Episode-596- Call In Friday 1-28-11 — 20 Comments

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  2. There’s also a series of Sesame Street videos that cover emergency preparedness. They cover the government basic recommendations and so aren’t as extensive as we might like – but certainly introduce the idea with familiar characters and in a largely nonthreatening way.

  3. I’ve thought long and hard about bio-diesel. I confess my needs are fairly easy to satisfy – run a generator and some farm equipment. If the S does HTF I don’t plan on doing a lot of traveling. Even today, I do my best to reduce if not eliminate my need to jump in the car and do anything.

    As it turns out, I think I can do most of what I need with a simple set of wood gasifiers. My current project is to have my funky old generator hitched up to a gasification unit. Right now I’m working out trades for all services and equipment. With any luck, I should be able to get it done without much out of pocket.

    Personally, I’m not worrying about teotwawki – we wake up to a new teotwawki each and every day. I’m just trying to reduce my expenditures, produce more, consume less, and make my life a bit better each and every day.



    P.S. – these CAPTCHA codes are killing me!

  4. @Kyman, with those numbers things make a lot more sense, may be the numbers in my head were for ethanol?

  5. I had a possible threat idea with downloading the entire Wikipedia. There are times when Wikipedia comes under fire for containing illegal materials. For instance just last year there were charges that there was illegal pornography on wikipedia. The software may allow removal of certain topics in the downloaded version of Wikipedia, but since I haven’t downloaded yet, I don’t know.

    I doubt that it is much of a threat to the average listener to the podcast. However, if there’s some reason for a computer to be confiscated and searched, I would think that this could lead to additional charges.

    Will it stop me from downloading it? Nope, but it is something to keep in mind.

  6. Jack, if I heard correctly, you stated that you can use the same bullets from .308 for 7.62x54R. You can, but your rifle might need bullets sized to .310-.313, depending on the type. Those crazy Russians just had to be different. Those bullets are the same diameter that the .303 British round uses.

  7. I used Winchester 205 grain lead soft-point ammo to take a deer last October (2010), using a Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54R M38 carbine. It was a clean lung shot from about 30 yards. The young buck ran about another 30yds and then fell over dead. The Winchester ammo has nice reloadable brass cases and are boxer primed. It is also cleaner that the mil-surp stuff too.

  8. I’ve had some recent negative and positive experiences with chipper/shredders. First the negative. I bought a 16HP Troy Bilt at Lowes for around $815. The machine was totally worthless. It would barely shred leaves and small twigs and repeatedly jammed with approximately 1″ branches. I returned it about an hour after I bought it.

    Now the positive. I rented a Bandit 65 machine for $190 for 8 hours of use. What an unbelievable machine for all types of vegetation up to 6″. From now on, I’ll wait until I get a big pile and rent the Bandit.

  9. I too tried a sub $1000 chipper and found it to suck really badly.

    I rented a chipper (don’t recall the brand) but it was big and had tank treads on it. It made yards of mulch quickly and they delivered and picked it up for $90

    I will rent once per year after my seasonal pruning for now on.

  10. Ok I just got done listening to this episode.

    Regarding the question: is gold “real” money?

    I’m sure I’m going to get flamed for this… but why should I care about this again? I have started purchasing metal as a hedge against inflation. I’m not asking why or if you should have precious metals in your portfolio. I believe you SHOULD have them… however that isn’t the question on the table.

    I keep hearing this topic pop in and out with impassioned arguments on each side. Each time I hear it I think to myself… how does the answer to this question impact my life? It doesn’t at all. Unless I miss the point.

    In brief… who gives a shit.

    My 2 cents for what they are worth (sometimes very little)

  11. Thanks for posting the link to the Arthur episode. A few months ago my 7 year old daughter actually watched that episode on PBS. She got so excited, and when I got home from work she couldn’t wait to tell me about it. She kept saying “they have preps like we do, daddy!”. Anything I can use to help reinforce to my daughter the preps and things we do every day, is always appreciated. She couldn’t wait to go to school the next day and tell her friends all about it.

  12. My problem with biodiesel is that it takes more energy to make it than it produces. How much energy is required in planting/harvesting? How much fuel is in the pesticides/fertilizers? How much energy is used to process/extract the biodiesel from the corn/soybean/cotton?

    It’s an unsustainable method and the way scientist are solving this problem is through GM.

    Personally I think solar is a better answer. An acre of the best crop produces maybe 150 gallons of biodiesel per year and that doesn’t take into account how much fuel was required to produce that 150 gallons. One acre of solar panels will produce ~4000 kwh per day. A gallon of diesel is equivalent to ~40kwh, so take your pick: 150 gallons per acre per year or 36,500 gallons per acre per year.

    True there is a large input of energy to build and install those solar panels but it’s a one time energy expense.