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  1. Hey John, I’ve heard you several times on TSP and you brought me to tears with your phone call. I’ve watched people I care about go through rehab and come out better for it. My advice is stick with the 90/90 AA or NA meetings when you get home. You need a support group around you. You CAN succeed! Try, try, try again!
    much strength!

  2. As a note Jack, the Puget Sound region is basically a colder wetter Mediterranean climate with shorter summers. Taking my home town for example, our average rainfall for July and August combined is less than 2 inches.

    But yes, definitely non-brittle in terms of general climate [if left alone trees grow everywhere.] We’re very rocky but it’s loose glacial cobbles not bedrock.

    • Yep, Puget Sound is bone dry in the summer much like Oregon and California. That 30 inches of rain is spread out as a 7 month long mist.

      • Then swales are not the right technology. Mist is not something that does well in a swale system. Swales are or large infrequent rain events. Designing to a flood in the desert for instance.

        • I don’t know if it’s climate change making the weather patterns go weird or just a random odd year, but this year we’ve actually been getting a lot of sizeable rain events of at least half an inch [many upwards of around an inch or so.]

        • Your comment drives home how the religious nature of “climate change” has totally ruined an other wise useful phrase.

          We should all be concerned with climatic shifts, I guess that will have to be the phrase those that are not religiously consumed by this start using. In some ways it is far more alarming to admit that serious shifts do occur, have occurred and will occur no matter what we do.

        • Brief note on the Swales topic. Toby Hemenway [who was living in Western Oregon at the time, same basic climate slightly warmer] does recommend swales for this climate in Gaia’s Garden, though he said he still needed to irrigate because the water tended to migrate away from swale zone over the long summer drought.

          Makes me wonder if microponds might be the answer for this region. We’re in a very much Precipitation exceeds Evaporation climate [I’ve got a four foot deep swimming pool that is less than half emptied by summer evaporation and refilled by Christmas when the rains return in autumn] so it seems that the gradual wicking of ponds into the surrounding soil might function better than storing all that water directly into the soil at one time.

          Shouldn’t be too difficult to provide productive shade to those microponds [similar to the shade suggested for over Chimampa canals] to mitigate most of what evaporation does happen.

        • Very different application and context though. You are speaking of Toby’s book and he is talking about managing a back yard not a pasture.

  3. To John from WV, I trust you to make it through this, one day at a time. That’s how the rest of make it. Hang in there.

  4. Best of luck to John from WV. That’s not something that’s easy to get through, but I believe you can do it.

  5. 1) on the cold, people are actually using something called cryotherapy to lower their core temp to induce massive calorie burn.

    2) Good luck to you John. It takes a big man to admit when they have a problem and to deal with it.

  6. Right on, John. I’m a recovering alcoholic and truly wish you the best. That whole time I was drinking, what I was missing out on was personal development. You know, sustaining meaningful relationships, absorbing knowledge, taking care of my body and mind. That stuff. Your life is about to be given back to you, and sobriety truly is a gift. I can’t wait to hear an update from you.

  7. 1. Cloudy star san is ineffective? Star san in Houston water is cloudy! I mixed some of the product and put it on the kitchen counter, put a test strip in it for five days. To my surprise the ph was 3.2 for all 5 days. Used it to sanitize bottles. Just thought I would pass this along.

    2. To John: Admitting to yourself you have a problem is the biggest step forward you will take. Congratulations YOU CAN DO THIS! You will meet a lot of new people and drink a lot of coffee…..

    • Ill check into that! That said what is you starting PH? Perhaps it is just a need to use slightly more, IDK.

      What I do know is once I went to rinsing with hot tap water and no caring nothing bad has happened, not a single bad batch of anything.

  8. @ John from West Virginia – Best of luck to you. For what it’s worth, you’ve taken one of the biggest and most difficult steps acknowledging the problem. Congratulations on getting help. You can do this. You have HUGE support base. I’ve been listening to your TSP calls for years and love hearing your questions. Stay strong.

  9. John from wv, I heard your ask for help stay strong brother. I heard you call in over the years I wish you the best. It’s the right thing to do. Take care

  10. Just want to say good luck to John from WV. You’re taking a very brave, very huge step and I wish you all the best.

  11. For John in WV,

    I am pulling for you.
    Your decision is an indication of great strength.
    Thank you for all your have done in the past and your desire for continuous improvement.

