Episode-485- Call In Thursday 7-29-10 — 8 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,
    Thanks for the show today. Please take your vacation…I, for one, don’t mind not having a show while you are away on vacation…taking time off, and getting away is so important.

  2. Thanks for speaking about divorce and preps, I appreciate your candor. Thanks again, and I hope your ‘vacation’ goes well.

  3. Jack, you can stop apologizing so much for missing a few shows here and there. We the listeners don’t mind a bit that you are going on vacation, in fact we think you deserve it.

  4. Jack, I agree with everyone else who has said “take a vacation.” You have provided us with a huge library of content! If we can’t amuse ourselves for a few days without you, we are surely lost. Enjoy your time off!

  5. I’m about to listen to this episode, interested about divorce, since I am one of those (six years now)

    I will say, not having to deal with a spouse, gives me tremendous flexibility in my preps, no need for consultation. I have a few female friends who are on board, but alas, they do not affect my preps.

  6. Hyperinflation is not driven by normal pricing or wages — it is driven by confidence (or lack there of) in a currency. Also, throughout history, most hyperinflations went from start to finish in a very short period of time – think in terms of several months to two years — not overnight or over decades.

    Hyperinflation is really the flip side of hyperdeflation. In both, expect a collapse of the economy and the loss of most middle-class jobs along with a lot of government jobs. You might get to buyout your mortgage for a couple of silver eagles but you might also loose your job and ability to pay your mortgage in the deflation before hyperinflation hits.

  7. Yes, Jack… even though I whine when you are away, it’s only because your name has become a household word. We speak of you as if you just dropped by and had a conversation with us over dinner.. !! 🙂 But we do expect you to have a life (and an occasional vacation .. )

    I was intrigued with the question about domesticating cottontails. As a kid, we had wild rabbits as pets on a couple of occasions. We seemed to be “Animal Rescue” in our area. My uncle brought us some baby bunnies after he accidentally stepped in their burrow while mowing his property. Only one survived, so my Dad built him a nice little hutch, and we affectionately named him.. “BUNNY”.. How original. That rabbit lived to be 7 years old and got pretty darn big. Everyone marveled at his size, but my Dad said that they never get that big in the wild.. mainly because they don’t live that long in the wild.

    Thanks for a great show.. I have several more queued up on my ipod- I’m a few days behind.

  8. I haven’t listened to this show yet. First off, my wife and I are still married and we’ve decided that divorce is not an option for us. That said, I believe that you should factor your ex in your preps, particularly if he/she is the father/mother of any of your children. Whatever else may have happened, I think we owe him/her that much.