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  1. In Texas we have the Texas State Guard (3rd branch of military) which is our state sanctioned militia. The commander in chief is the governor. It’s considered a CDF.

    • I am very familiar with the TSG, it is a great group but it isn’t really what I was talking about.

  2. Re Dave

    I saw the video and entered the following comment:

    “Eh, you embellished a resume. Lots of folks do to get hired. But I find it odd that you were vetted and hired with a two year contract. . . . and none of those smart people found that out in advance? Yup you embellished and they didn’t do their due diligence . . . sounds more like politics to me. It is unfortunate that all those? details were leaked, very unprofessional on their part.”

    Regarding the leaking part: I had seen a website go into great detail regarding the discrepancies. If an HR department did that in a regular company. .. they would be sued.

  3. So, Dave exaggerated on his resume. Isn’t that what its for? To get an interview you catch the attention of the reader and cover your ass in the interview.
    Seems to me this may be a business conflict. Discovery likes its monopoly of a product including people?
    Just my thoughts.

  4. I expressed my support for Dave on his youtube video and stand by it no matter what. I also read that it was partly due to Dave wearing or promoting in some way, his own products. This I believe this as he continually wore logoed merchandise and carried his Blind Horse Knives PSK knife most of the time. I remember him saying he used working on the show to test gear for his website/school to some extend as well.

  5. Jack – do you happen to know if any of your sponsors sell the Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray product that I can buy at a discount for being a member of the MSB? My apologies if you’ve already mentioned this, and I just missed it…

    Also – regarding the embellishment of Dave’s resume:

    WHO. CARES. It’s a damn television show. To me, this is no different than a contestent on Jeopardy stating that they have a PhD, when in fact they are only a Doctoral Candidate. I’ll say this – if I was stranded in the middle of the wilderness, I would be thankful for having Dave around over 99.9997% of the rest of the population. At least he has the common sense to wear boots.

    Thanks for any information!


  6. Love the idea of an AR optics show with Frank. My AR is chambered in 7.62 NATO, so if he could cover any issues specific to this caliber, that would be awesome. Thanks Jack!

  7. In regards to community service, often counties have volunteer medical corps. Although a medical background is preferred, any person can volunteer. I have received disaster and pandemic training. A perk is that my household will among the first to get preventative treatments or vaccines in case of pandemic, disaster or terrorism.

  8. After listening to the show for over 900 episodes I have finally found a topic where I very much disagree with Jack.
    I understand your idea for a new local militia is only half cocked and that you are not completely endorsing it as stated but I have two big issues with it. The first is with enforcement. How do you make someone participate in a militia and what would be the punishment for failing to participate. As it was stated this appears even worse than the draft. At least with the draft you only have to register (and hope your not called up) not give up portions of your life. The second is what would keep the federal government from turning it into a national service requirement similar to what Israel has.
    I believe there is a reason militias is this country were voluntary.
    Before anyone comes down on me to hard I VOLUNTARILY served 5 years in the USMC so I’m not against the military necessarily just against conscription.
    Thanks for all the thought provoking ideas Jack. Keep it up.

  9. I’m going to agree with you Jack, collecting nickles for the meltdown is not going to be worth it, at least in the near term. However, the numismatic value of the nickle coin when they stop making them will go up. Our Treasury is broke, and they are losing money making the nickel, so to me it is clear to me that will we discontinue nickel if the nominal value is 5 cents, but the cost of producing the nickel is over 10 cents. The AR-15 just doubled, I think the nickel could do the same thing.


  10. Hell you don’t even need to own a gun to get training. Just go to your local conservation department and start taking some free classes. The state government will train you to use everything from bows and crossbows to handguns both pistols and revolvers all the way up to “modern sporting rifles”(assault weapons as they’re called other places). And lots of shotgun training. Hell your kid can join a competative shooting team right there.

    I can’t speak for other states but thats how it works in Missouri.