    I wish you the best.

  12. John I’ve been going through the same thing. I can’t handle it. I’m pulling for you brother. When it’s time for me to quit I will. I been hearing you since 2011 and I hope to hear you again man.

  13. John, best wishes to you brother. My other brother has been clean for almost a year and I’m proud of him. I know that if he can then you can too. I hope to hear your story when you’re clean. BTW I hope you find or have found a “chick”!
    Best Wishes,

  14. John from WV, You got this man

    – Jon and Jenny from NH
    – 120 Ducks
    – 72 Quail
    – 2 Bunnies
    – A cat and a dog

    We are all pulling for you. It takes a stronger man to admit when they have a problem to fix rather than continuing to believe your a man with no problems. Stay strong brother!

  15. I managed restaurants for 12 years. I never checked with any school let alone a HS. Also, the labor laws are so tough, it’s hard to even check a past employer. All they can legally tell you in most places is weather or not you worked there, and from what date to what date. They can’t usually say weather or not you were even fired. So, just say you graduated. A good manager can find good people, and fire the assholes in a timely matter.

    • I don’t know about schools, but they can ask previous employers if they would rehire the person or not.

    • @Evelyn is right but many employers now will say that they don’t comment on that.

      There is a loop hole though. Often larger employers do this, they ask for four personal reference but require that two be people you worked for in the past, like managers and what have you.

      Since this is a PERSONAL reference they can and likely will disclose anything good or bad about you. Big difference in what HR can say and what a person reference will say.

      Now say you don’t provide any references like this, well that says it all doesn’t it.

  16. Best of Luck to John from WV. I’ve enjoyed your calls through the years! Different things work for different folks so I’ll just wish you the best of luck in finding what works for you. May you be filled with loving kindness. May you be well. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy.

  17. To John from WV
    I lost a friend this year to addiction, I guess to me he had been dead for many years and recently reality punched us all in the face. I wish he had the courage to do what you’re doing because I’ve missed him for so long. Thank you for fixing your life from the people who have been waiting to shake your hand and tell you that they care.
    Best wishes of inner peace and self respect,
    Jamie from Tyngsboro, MA

  18. Good luck to you John from WV. If you’ve admitted to yourself that there is a problem, you can make it better. I’m looking forward to hearing your next call in to the show.

  19. @John- a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    You’ve taken the hardest step safe journey.

  20. John,
    I’m relatively new to the MSB, but I know how hard it is to quit addictive habits. I wish you all the strength you need and a little extra for good measure.

    From the response so far I’d say there is a lot of love for you in the MSB, remember this on those low days. You are strong and you have support.

    You’ll make it.


  21. John,
    One step at a time, good job figuring out you have a problem. Taking control shows your strength

  22. Cold feet, we used to wear the “Micky Mouse” or Bunny boots in the service (the big black or white ones Jack talked about). The problem with them was your feet would sweat and then you would be setting with wet feet.
    Hours on end, sitting in a cold pickup truck that you were told to run 15 mins on and 15 mins off, for fear of carbon monoxide poisoning in the South Dakota winter.
    They had a lot of complaints about the boots, luckily one of our supply guys found out about some northern tier equipment and got some Mil-spec Mukluks for us.
    Best boots for cold weather I ever had. They keep your lower legs warm provide air circulation to your foot area and that helps your feet stay warm and dry too. You can Google USAF Issue Mukluks, you can get them in surplus stores.

    John good luck with the rehab, you’ll can do it.

  23. Best line I’ve heard in a while: “they thought their shit didn’t stink, but their farts gave them away.” Go grandma! Lol

  24. John in WV,
    I’ll be praying for you brother. Go take care business and I know you’ll come out the other side of this a stronger and better person for it. Please let us know how you’re doing when you can

  25. John from WV, It takes a strong person to admit they have a problem and to ask for help. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Stay Strong!

    • I generally find when someone says “a true anarchist would/wouldn’t” what ever follows doesn’t matter.

    • So you are disqualifying people from the group “anarchists” because they have a property that you find incompatible with anarchism? That is, you have added your own condition as a qualifier for the group. The most basic definition of anarchist is simply “one who promotes anarchy” is it not?

