Episode-604- Call In Friday 2-11-11 — 17 Comments

  1. Pot belly pigs — a friend had three. He named them Cut, Wrap and Freeze — and did just that.

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  3. In response to Tim above:

    Also, do your shopping at the end of the month. We’ve noticed that there are very few staple food items on sale at the beginning of the month. I’m thinking the reason is that the grocers know that food stamp cards get filled up at the beginning of the month and are usually empty by the time the good sales come up at the end of the month.

  4. In reading the posts in the link for the pot-bellied pigs I loved when the discussion got into the morality of shopping for food at the human society. The last post mentioned how there was an implication that you are getting an animal from the human society to give them a better life.

    Like Jack has said; let them live fat and happy until its time for butchering and that animal has led a fulfilling life. They’re part of the freakin’ foodchain people! So long as you are treating them well before its time to butchering you are doing the right and moral thing.

  5. About the showering question, a lot of grassroots health sites do warn about the toxins in the water and when you expose your skin to a hot shower, the pores open up and absorb the toxins more readily. I’ve read that you can absorb more toxins in one shower than from a week of drinking the same water. Also, inhaling the steam in the shower can contribute to lung cancer. Personally, I’ve had the fumes in my water literally choke me up. Anyway, there’s plenty of information about it online. I think a whole-house filter is a good idea if you can afford it.

    • @Anne, as I said we are all free to do as we please but this would be the absolute last thing I would worry about.

  6. Hi, Jack. Just listened to the call about drilling the well. Generally, wells are specified in gallons per minute of recharge. That is if you pumped the well until the water level was below your intake pipe (or well pump) and let it recharge for one minute, then pump it down again. That amount of water pumped the second time is your recharge rate. Most drillers try to get a well that runs around 10 gallons per minute. If a really slow well is found, they will try to drill deep enough to supply adequate water, but that gets very expensive.

    Ultimately, unless you have a very shallow water table and can self-drill. The local county will have regulations determining how to qualify a well. Many jurisdictions require all wells to be recorded/registered, so make sure to check with the local extension service to find out what rules apply. Wells that are not properly sealed at ground level around the casing will allow surface water contamination. In many cases this will be in the form of coliform bacteria breaking down organics which will make you very sick.

    Lastly, if you calculate the average flow from an adequate well at 2 gallons per minute, the well can supply over 1 million gallons if water per year providing you don’t have problems with seasonal droughts. At a previous situation, I had two wells producing nearly 90000 gallons per day from standard 6″ wells that were less than 150′ in depth; however, there was a very good, stable aquifer supplying those wells.

    I would encourage you to discuss your water needs with you local extension service, they help farms and homesteads frequently with all sorts of common issues.

    What ever you do, make sure each house on the property has it own well/water supply. If you ever sell the second house, you don’t want to have to worry about water rights, arguing over who is going to fix a broken well, or a plethora of any other problems that can arise from a shared well.

    Good luck,

  7. JACK’S PARANOID!!! He’s afraid that someone is going to coma and take away his Biltong! It’s okay Jack, look around, no one is coming to take it away. What’s behind you?!?!?!…. What do you mean, “where’s my Biltong?”

  8. anyone know where to get more info on ‘hugoculture’? I couldn’t find info. on internet. thanks!

  9. Just told my coworker about the potbelly pigs. He’s from Vietnam and said they are very good. We were making eat other hungry talking about them. Said you feed them about anything and harvest in 6 months, only concern he had is that they stink.

  10. Starting the January 1, I began tracking all my food purchases on a simple spread sheet. I know exactly how much I spend on food and can track those items I opportunity buy on sales and specials. I also track per-unit costs so I know what price is actually a good buy as opposed to a store flyer item which is not really a special but just a reminder to buy. I can also track food inflation, which is no longer tracked in the government CPI figures but is a real issue for all of us. At the end of the month I print the spread sheet and put it with the rest of my budget reports. At the end of the process, I’ll know exactly how much I need for everyday items like eggs, milk, juice, etc., as well as how much I was able to opportunity buy for storage.

  11. Just catching up to this show last night and wanted to let you know there is a law concerning current and retired LEOs and the ability to carry concealed throughout the entire US. Do some research on Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. To much legalize to post details on your site. Thought it might be worth mentioning.

  12. Thanks for the show! I recently emailed you about a firearm sale coming up and today’s show gave me a great place to start with the “4 gun battery”. Perfect timing!!