Episode-2582- Listener Calls for 1-16-20 — 7 Comments

  1. You have commented about having a rat problem at nine mile farm. If you want a poison free solution I have used the good nature trap with good success it will kill 24 rats/mice without needing to be reset

  2. I agree that not every police officer is going to strictly enforce the laws or refuse to.  What is most likely to happen is what is going on in New York six years after the same laws were rammed through there.

    The only time the laws are applied is when they arrest someone, and just “add on” additional charges.  They don’t go door to door, they don’t dig through credit card statements.  But if they show up at your door because of another crime you are part of (drugs, domestic violence, underage drinking, possession of stolen property, etc) and they find “assault guns” and “high cap mags”,  they will add those charges.

    Laws don’t get abused right away. They get abused over time.  First it is applied to people who commit actual crimes, then when that is normal, it starts getting applied to all police encounters – where you are the victim or summons.

    • But there is one key difference. In VA you have HUGE numbers of people specifically stating they will defy the law along with Sheriffs stating they won’t enforce it.

  3. A buddy of mine returned a $200 watch to REI and then re-bought it at the REI garage sale for $50 where they sell all their returned items.  It wasn’t worth it to him for $200 but it was worth it to him for $50.

    In Spokane the Costco returns get sold at a place called Spokane Discount.  I imagine a lot of cities have similar stores.

  4. Speaking of killing rats…you’ll probably like a YouTube channel called “mousetrap monday”

  5. To the guy who asked about heating soil, there is a YouTube channel called ”SSL family dad” where the guy tried to hot water they his raised bed from a wood boiler…it was an epic failure because the cold ground sucked all the heat out of the raised bed.

    It probably would have worked better for him if he put rigid insulation under the raised bed.

  6. The Sams Club where we used to live had a discounted items section. The items were returns, last item in stock, or damaged packages. The items would be marked with a dated tag listing the discount price. The longer it was there, the greater the discount.

    A lot of televisions get returned the week after the Super Bowl for some reason.

    We bought two televisions, a computer monitor, a digital camera, a laptop, a GPS, a sleeping bag and various other stuff that way. All at great deals. Sometimes the manager would increase the discount if asked.


    I wish Costco was more upfront about marking items as returns when putting them out for resale.