    Ethanol for fuel is also a good option too. Its super easy to make and requires no chemicals. According to David Blume’s book the diesel engine handles ethanol as fuel very well too, Provided you mix in a ratio of biodiesel. I don’t own a diesel so I don’t have any experience first hand.

  11. I didn’t see your Youtube link for the “Making a Killing” video you mentioned. Also, you are correct about Obama selling so many guns/ammo/mags. He utterly failed to stimulate the economy in 4 years, and then manages to stimulate the firearms industry. Hah!

    By the way, they can’t “close the loophole” as you explained it. Why? They’d have to be able to enforce it. Meaning, it would have to be accompanied with a national registration. Then you’d create a black market. Bad, bad move.

    • Sorry about that we are in the middle of this move just search for it on Youtube you will find it.

      On the loop hole YES they can and he likely will close it, though loop hole is their sales job not my word. Why do so many people think the government won’t pass a law that is difficult to enforce? I mean how many Americans smoke pot? Google moonshine still?

      Registration isn’t required to ban private sales. And any gun bought via a dealer by the way CAN be traced back to its last point of sale by the way.

    • Registration is likely is ‘Phase 2’. After they “close the loophole”, and another mass shooting happens a few years from now, then they can declare the previous law isn’t effective without registration. No tax stamp, no new restrictions, just registration. It’s “for the safety of the children”.

      Phase 3 is likely confiscation of certain registered firearms, after Phase 2 is ineffective at stopping yet another mass murder in the future.

  12. I know Dave Canterbury and have spent many hours with him in the woods. I can assure you that he is a stand-up guy who knows his stuff. If you were in a situation where you needed to trust your life to someone, it would be Dave.

    I can also tell you that a year and a half ago he was not happy with the Dual Survivor situation. Dave is a down to earth, Christian, family-oriented man. He did not enjoy being away from his family while filming. He did not “Act” on DS, what you saw is the real Dave, right down to the food. He is not a big veggie fan.

    As far as resume enhancement goes, in the corporate world that I lived in for 30 years, it is not only condoned, but encouraged. Apparently there is a “Dual Standard” in Hollyweird.

    I highly encourage anyone who is not familiar with him to check out his YouTube channel. The amount of quality information that he provides for free is immense.

  13. Here’s the link for “Making A Killing”.

    Wanted to post to encourage the home remedy show! I’ve been listening for a while and the number of times this show has made me think “I should have talked to my grandparents more”…
    My grandmother grew up on a farm in Genesee, PA and had a natural remedy for everything. My grandfather grew up in Norristown, PA and even in that ‘small city’ environment his parents would take him to “the powwow doctor”, who was an American Indian who had all the herbal remedies and stuff.
    Aside from a little witch hazel for this and baking soda for that, they’ve passed and taken it all with them. Love to get some of that knowledge back!


    • “The Herb Book” by John Lust is a good one.

      That’s one of my 13 skills. I am using a lot of the natural herbs and every day items for problems. Trying to learn how to make them also and not just purchase from Whole Food. The only problem is making essential oils.

      I used to work for the pharmaceutical doing drug pushing. I knew about this.

  14. Kind of sad how diesel engines are being pushed out of the U.S. market thanks to government intervention, they need to just step aside and let the market do it’s thing for once.

  15. Great show Jack. I think that you might have it a little wrong on your prediction that Obama will attempt to ban private sales via an EO though. Based upon what I’ve read, it appears that an EO can only clarify or further an existing law. What it can’t do is make or create law. I haven’t researched the current laws very heavily but if his proposed EO created a new law then it’s unenforceable per SCOTUS. My bet is that he gets nothing other than some administrative nonsense accomplished, like say better cross checking among various LE databases to flag for mental illness, past criminality etc. The ferver to pass something is waning by the day and the fact that several red state Dem senators are publicly hedging says to me that anything substantive is DOA.

    • Oh how I wish you were right.

      1st, it would actually qualify as there is already a law that requires a 4440 for most sales, this just expands an existing law.

