Episode-2144- Listener Calls for 1-11-18 — 5 Comments

  1. We just put our cast iron right on the induction stove top. Granted it’s already pretty scratched up. And I’m always careful when I put it on the stove. Don’t know if my 10 year is careful too, but we haven’t had any cracks so far.

    Love that spatula. I learned about it from Wheaton also. Bought one for my mom. She had been using an old spatula for over 25 years that was plastic handled (melted) and rusted.

  2. You can also put a paper towel down under the pan and on top of the glass top. Over time, not matter what you do, you will get some marks on the surface. After 8 years of  hard use, we just used barkeepers friend and paper towel with some elbow grease. If its a stubborn stain(not scratch) then use a steel scubby and go in a circular motion lightly.

  3. I think the caller asking about heating his fish “tote” was referring to an IBC tote, not a stock tank.