      Instead of defining the group in your mind and making a claim like “no true anarchist is X” maybe explain your case with reasons why you believe that. I bet some anarchists could provide a counterargument to yours.

    • Jack

      You elude to this all the time, being an anarchist……fill in the statement. How can you insinuate that Black November’s comment is invalid when you often do the same thing?

      • It is not the same, I say “as an anarchist I feel or think ________”, this doesn’t in anyway confer that you are not an anarchist if you do not agree, it simply says my view is based on my philosophy of anarchism no that others must agree.

        There is only one real requirement to anarchism, the non aggression principle.

        When someone gets on the “no real anarchist would” line with anything but the NAP being referred to, well, they are dictating to others what others should do with their freedom.

        If he said, “as an anarchist personally, I don’t care what others think”, I would respond to that with hell yea.

  26. Good luck John, you can do it! I really love hearing your calls and it always brightens my day to hear, “Hey, this is (twang) John, from WV!” Please give us a call when you are out and past this so we can all congratulate you!

  27. Hey Jack I will E-mail you as well but I work in the IT industry and would like to be your expert when it comes to securing data or computer technology in General. I’ll send you over my linked in and my Resume but I wanted to post here in case you read the comments and can look for my E-mail.

  28. Just listened to this show and was happy and sorrowful to hear from John in West Virginia…
    I’m happy to hear from you any time you call in, and sad that you’ve gotten to the point that you need to make the changes that you need to.
    That said, I am OVERJOYED that you’ve gotten to the place where you see what you need to do and are doing it! It’s no small irony that last June I celebrated 20 years without a drink down at Elisha’s Spring Farm in, of course, West Virginia! And as Jack, or Michael Jordan, Or Patrick Roehrman can tell you, the last few years my life has gone to shit, but by God’s grace I’ve held firm. And I am one of the weakest and most cowardly people I know. If I can run, I run! And I haven’t run to alcohol! That to say, if I can do it, you can do it! If this is a gift from God, as I believe it to be; if he’d give it to me, he’ll give it to you!
    Even with a life that has fallen apart in may ways, there still is so much beauty and joy out there to see once our eyes and minds are clear!
    Several years ago, at the church I used to attend, I had a friend who told me “I used to think you were weak. I used to get mad at you and think ‘we can’t drink because of Mick, because he’s weak, we have to not drink when he’s around'” He told me this after he had relapsed on a weekend binge of alcohol and cocaine… He concluded with “but I see now that you’re the one who’s strong. You saw what you needed to do and you did it. You didn’t play around, you didn’t take stupid risks. And you kept with it.”
    Now, before you start ‘singing songs about me’, I ‘saw what I need to do’ after being a drunk for several years and losing my job because of it and getting 4 DUI’s and tossed in jail for a couple months over those occasions, destroying my 72 convertible and three other peoples parked cars. And all that after stopping and restarting my drinking a few times over several years…
    That to say, however YOU came to the decision that you needed to get to rehab, it is a good decision.
    I didn’t want to be real long winded with this, and I hope I don’t come off preachy or anything, but I finally feel like I’ve got something to offer someone out here, and that means a lot to me.
    So remember this is a good thing, you made a great decision, it’s going to be REALLY tough, there’s going to be guys there who aren’t serious, who are just there because of a judge, or because of their old lady, but don’t let them slow you down or block your way. You are going to come through this and on the other side there will be joy, the likes of which you can only see and experience with clear eyes and a clear mind!
    If you ever need to talk or anything you just holler!!
    God bless you buddy.

    • Yup – the reality is that even with 20+ years of sobriety, life can still get very difficult. In fact, aside from the first 12-24 months, my 21st year of sobriety was one of the most difficult years of my life. In addition to the principles and steps of AA, the philosophy of “everything that you do prepare should improve your life, even if nothing goes wrong” helped me significantly in year 21.

      I dont listen to TSP much anymore, but I remember a lot of John’s calls. I believe he first started calling in around 2010. I specifically remember one of his calls from the Halloween ‘zombie episode’. That was a fun one.

      @John – I just celebrated 25 years in December. The program works. Use the fellowship and read the big book. One day at a time, brother.