      2nd, many executive orders have created law, in fact hundreds. None have been successfully challenged in over 100 years to my knowledge.

  16. One friend had her son diagnosed as adhd and put on ritalin. She was very concerned, her happy 3rd grader was acting very depress and suicidal. She found another dr. who did more tests. Turns out he had a reaction to milk much like a shot of adrenalin to his system, the school gave him milk both in the morning and at lunch, all they had to do was substitute milk with juice or water.

    Because of her story and seeing the differences in her son, when the school approached me about having my son tested, I questioned. He was doing well at school, an A student, maxed out IQ tests. So why have him tested. Because they said, a doctor could label him and prescribe medication to calm him down. He is doing so well now, imagine how he will do if he was slowed down.

    Other parents had their sons medicated, several in our cub scout group. One child was excited to try out his kite he made, we were flying them after lunch, after a lake clean up project. He takes he meds after lunch. When time to fly kites, he was so zoned out from his meds, all he could do was sit there.

    If the only reason to have my son tested was so he’d be labeled and medicated, no thank you. I declined. He was happy, doing well.

    My oldest daughter had major issues with depression her 2nd year of college, miles away. I had her get help, as she couldn’t focus on her classes at all. They prescribed anti-depressants. She didn’t like the way they made her feel. Didn’t stay on them. She got worse, was hearing voices, wearing a coat in May so “no one could see her”, eating flour mixed up with water for meals not wanting her roommates to see what she was eating as they might think something was wrong with her, she had money, she had other food. I found help for my other kids and drove out to help. A new doctor ran tests, her thyroid level was low. Instead of anti-depressants she had a couple months of thyroid medication. Lots of exercise outside, good food (home grown), she improved and got well.

    Issue I have is the quick prescription of drugs before they figure out the problem. Even as an adult my oldest son had companies he worked for suggest he see a doctor for drugs to slow down his thinking. “You think too fast, we can’t keep up with you”.

  17. I just got done watching Dave Canterbury’s video “discussing DS”. I have no interest in passing judgement; he’s doing his due diligence–his penance, if you will.
    I’m with Jack. We’ve got your back, Dave. No sense in “shooting the wounded” when you can help pick them up, walk with them. He’s an asset. Many guys have misrepresented their military experiences. Very few have the humility to correct it.

  18. I’d also like to encourage anyone so minded to contact Dave (I used the contact info @ his Pathfinder School with hopes they’d foreword polite words) with words of support and encouragement. I’d like to see the TSP be part of his steps up and out into what God means for him to do. I’d start a thread on the forum to that effect if I could figure out the best place to put it.

    Maybe if we make it very clear that the TSP listenership is a safe place to be for him he may drop by Jack for an interview after a bit.

    Now is the time to support our own. If we can’t even do that, how on earth are we going to do for those who look down their nose at us?

    Anyway, what could a couple thousand emails of support hurt? 🙂

  19. Always lock your doors. Jack is 100% right on that. When I lived in the Quad Cities there was a huge rash of home burglaries and it was a gang type group that cased the middle class white-type neighborhoods. They would split up and watch several homes. They knew when you came and went and watched for certain habits. They would enter the home while one home owner was outside mowing the lawn. Like Jack said…they’d head for the bedroom and go through it as fast as they could and then exit the house. The ONLY reason they got caught was one home owner came home unexpectedly and found them leaving the garage (the garage door was open) with items from the spouse’s car plus stealing their bicycles while the front lawn was being mowed. They had already been through the house and waited for him to go to the front yard and then went through the car and stole items from the garage. All of these burglaries took place DURING THE DAY.

  20. I love Dave Canterbury, and will support him in future endeavors. I couldn’t stand Cody during that show.

  21. Your comments on the need for genuine leadership in this episode were spot-on, Jack. It’s a shame that in our warped desire for “heroes” we have lost sight of what real leadership is. Too many people think it means getting out in front of a group of people, screaming and yelling, etc. When, as you pointed out, it’s about approaching everything from a position of genuine desire to serve others, to put their welfare above your own. Great stuff in that segment, man!

