Episode-512- Call In Friday 9-17-10 — 21 Comments

  1. Couple comments on the generator question. Make sure to size the generator properly. I know you can buy a generator as described for around $4K for a 10 kW unit. That would run most homes without electric heat load just find and start sump pumps. But the caller also states there is a years supply of propane on hand. That is probably a 1000 gallon tank. As Jack said look at the fuel consumption of the generator. There is a spec of gallons per hour at no load, half load, and full load. Realize that if it is automated system the engine will be running whenerver there is no voltage on the utility lines. This is really how to size the fuel supply is to have enough on hand to know that in the mean time you could refill the tank. I work for a utility and this is the proecess we use to size our fuel tanks. So just be carefull the electrician is not quoting a larger unit to make more money and will burn through your fuel supply much quicker. Long story short don’t size the generator to large over your requirements or you will pay for it in fuel consumption when it is needed.

  2. Thanks for taking my question Jack!
    Yea I thought about the ramifications of my interpretation but I think probability of a riot occurring in this case is a lot more likely due to past events of civil unrest and present threats cited by Gen. Petraeus; each case is different must be tried with the facts unique to it.

    Also any court actions would come after the situation has played itself out because you can’t try someone for something they never acted on. Only at this time can you correlate intent with an action(s) which led to the conclusion being tried. So since you can’t have a trial for an event that never happened, if my interpretation was validated, it’s precedence could only be used AFTER an incident occurred and would not guarantee a conviction since it’s the details such as prior knowledge of threat probability and a multitude of other factors that make up any given case.

    Regardless it was awesome getting your opinion! This whole situation has sparked my interest in learning more about why each article of amendment says what it says and about the court cases that led to their current interpretations. Thanks again Jack!

  3. Your criticism of Terry Jones for burning the Koran, does not suggest that you actually have listened to why he was going to burn it. If you read what is in the book, and disagree with what it says, you should have the right to burn it if you so choose. Just because someone believes it is holy, does not require me to agree with them.

  4. @Bryan,

    So does that mean that any non Christian that reads the Bible and takes exception to things like stoning people to death should burn the Bible?

    BTW I have read at least portions of just about all the Holly Books. I don’t have to believe in something to have respect for it.

    Like I said Terry the Assclown has the right to do this under the first amendment, that doesn’t make it anything close to being something anyone with respect for their fellow man would do.

  5. I couldn’t find the fda food grade cans you mention in this show. “CAN” lol you provide a source for these?

  6. In all Muslim countries, it is a criminal offence change or abandon Islam, says anything against Islam, it is an offence to spread Christianity to Muslim. A Muslim shouldn’t be rule any any other religion. It is great merit to kill a Christian. Many or most Muslim countries has a program getting rid of Christian. Witness the constant burning of bible & massacre of Christian in Indonesia, including wholesale killing of Christian in Timor Leste(aid & finance by US CIA). I am completely amazed by the length that a Christian is prepared to closed its eye or aid in its pogrom. What goes on in your mind, hope to be enlighten(certainly against human nature)

  7. @Chin the point Jack was getting at was that regardless of someone else’s actions, retribution is not the answer nor is it a longterm solution.

    If you do believe in Christianity then remember things like love thy neighbor, do unto others as you would like done to you, turn the other cheek, and my personal favorite he who is without sin cast the first stone; even Christianity has a dark side.

  8. @Chin in addition to what hawaiian said your statement is false on its face because you used the word ALL, no not all nations with Muslim majorities conduct themselves the way you describe.

    Many yes and that is too bad and again I stated such actions should be resisted fully but ALL is a big word. Sadly many people who use big words do it from a small minded vantage point.

  9. nobody liked it when the nazis were burning books, because it’s not how civilized people handle problems.

  10. I have a BPA free Nalgene bottle and use stainless steel bottles too. Look at the bottle of plastic containers for a number 1-7, 7 don’t buy. A five, use a couple times and discard. A one or two is the best. It’s a number inside of a triangle.

  11. Regarding 401K match by employers. If you are contributing to a 401K then the match made by your employer goes to a seperate account that is pre tax. It will be invested in the same fund as your Roth but it is seperate and all rules regarding taking money out are the same as any other pre-tax 401K

  12. @RBC81

    So my contributions would be ROTH and the employers conventional?

    That seems like a real mess long term?

    Basically I have two 401s than?

  13. Concerning the effects of climbing steep graveled hills, this last month I climbed 30,780 vertical feet in exactly a month. Three of my mountains were over 12,000′ high. I am not an expert mountaineer, but love climbing mountains. I went on a 4 1/2 mile walk the other day just for the heck of it with several hundred vertical feet of vertical gain. When I was walking the fastest I could go up the steepest sections of the hill, my breathing slightly went up and as soon as it leveled off, it went back to barely more than when I was resting even though I was still walking fast. I couldn’t even tell that I had just gone over 4 miles when I was done. I am not someone who, if you saw walking down the street, you would say was buff and in shape. In fact, according to the charts I need to loose 20 more pounds to be back in the “normal” range. All I can say is AMEN to what Jack said about finding something you enjoy doing that will help you get fit and do it. I could NEVER have had these benefits from exercise if I had just walked on a treadmill.

  14. @Modern Survival

    Yes you will have two 401 accounts. If you you choose to roll your 401K to an IRA you will have to either pay the taxes or open two seperate accounts. You will get two seperate checks. Ask me how I know. What a pain. But still better than puttting it all pre-tax and not being able to get at any of it. If it weren’t for the match I would stay away from the 401K completely.

  15. Jack,
    The group near Denton you referred to sounds a lot like Rainbow Valley, an agricultural co-op just east of Sanger. One of the common structures at the times I visited there were ferro-cement homes. They kind of resembled a man-made cave. Two co-workers of mine used to live there. They are my go-to guys whenever I have a question about wind or solar power, they have been there and done that (and still are).

  16. Thank you Jack for a great podcast as usual.

    Thank you, especially, for your comments about muslims and Islam. It always makes me sad and more than a little scared when people are so ready to paint us all with the same brush.

    And yes, if someone wants to burn a whole bunch of Qur’ans they are well withing their rights to do so.

  17. Regarding the generator question about Propane/Natural Gas.
    I bought a dryer that ran on Nat Gas and changed it to run on Propane. All it took was to change out the orrifice(or you could drill it out bigger).
    Seems to me that it should be possible to do the same thing with other gas appliances or generators.
    This would give you many options for fuel usage with the ability to switch back and forth.
    I’m no mechanic so somebody correct me if I’m wrong.