  29. Hey John, best of luck in recovery.

    I’ve been the son of an abusive alcoholic asshole who only went to AA meetings when appointed by court and I’ve also been the friend to good guys who’ve made the same realization as you did that drinking too much was negatively impacting their lives and needed to stop. My friends who went through rehab are now way happier about their place in life (but still miss drinking) and my Dad is still a washed up loser. I know that you have the determination and the strength to get through this and I having seen how it turns out both ways, I hope you can make it through. Good luck!

  30. John,
    Good luck and all the best. You’re trying to make yourself better and that’s what this community is about. Fight the good fight and know that you have our support.

  31. John, it’s tough to admit you have a problem and even tougher to seek help when you need it. You probably feel weak right now…but in reality you are showing incredible strength! Good luck to you, and all the best from NY!

  32. John,
    Good luck and stay strong. It takes strength and honesty to admit that you have a problem, and that is very admirable.

    All the best

  33. Hey John,
    You can do it. I’m sure. Fantastic decision to go to a rehab center to get off to a good start. We’re here for you, friend.

  34. Hey John, Stay Strong you can do this. I know all of us will be waiting for you to come back.

    Ranger Dave

  35. John,
    I am very close with three addicts who have been off of their personal substance for 11 , 5, and 4 years. (meth, pills, alcohol respectively) YOU CAN do this.

    At times we all need crutches, if you fix the limp you can loose the crutch. I look forward to hearing you on the show again.

  36. Hey John from WV- Just wanted to give you a big shout out from Colorado. It takes balls to ask for support, and I am do glad you did. Just know we are all here for you and rooting for you. Please keep us all updated as to your progress. You can do this!!


  37. @ John in WV
    On March 21st 2015 I lost my wife to cirrhosis of the liver. For 3 weeks I watched her shrivel away to 70# before she passed. Please don’t put yourself or family through that. You can beat it and it sounds like you’re on the right path. Good luck, I’ve listened to all of Jack’s podcasts and have heard every time you have called in, look forward to hearing about your success.

    JonnyLed from Zello

  38. John from WV: Always love hearing you call in. You ask great questions.

    You will get through this.

  39. To the caller looking for fireproof laptop safes. Not exactly what he was looking for but I looked really hard at these.

    I ended up putting a Synology NAS inside my gun safe and using the Powerline networking technology to communicate with it. Does what I want.

    Does it compromise fireproofing by putting electronics inside a fireproof safe? Yeah. Just like lighting or having power in there at all.

  40. To John from WV.
    We know you can do it buddy! Love hearing from you.
    All the good vibes sending your way from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    VancouverIsleGuy @ Zello

  41. G’day John from West Virginia, from Erica from Australia….somehow that just doesn’t have the same ring to it as your introduction. Well I’m sending you my support and best wishes. Thank you for being you, and here’s to a happier healthier you.

  42. Support from the west coast John from west Virginia. Hope you feel the love from the tsp family.

  43. Good luck to you, John in West Virginia. You got this, because you want it. I tried several unsuccessful times to quit smoking before I finally did. The key for me was that each time I failed, it was because I didn’t really want to quit. As soon as actually I wanted to quit it was simple, and I never went back.

    You, like everyone else in this community, are like a big extended family to me. And family is the most important thing to my life. All this to say if you ever need anything, we have your back. God bless

  44. Good Luck John. Better days are ahead for you. Jacks song pretty much said it all. You can do this.

  45. Hey John from WV, good on you brother. The step you’ve taken in reaching out for support isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of great strength. Lean on the TSP community and lean on God when you struggle – you’re going to get through this and conquer your addiction. God bless you, brother!

  46. Sending prayers to you, John in WV. If you want this, then you can do this. You don’t need luck. You already have everything you need to beat it.

  47. Thanks for the call in John, I think i probably need to pump the brakes a bit myself. Good luck sir

  48. Hang in there John from WV. You already won the hardest battle by recognizing you had a problem. You got this!

  49. I’m a huge fan of budget pump shotguns and I wanted to add a few thoughts about a shotgun shared between the caller and his wife. I agree with Jack that if your wife isn’t very petite the length of pull on a standard gun would be workable for her. However I think the youth model might allow a smaller shooter to grip the pump closer to their body and allow them to operate the gun better. My pardner protector has a very short pump and it is difficult for small shooters to reach it.