  22. Plus one on having Frank Sharpe Jr. on the show again. I have been planning to purchase a low powered variable scope to experiment with even before the Joe Nobody episode but I’m open to hearing an argument against them as well.


  23. As for burglars not knowing their way around your house, be aware that if you have teenage children it has been known to happen that they will inadvertently inform others of the whereabouts of of your stuff, or if and when you are not home. Happened to us, happened to our friends.

  24. I accept that Dave is a nice guy. I thought he did a great job on the show and really showed he knew his stuff. He was one of the few “reality” show stars I didn’t want to throw stuff at. And he showed infinite patience with Cody.
    I do find it honorable that he apologized for his mistake. While his actions appear to be rather trivial, ie “it’s just a TV show” I have a huge problem with this casual acceptance of lying. And that’s what it is: Lying. Lying is not honorable. It is not ethical. How would you like it if you lost a potential job to a liar because he appeared more qualified? How would you like it if you found out your doctor was “embellishing” his experience?
    Our whole financial system is in shambles because fraud has become just another business tactic. Even the major military colleges, who place honor as one of the highest virtues, have massive cheating going on.
    We live in a society now where everyone and everything is tainted by fraud. We will never get better unless we hold ourselves to a higher standard. It starts with not lying to yourself. Then, don’t lie to others.
    Especially for personal gain.

    • Agreed on all points Douglasaurus, lying is wrong and is done too often. We can only do what you say, “Don’t lie to yourself and then don’t lie to others.”

      I do believe in forgiveness and giving people a second chance. We are all fallible.

  25. As far as I am concerned Dave Canterbury is a liar and a thief. He has been lying about his military service long before Dual Survival was conceptualized. As a veteran, I hold contempt for this. Coming out with that video was a brave move for him and I will give him some credit for it but at the same time he seems to minimized his actions. He has done more than simply embellish his resume for a TV show, he has straight up lied about his military service for years, I would go as far to say that he is a candidate for Stolen Valor. Now IIRC, Jack, I have hear you a time or two rail against this very issue. Is this different because you know him?

    He has also presented himself (particularly in the yurt Journal) as self taught and his only mentors were reading Daniel Boone vs Davy Crockett. Ron Hood had to go after him for presenting material on Youtube verbatim from Ron’s DVDs and presenting techniques as if he had developed. This is what I call theft of intellectual property. I have heard a number of other similar stories 3rd party and I will leave it as such, but there is a trend.

    I have tried to like Mr. Canterbury, and I enjoyed his youtube videos long before there was a television show. He is at least decently skilled despite at time pulling off bone head move on both youtube and TV. From what I hear, he is also a decent instructor. The simple fact that he started out posting videos on Youtube and expanded that into a substantial brand and television career is admirable in itself. There come a point, despite what ever redeeming qualities someone has, that the dishonor is just to great. Mr. Canterbury has long passed that point, not only for me, but MANY others. If publicly stating my objection to his character and that I have lost all respect for Mr. Canterbury , if that makes me a small man, well I so be it.

    Although I see his confession video as incomplete, It is a step in the right direction. I harbor no ill will towards Mr. Canterbury. I do not outright wish him success on the path he has chosen thus far but I certainly do not begrudge it to him either.

    I am sure that this wont be a popular statement, but that is how I see it.

    Christopher Reagh

    • With all due respect Ron who I loved like a brother on some of this “he stole my stuff” he was full of shit, a fact I told him straight up in multiple conversations. Ron claimed anyone making DVDs or videos was using his material. He felt he had some stupid right to a monopoly on all of it.

      Have you watched Ron’s dvds yourself, most of the techniques in them are THOUSANDS of years old, one doesn’t get a patent on such things man.

      Again Ron was my friend; I backed him in a feud with Dude, Alan and Chris. That feud was why he disliked Dave. I didn’t just back him, I very publicly backed Ron, again he was like a brother to me, we were MUCH closer then Dave and I are, but on this particular issue Ron was FULL OF SHIT.

