Episode-1050- Listener Calls for 1-04-13 — 21 Comments

  1. Speaking of shampoo, I’ve “rediscovered” Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap to use for soap and shampoo. I used to use it back in my backpacking days because it is biodegradable.

    That stuff is great and all natural.

    • Castile soap is awesome! Really, you can clean everything from dishes to clothes to bodies with it. Dr. Bronner’s is a great product, but I think it is costly at around $20 a gallon or more. Use this youtube link to learn how to make your own castile soap at home. This process is not for wimps, as you are using some very caustic chemicals, but I love making my own soap that I can formulate and scent to my own liking. You need a few simple items like an old crock pot, some large buckets and stirring utensils. I got my pot second hand for about $4 and with the bucket and utensils, spent less than $10 total for my setup. The ingredients will run you a bit more, but you end up with a lot of soap and an endless capacity to supply yourself. Here’s the youtube link to Kristin B. at

  2. Your comments on panicked buying. OH MAN I could HUG YOU!! Since the day Obama spoke I have been telling hubby lets buy what nobody is looking at. He has been resistant. Now he will hear. Which I don’t care who he hears the message from cuz the bottom line is now mama can go SHOPPING!! Thank You

  3. Question: Gun show to go or not to go what would you do?

    Last gun show there were protesters. Signs yelling you know typical. Trying to stop people from going in. Don’t know if there were any physical issues. But given how volatile this pro/anti gun thing is and how easy people seem to blow a gasket. If there were protestors there I just keep wondering if this would fall under the heading of going to stupid places?

    I kind of flip flop on this. I could take or leave the show since I feel it will be busier than normal. I can’t stand big crowds. But still to go if nothing else show support to vendors. Also support gun rights?


  4. Regarding the pressure cooker, I have an All American brand cooker. I have contacted the manufacturer about the caution on cooking beans. The reason for this is not corrosion, but the fact that beans foam alot when they cook. This foaming can clog or jam the pressure regulator and gauge, causing an unsafe situation.

    I have many times used a stainless pot inside the canner without issues. I prefer to cook in stainless over aluminum, and it does enable acid food preparation. Make sure that the canning rack (perforated metal stand) is in the bottom of the canner, and the pot goes on top of that, without a lid. So long as your stainless pot fits and the handles can take the heat, it works great! I have cooked meat, pumpkin, potatoes and, *ahem* beans, this way.

    A great alternative use of the 921 or larger canners is to use for beginner homebrewing with malt extract methods. They are big enough, and that I how I got started.

  5. Regarding the venison, the “flavor” is in the fat. Even though Jack mentioned that venison is a lean meat, the does will have a significant amount of fat. So if one “doesn’t like venison”, you’ll need to get the animal’s own fat off of the cuts as much as possible.
    BUT – you need to put the fat back in.
    That may be the olive oil or bacon grease, larding or beef/pork fat into the burger or whatever in a proportion slightly less than that of store bought meats.
    Then as Jack emphasized – don’t over cook it!

    Once you get yourself/significant others over that “different flavor”, you can reduce the amount/type of fat(s) until it suits YOUR flavor profile.

  6. The Sukup Safe T Home looks like a pretty neat idea. During summer breaks from college I was on a crew that put up the same company’s grain bins. It is a simple method of constuction, just lots and lots of bolts. It took our crew of 4 unskilled laborers an average of 4 days to put up 18′ diameter by 18′ eave height bins, including foundation and raised floor. The largest one we did was 48′ diameter, 55′ eave height. I enjoyed that work.

  7. An AR looks fun but I’m the guy in the gun shop buying lever guns during the AR rushes(hunting seasons). In my state AR Types are classified as ” Modern Sporting Rifles” and the state will train you how to use them at any of the state run ranges. Missouri is awesome for teaching it’s residents how to use guns.

    I’ve said it many times now on the comments here. I love the Marlin 1894C in 357. The Marlin 336 30-30, The Ruger American rifle in 30-06, the Remington 700 it maybe a sporting rifle but its the rifle of choice for SWAT. The Savage 308 with mag kit. I forget the model number on the savage but for and extra few bills extra you can get a 10 round mag kit for it.

    I have a certain preference for lever guns and bolt actions myself. But these guns aren’t “SCARY” but they should be a 30 caliber of any kind will open up just about any living thing.

    • I second this sentiment. The Marlin 336 30-30 is one fine machine, and more than a formidable “assault” weapon in trained hands under most practical situations I will likely ever face in my lifetime. I honestly just couldn’t care any less about owning an assault rifle myself, at least at this moment in time (not that I have *anything* against anyone who does – to each their own!). I would, however, like to add a high quality 30-06 to my collection, and an all around utility (hunting/defense) 12 or 20 ga. shotgun, as well. Given the current demand, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on the weapons I would like to acquire. Thanks everyone for driving the supply/demand curves in my favor!

