts and the extreme restrictions on Germany afterward fostered the culture that accepted Hitler. Nonetheless, when the Germans occupy everything to Normandy, and they are pretty nasty about it…still not our problem?
          …maybe France would be better off today with the German work ethic…but they did some pretty bad stuff along the way to the English Channel.
          …and no, I’m not in denial about the horrible things perpetrated in the name of the USA…

  22. #Insidious, your points are excellent and great rules to live by. I agree and general adhere to the same principles. Your statement is, “you want to expend time/energy”. I believe you’re stating how you live your life, but you are passing judgement on how other people live their lives and implying they have an inferior philosophy because they do get involved in things you consider to be petty.

    I totally agree with you and Jack that we’ve become a nation of sheeple that are manipulated in mass by people in power and the media. I also agree that most of the things people get all revved up about do not really affect their lives or they can’t change it by making noise.

    What about some of the great causes Jack has brought to the attention of our community and helped? Why should I care about some state killing some farmer’s brown pigs? I don’t dwell on it, but if I had a chance to pitch in to help fight it I would…even if I think the battle is a long shot…but I bet 99.9% of the country thinks that’s inconsequential and petty.

    Who are we to tell other people what should or should not be important to them? I can easily say, “I don’t think about brown pigs”, but if you do, that’s none of my business and I’m missing the point of individual liberty if I think you’re foolish for caring about and participating in the debate about brown pigs.

    • @Sbmitt – 🙂
      A couple of good points.. first off, yup.. I’ve been very preachy today, I apologize.

      I do not believe that anyone should tell you (or anyone else) what should be/is important to them. I believe that is something that only you can decide.

      Likewise, how you decide to spend your time and energy is ENTIRELY your own business. I’d cite examples of ‘bad things’ that are OK for you to choose to do, but that of course would require me to JUDGE them as ‘bad things’.. which they might not be to you. 😉

      So, perhaps a better way for me to state it would be:

      IMO.. If you are tricked/conditioned into expending your energy on things that are NOT important to you, you will have no time/energy left to expend on things that ARE important to you.

      But.. again IMO, there ARE things that are objectively helpful or harmful to you as an individual. You can choose to label these as ‘important’ or ‘unimportant’.. but that doesn’t change their effect upon you.

      Nuclear power plant near your house is dumping radiation into your drinking water.. you don’t care..

      • #Insidious: Thank you for having this exchange with me and challenging me to think.

        It seems like almost everything can be measured in terms of degree of impact. A contaminated water supply in your town is an easy target…what about the contaminated water supply 40 miles from you? What if “clean water” and fighting industrial pollution is “my thing” even though their water situation doesn’t impact me directly? Things get done (good and bad) when they matter to someone…

        There are other “nuclear” issues including the belief that little pre-born people are entitled to Constitutional protection and have inalienable rights. Reasonable people in that camp don’t care about sex or how the kid got into that situation…they just want the kid to have a chance to live like the rest of us had. That’s a pretty divisive issue that gets kicked around a lot and some folks care deeply about it…and many believe it does have a direct impact on us when 50 million folks are exterminated and not allowed to participate in our society.

        I guess my point is that just because there are two sides to an issue that gets paraded around a lot, it doesn’t mean the battle between those two sides is the result of some sort of mass manipulation. Sometimes people get revved up because their deeply held convictions run contrary to what is happening. I realize much of the time there are people fanning the flames, but the issue is there regardless of the idiots in the media.

        Like blocking WW2 vets from visiting an open memorial…HFS, that pissed me off, and if I lived within a 100 miles I would have driven up there to make some noise. Some stuff is just not right in my eyes….but for others it may be no big deal.

  23. For the caller with a flooded area, sorry but I don’t remember what area of the country you are in.

    This may sound really lame, but how about something like pussywillow? This is a marketable product for the flower arrangement trade and possibly an unthought of revenue source.

    And I am curious why your CO vetoed the pond idea.

  24. I have a similar situation as the caller with the flooded area, and I was considering growing bamboo in that area. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Research on essentials oils against MRSA looks promising. Just Google around a bit. From what I understand it can’t become resistant to essential oils because oils are super complex and every year the new crop has changed slightly. The oils and the MRSA are both living and constantly evolving to out wit each other.

  26. Great podcast, first time listener. Any new episodes coming out soon? I would love to hear your opinion on what kind of knife to pack in a bug out bag. I have this one packed at the moment but im open to suggestions.!


    • Hi welcome, my blog isn’t however for you marketing of your site and angling comment for the sole purpose of doing so, hence I removed your links!

      • But if you want an amazing knife… Go look at buying a few cheapies. I’ve got crkt and many other expensive knives.

        Buy a cheap fixed blade. Put a quick sharpener in the bag with it. A good Bowie is an amazing tool. It can be used as a skinning knife, it can be used to chop wood. I always keep a heavy fixed blade knife somewhere close if I can.