      Dave was dishonest about his military record but he is mostly self-taught. Frankly it sounds like you have never seen Ron’s videos because NOTHING in them is really consistent with Dave’s. Again other than the things you would learn in any wilderness course. Frankly there isn’t a bushcraft instructor that Ron didn’t think had ripped him off.

      As for being appalled that Dave lied about his service record that is your right to feel that way. I just hope you are reinforcing the windows in your glass house.

    • Christopher, Christopher, Christopher, don’t you know that every man turns into a former Navy Seal at 01:30 in the bar?

      In the harsh reality of daylight, we’ve all done unsavory things. We are human and therefore inherently flawed creatures. All we can do is to strive to do better. Dave C. Is trying to follow that path. Please give him a break. He really has a lot to share.

      • It seems every supportive post here is making light the issue. He did not embellish a resume for a TV show. And this is not the same as a drunken braggart late night in a bar. He founded his career on lies about his military service in an attempt to gain creditably. I understand that he has friends and fans in this community, but i would think that very group would potential have the biggest problem with this.

      • Christopher,

        Now that we are friends can I can call you Chris?

        I totally support your point that lying is wrong. I apologize if you felt that I was making light of it. That was certainly not my intent.

        I am a pretty much a “Black and White” guy, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. You can ask my Wifey and kids, they will verify this statement. You, as a former Marine probably agree with that premise. If you’ve never lied or told a tall tale, I commend you for that.

        Dave lied and he will pay the consequences.

        My Grandmother had a list of people who had crossed her and once you were on the list, you never got off. I’ve attempted to not do the same thing. I don’t agree with what Dave did, but I will give him a second chance.

        Good evening and have a good sleep.

        • Chris is a fine by me.
          I strive to be as honest as I can. First with myself and with everyone I deal with. Everyone had been dishonest in one way or another, and I am no exception to that. I also understand that dishonest is more of the norm in the world. I have a number of flaws (contact my wife for a list) as dose anyone. There are different levels. Maybe was the culture of “if you don’t rate it, don’t wear it” that I have been exposed to most of my life, but this is no small issue.

          None the less, Dave is Human, as we all are and fallible for it. He has taken a step in the right direction, but I see it only as a first step. I do not see this as just related to his show but he is far from being without possibility of redemption in my eyes.

          In the end I am not his judge and I am well aware of the limits of my own opinion. I harbor no ill will for him.

      • Hee, hee, hee, Wifey always knows best. I’ve enjoyed the conversation. I look forward to your future posts in the forum.

      • I’ve never turned into a navy seal at 1:30 in the morning np matter how hot she was or how much I had to drink. It’s called integrity.

        • OK, neither have I. It was the best analogy that I could think of. I apologize if I pissed you off. There are obviously strong feelings on both sides of this issue.

        • One’s glass house extends far beyond one’s service record. We are all flawed men and women, it is only where we are flawed that makes us different. I will tell you I am a man of the up most integrity today, however, I haven’t forgotten the road I traveled to get here. I think MANY DO.

    • Yes, I have watched all of Ron’s DVDs and yes the vast majority of wilderness skills are regurgitated after being in practice for thousand of years, just as you said. In fact I leaned most of the skills Ron presented in his DVDs when I was in Boy Scouts. Ron did bring some unique information to the talk. When this material was regurgitated verbatim, well no Ron was not the one full of shit. Ron did not try to clear youtube of all wilderness survival content that covered the same topics. He did pursue those that were clearly watched his material and then re preformed it for youtube claiming it as their own.