    I purchased a CZ 620 youth for our home defense gun and my wife likes it but the length of pull is absolutely wrong for me. I can manage to hit a man sized target at 10 ft but I am looking for a telescoping pistol grip so it can be optimized for both of us.

    The caller seemed on a tight budget and I think that might be one reason he was thinking shotgun over handgun. I live in Massachusetts where gun prices are ridiculous but was able to buy a pardner protector used for $150 and I just purchased a savage Stevens 320 for $150. Both of these guns come in 20g youth models and you may be able to find a telescoping pistol grip options for them. It is sort of a pain to find accessories for the knock off guns.

    The Savage 320 and the CZ have much longer pumps then the pardner and imo accommodate a wider swath of shooters.

  50. John from WV, hang in there, brother. You got this but you’ll need someone to talk to and listen. Once you get through the initial detox, life will be really tough for a few months, but it will get so much better exponentially after that. You will eventually find joy again and treasure it when you do! What you do matters! Awesome that you took the first step.

  51. John:
    You are the man.
    It took a tremendous amount of courage to ask for help!
    Please know you are in my prayers as well as many in the TSP community!
    I hope to meet you and shake your hand at a future Permaethos event.

  52. Hey Jon from WV I have friends in went into rehab and came out better for it. You will too. Good luck buddy and stay safe.

  53. We seem to constantly hear about slavery from the distant past in America, but we live in this global world and we get to hear about what is going on all over the world. Given that, if we really had such a problem with slavery, wouldn’t there be more opposition to sneakers and numerous other products made by modern day slaves in Asia ? Am I wrong or is slavery alive and well today in just a different form and we (as well as many of those who are always bringing up slavery) are actively supporting in through indifference to the global economy and through indifference to what we buy and what we concern our selves with or with what we ignore ? Isn’t the slavery that goes on in the modern world every bit as oppressive as any other slavery that has existed in history and if so isn’t there some kind of hypocrisy going on ?

  54. Hey John from WV, I’ve enjoyed hearing your periodic calls to TSP since probably 2008, and I’m looking forward to hearing them for years to come. I’m so glad you’re taking such a big first step, and so publicly as well, it’s very inspiring. Good luck man, we’re pulling for you!

  55. Have strength John, you can do this! The road is not easy but it is possible, the fact you’re ready for except help is one of the biggest hurdles. God’s speed.

  56. 3 comments
    1) John from WV good luck man you can do it!
    2) Shotgun barrels can’t be shorter than 18″ unless you have a federal tax stamp-i dont like that but it is the law I believe the stamp runs $200.00
    3) CIA, security jobs and law enforcement do a thorough back ground check. Most other employers probably dont do anywhere near as much of a background check.

  57. John from West Virginia. You are the man! It took a tremendous amount of courage to seek treatment and even more to ask for support. You’ve got it my brother. Please know you are in my prayers along with many others in this community. Let’s go Mountaineers!

  58. Community is important but not much use without the courage and wisdom to know when to reach out for help. You’re a good man John. You will come out the other side of this a better man. Godspeed.

  59. John from WV, best of luck to you. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to seek help. Hope to hear you on the show again soon.

  60. I’ve got to be honest, I usually forget that when you click the ‘alert me when there’s a reply’ box it doesn’t just alert to replies to your post, but to any post on that day. When I do, I often get annoyed that I forgot and now I’m getting email alerts about every post that comes up.

    Not this time, I am absolutely overjoyed at getting dozens and dozens of emails showing another person in this community reaching out, supporting and encouraging John from WV. I have literally never seen anything like this anywhere, and it is AWESOME, in the most literal sense.

  61. John in WV praying for you! Always loved your calls my great grandfather was from Bozoo, WV and your voice fondly reminds me of him in his canning room. Get well

  62. John

    Good to hear from you again, hope you’re doing well in your journey to recovery. Stay strong, the community misses you and hopes to hear you well and back soon.

  63. John from West Virginia, I’ve missed hearing from you. Good luck on your journey to recovery.

  64. John from West Virginia, I’ve been through treatment, it ain’t easy but it can be so worth it! Afterward learning new ways to relate to life and filling the space that was filled by alcohol will take time, but it will be quite an adventure.

