Episode-2362- Listener Calls for 1-17-19 — 9 Comments

  1. Often times on interviews you ask about the guest’s wonky path in life that lead them to where they are today. You mention in today’s podcast what leads people to TSP. Give you my wonky path to TSP, I began on the Dave Ramsey path, reading Peter Lynch books & later picking up Jim Cramer for investing.

    After I graduated college, I came across Peter Schiff and listened to Alex Jones for about a week when I realized I needed to find something else without all the doom and gloom.

    Came across TSP in the fall 2013 after a podcast search on iTunes and been a listener since.  TSP is the one stop shop where I can learn new things, be entertained, and get inspiration to continue to improve various aspects of my life.

    Thanks for all you do Jack!

  2. It would be interesting to know how many Alex Jones listeners jumped ship to listen to you.

  3. Pattern recognition is awesome. Another common marketing scheme is telling you to ‘Treat Yourself’ and buy their ridiculously expensive product, playing off the self-care movement, rather, you just spend all your money on junk and end up working harder to make more money and the cycle continues!

    Also, cities/urban areas tend to be warmer than surrounding rural areas because of the urban heat island effect, particularly having so many impervious surfaces like older mixes of concrete!

  4. I’d like to share my POV when it comes to RO.  We’ve had an RO system since 2006.  The system was a $150 5-stage setup from Sam’s Club, and we still have most of that system today.  About 3 years ago, we replaced the pressure tank (I guess they’re only supposed ot last for 5 years, but ours lasted a lot longer), and about 5 years ago, we swapped out our RO membrane for an upgraded one.  We also replaced the faucet last year for $20 from Menard’s.


    RO systems are entirely serviceable.  If you swap out the media filters as often as is recommended, it probably does cost more per gallon for an RO setup, even when you get a kick-ass setup like we got for $150 (which they still sell at Sam’s, BTW.) I’m just being honest though.  We don’t replace those media filters anywhere near as often as we should, and trust me, I would notice a difference in performance if it were that big a deal.

    Jack touched on convenience, but something that he didn’t mention (since he’s not used a setup like this) is the fact that you can plumb your RO system to your fridge as well.  That means that if you have a fridge with an ice maker or water in the door, the fridge is dispensing RO water instead of water that’s filtered by the in-fridge cartridges.

    The biggest downside I see to RO though, as much as I love my setup, is the inability to use it if you don’t have line pressure.  There’s also some “waste” when the system back-washes the membrane, but it hasn’t been something that’s effected my water bill too much.  (Mine’s usually about $18/mo for a family of five with animals.)

  5. Also an RO fan for many years, a few comments…

    Minerals: Many modern RO systems include a remineralizing final stage if that’s important to you, and adding a remineralizing final stage to an existing RO setup is trivial.

    Waste water:  I have my RO waste water pumped to a 300gal tank which I use to water plants, wash the cars, etc.  Note that the “waste water” is actually filtered through several stages of an RO system, so it IS filtered water.  Meaning I effectively have a fresh supply if drinking water in case of emergency.

  6. My choice of RO vs Berkey would be that The Berkey Guy isn’t very responsive. As a choice vendor, I can’t believe this would be the case.