      As far as my glass house, it is bullet proof in this arena. I had an interesting (too me at least) yet unremarkable four years in the Marine Corps. I am very proud of my service despite that fact that I never was a Marine sniper, Force Recon, or F/A-18 pilot and I never came close to seeing combat. Didn’t get that MOH either. Lying about such thins is not a small matter to me. It diminishes the the honor that those who did achieve things such as were claimed and in diminishes the honor of the careers of the vast majority whose services was more mundane such as mine. Have you not said as much in the past. Perhaps I am mistaken

      What strike me most is that Mr Canterbury has the charisma, ability to instruct and drive to have accomplished all he did without taking the path that he did.

      I am not critical of your support for Mr Canterbury. You have your perspective on the mater and I certainly have mine. I think it is clear that I feel strongly on the issue and I still feel the same way. I still think that you are doing important work and will continue to listen and contribute in what ways I can to the community.

      • Christopher, you are obviously one of the good guys.. Thank you for the civil discourse and for clarifying your position. I understand your point. We will have to agree to disagree on this one. I am a great believer that differences of opinion are healthy and help us grow.

        I am glad that you will continue to be part of this community.

        Stay safe and enjoy this Wednesday.

        • I agree that differences of opinion are healthy and help us grow. I don’t know that I am one of the good one, but I certainly have my opinions. Diversity is key in a great many thing.

          I have spoke my peace and will let rest.

      • One’s glass house extends far beyond one’s service record. We are all flawed men and women, it is only where we are flawed that makes us different. I will tell you I am a man of the up most integrity today, however, I haven’t forgotten the road I traveled to get here. I think MANY DO.

  26. Jack,
    On another note entirely, I was finishing up yesterday’s podcast on the way to work and I want to thank you for you recommending the documentary “Making a killing” I have been recommending that one and a couple others similar to it. I have seen firsthand the damage these psychotropic medications can do both in my personal and professional life. While I have never been on an, people I love have been and to ill effect.

    I also see pharmaceutical abuse in nursing homes. I am a paramedic and when I have a patient from a nursing home, there seems to be sets of standard diagnosis. If they are not on admitting, they will be soon. One of the biggest I see is bipolar. Patients that have been more or less unresponsive for years being diagnoses with bipolar and schizophrenia simply, at least in my view, to push another pill. Having seen what can happen I can only imagine what might be happening in the minds of these helpless people.
    There is a great deal of mental health problems in this country, that is no doubt. The physiological/pharmaceutical monster seems to be intent on driving those numbers up. I suppose it makes good business sense for the short term. Gives you more customers.

    More people need to know what is going on. Thank you for spreading the message

  27. Come on, Jack. That wasn’t a strong answer on buying ammo online. While he didn’t specify, I have to think privacy was the main concern, not whether it’s safe to ship ammo. You know about the NSA mega center and have to have heard from some very vocal, high-ranking former NSA leaders discuss what info is being collected about US citizens, as they’ve been visible in the press. You must also know about FBI publications listing bulk ammo buying as a terrorist watch list criterion. The answer didn’t seem to address the caller’s concerns.

  28. Jack, I am hoping you can get me in touch with the fellow that called about building 20 small remote cabins and a workshop. I have been working on something similar and I found a really phenomenal book on an alternative way of insulating homes. It is much easier if its built into a new home… but it can work if retrofitted, just not as well. I will be building an Oehler home next year with this idea built in to it, and possibly a dozen more homes eventually that should never need to be heated. Google “PAHS” and “John Hait.” He was interviewed by Mother Earth News in Jan/Feb 1985.

  29. Jack, your answer to the final phone call about a “resource-based economy” was the absolute best treatment I have ever heard on the very difficult to grasp intersection of the already difficult stand-alone concepts of communism, socialism, and capitalism. And you so perfectly went into the deep end of the swimming pool and took up the even more head-spinning concepts behind the dynamics of money. You were especially adept at explaining the idea of “human energy as money,” and also value as money, surrogate value as money, the manipulation of value, the mutability of value, the varying factors for value such as skill and aesthetics …. this is THE BEST treatment I’ve ever heard, bar none. And you did it in less than ten minutes. A college typical professor would have needed three hours, accompanied by a Power Point presentation.

    Bravo, dude.