  65. John,

    I will pray for you .. There are at least 4 people I know whom I regularly say prayers for who are drinkers. That is great that you are trying to do something about it. I think life is difficult and has many challenges, people drink to try to relax or forget their problems, but in the long term it has many side effects that are negative

  66. To John in WV, a lot of folks have been listening to this podcast and your questions over the years. You are definitively part of this show / this community.
    It’s great that you are taking charge and dealing with alcoholism. It’s something that will require constant vigilance on your side, so get as much help (AA or others) as you can, so that whenever you do not feel strong enough, someone else can help you be strong.
    I wish you the best for now – difficult time – as well as later, as staying sober will be the only option. Your life will get much better, so keep your eyes on the prize.

  67. John of West Virginia, dude I’ve listened to you from the very beginning shows.
    Well done for taking the first step to your recovery. I’ve had my addiction demons to deal with in the past I won’t lie it can be hard but it’s possible man.
    Take care I have every confidence you can do this buddy thank you for taking the courageous step for dealing with the problem and also having the fortitude of character to share this with us too, take care ?

  68. John – Sending warm wishes as you take this big step to recovery. Your action is brave and courageous. Sending prayerful thoughts.

  69. For John from WV,

    Praying for strength and health for you in your recovery process.

  70. John It takes a great deal of strength, courage & humbleness to stand up and call BS on yourself. For there are lies and stories we tell ourselves that are so deeply woven to hide from our truth. It is in that truth you will find your true core freedom. This is your fight dig in and KICK ASS until victory is yours.

    You have my support & admiration right along with all the others you rock don’t ever forget that.
    I share words that have gotten me through so many shit storms. May they also help you.
    There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;
    No disease that enough love will not heal;
    No door that enough love will not open;
    No gulf that enough love will not bridge;
    No wall that enough love will not throw down;
    No sin that enough love will not redeem……

    It makes no differenced how deeply seated may be the trouble; How hopeless the outlook; How muddled the tangle; How great the mistake . A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all… If only you could love enough you would be the happiest and most powerful being in the world….

    Hugs and love to you while on your journey and beyond.

  71. John from West Virginia – we’re cheering for you buddy! I shed a tear to hear the pain in your voice, and wished I could could you give a great big hug. There is no shame in taking responsibility for and working to change something about your life that is holding you back. Keep up the good work, give that demon-in-the-bottle some serious hell, and we can’t wait to hear your voice on the air again as soon as you are feeling better!

  72. Great show, I just have two comments:

    1. John from West Virginia, the best of luck to you. Admitting you have a problem is the first step and there’s no shame in that. Everyone has problems, it’s how we identify and fix those problems that define us. I have faith in you.

    2. The hard drive fire solution. 100% what Jack said. If you are really concerned about fire, get it off site. As someone in tech, I have a couple of thoughts…

    Get two drives, either thumb drives or external drives and keep one at home and one at work… swap them on whatever frequency you think you can manage. (Say once a week) The one at home backs up current stuff, the one at work has at most 1 week to catch up.

    The cloud as Jack mentioned is another good solution but as he noted requires internet. However, if there’s a disaster and you have to get out quick (like a hurricane or something) you may not have time to get the drive or you just plain forget about it in the chaos. You are now in a new place with internet but no files. I’d recommend encrypting it with something like TrueCrypt (though no longer maintained and can be hard to find, still viable) or GPG which is a little trickier to manage. (though GPG let’s you use keys so you can give access to trusted people as you need)

    There are many cloud options and if you don’t need a lot of space, you can often get space for free. Dropbox, google drive, box, etc… there are probably more and they offer varying space for free and relatively inexpensive upgrade options. If you have a website or something like that, you can often also store things there as well. (I have some web space I use for personal stuff with a lot of free HD space)

    I recommend keeping encrypted copies of things like your drivers license, cc #’s (plus phone numbers in case you have to cancel them), birth certificate, etc… online somewhere as well as a thumb drive in your BoB. (Though keep an installer for at least Mac and Windows for whatever encryption tool you use in case you get somewhere with a computer but no internet)

  73. As a friend of Bill W for almost 20 yrs now, the hardest step was the first. But that was by far the best step I’ve ever taken. Godspeed John in WV. Trust me, when you’re right and share your story you will save others. It’s your mission from here on in.