    • If I could afford it, a Marlin .357 lever with 16″ barrel would be my gun of choice. But… I will likely have to go with the Rossi or none at all. Even $500 will push the old budget.

  8. Making your own laundry detergent? I’m in! I Googled it and there are too many results. Who knows, most of them may work like crap. I have listened long enough to tell that Jack doesn’t deal with crap much. Jack, please post a video on this or a link to a good one. It would be much appreciated!

  9. The Sukup (it’s pronounced “soocup”) site has a link to a news broadcast that shows the homes being assembled in Haiti. They do, in fact, have a loft and just a simple ladder to access it. Burying part of it seems a great idea. I, too, would like to know what one of these costs.

    On the other hand, here in the mountains of New Hampshire, I’m afraid they would attract more attention than they might in the Midwest!

    • It looks like the Sukup is in the 8000.00 range.
      Safe T Home™

      The Sukup Safe T Home™ is a shelter that can be used for temporary or permanent housing of disaster victims, and as housing for impoverished people. The shelters can also be used as churches, schools, and clinics or for other purposes. The Safe T Home™ is well ventilated, and with its aerodynamic shape and ballasted design, it can withstand hurricane-force winds. The structure is 5.5 m (18 ft) in diameter, with 2.4 m (8 ft) sidewalls, and a roof peak of 4.1 m (13.5 ft). The interior volume is 23.6 m2 (254 ft2). At $8,030, the Safe T Home™ is economical. It can be assembled in four hours with minimal tools and crew, and it can easily be taken down and erected elsewhere. The Safe T Home™ provides an economical, versatile and portable solution when emergency shelter is needed.

      • Wow. That seems pretty over-priced. I’d imagine with that investment I could get a much better structure made with concrete and rebar. Maybe I’m wrong, but $8,000 seems very steep for 250 square feet of useable space.

  10. Over Christmas, my sister-in-law asked me to use a Mandolin slicer to cut venison in to paper thin slices which she put in homemade Pho soup. AMAZING!

  11. I dont know why you dont reccomend appleseed more. I took my daughter to one. Afterwards the instructor brought out some 308 and asked her if she wanted to shoot it. She loved it. She went to work, corporate middle class place, and the people there wanted to do appleseed.

    There is no better introduction to guns then a good appleseed shoot.

  12. I have two 4×4 and one 4×8 square foot beds as my garden. At the end of the growing season, I put down what I had left of compost and even threw in some left over salad mix. Then covered it in a thin layer of newspaper, whetted it and then covered it in brown leaves that our neighbor put out not knowing they don’t pick up bags of leaves here. My thought was to have a layer to prevent weeds from taking hold over the winter since we have been having some warmer spells on and off here in south central Pa. Also I want it to break down over the winter to add some more organic matter. Was this a bad idea?

  13. Some reasons to use a pot inside an All American caner /cooker……..
    The larger sized ones (what I would consider CANERS) are ridiculously large for most cooking needs. Unless one was cooking for an army.
    A smaller pot is easier to wash. And the caner will only needs a light rinse.
    Don’t need to worry about cleaning the mineral buildup (from canning) out before using it for cooking.
    Some people do not like their food to come in contact with aluminum.
    For cooking acidic foods.
    To keep small vegetables from falling through the holes in the rack.

    If I were to do a lot of pressure COOKING, I would, personally, buy a stainless steel pressure cooker (sized for the cooking I would do) and use my BIG heavy, aluminum pressure CANER just for canning.
    I find that the time it takes to get a large pressure caner up to pressure to cook a small amount of food (relative to the size of the caner) seems to negate the time and energy savings of cooking under pressure anyway.

    But, one can cook food directly in the pressure vessel with only the need for the rack to hold certain items off the bottom.

    Here can be found the PDF of the All American manual. Complete with recipes and instructions.

  14. Taking people shooting is some of the best advice. I grew up in an anti-gun family and considered myself anti-gun except for “common sense gun laws”. An older brother-in-law of a friend took us shooting one day. He taught us gun safety and responsibility and how to shoot. Over the years I’ve turned several friends into shooters including some of my former anti-gun family members. I’ve met the greatest, salt of the earth people at gun clubs, Appleseeds and hunting trips. Nothing like what is portrayed on the news.

  15. Just got a quote for the Sukup Safe T Home. It’s $8k without transport or installation. Sorry, at that price it’s interesting but not viable for what it is. Just my opinion.