Episode-2149- Listener Calls for 1-18-18 — 5 Comments

  1. I had to pause the show and check out Trade Winds Fruits.  I love the seed shops like that.  One of my favorites that I have done business with multiple times is  They have a lot of tropicals, trees and hot peppers, but they also have a lot of oddity seeds that I haven’t found anywhere else.  Great place.  Thanks for the additional link to you and the caller.

  2. Jack, I completely agree with chain people for your work. I spend all day working on computers. I was constantly being pestered by friends and family wanting ten support. I made it very clear that I was now charging $50/hr with a 4 hour minimum to do support. Payment must be made in advance (close to what my employer charges). Suddenly,  people stopped pestering me unless they really needed help. And, I wI’ll then make a call on what I charge them or if I charge them.

  3. Hello all, this is supporting evidence to my call if Jack chooses to air it. Carrington Event: Super solar storm 1859: disrupts life Earth wide.

    A Perfect Solar Superstorm: The 1859 Carrington Event – History in …

    History Channel › news › a-perf…


    • I’ve discussed this, something similar could happen, it would screw up a lot of shit but a TEOTWAWKI event it is not.

      At the time what was most effected were single strand un protected telegraph lines strung for thousands of miles with no real protection at all.

      We ain’t sitting pretty as a peach but we have improved tech since 1859 for damn sure.  Remember people that create programming use fear to sell said programming.

      That said CME and EMP Attact are not the same thing though they potentially can cause similar issues.  It is also almost to the level of impossibility that a major CME event would occur without us knowing well in advance that it was coming.  Worst case scenario is some jacked up satellites and a controlled short duration series of black outs.

      Could it go all nutso, sure, we could also have a Gamma Ray Burst from as far as 10,000 light years away that hits us and it would destroy all life on earth.  I’m not letting that influence my life or planning though.

  4. Jack: “stop looking at pretty pictures of hot peppers”
    Me: “stop looking at pretty pictures of hot chicks”
    Hope i made you smile!?