Episode-1440- Listener Calls for 10-3-14 — 44 Comments

  1. Wow, $10 to $12 dollar silver, $800 gold? I would love to see that. I’m a stacker in general but if we see these prices I’ll go well above the 10% of net worth I try to hold at.

    • I’m all for stacking chips. Who cares about the absolute bottom. On the other hand, don’t let the bubble tops change your perspective. 15 dollar silver isn’t exactly “cheap”, historically.

      Purely financial assets (e.g paper gold contracts) get huge bubbles because of leverage (i.e. debt) and if the Fed doesn’t continue the same rate of monetary flow, then total debt will decrease. You know what happens when you use a cheater bar (leverage) but the thing your using it against shifts or is otherwise able to force the cheater bar the other direction (maybe b/c you let go, for example)? You get hit in the face. Hard. Leverage is a bitch.

      Consider prices as having components and in this case we have a “paper” and a “real” component. The paper component is hugely inflated. 2002 gives a reference for what it looked like before the huge “paper” inflation occurred. Gold was $300 and silver was I think 4. It’s just a reference point.

      I admit I could be wrong, it’s just a bunch of “possibilities”. I’ve been studying economics and finance seriously from both the keynesian and austrian perspectives for over 15 years. I had the pleasure of studying under Dr. Walter Block, a senior fellow at the Mises Institute. I’m also an inactive CPA for whatever that is worth. Really all that education tells me I have no idea wtf is gonna happen (which is why I’ll be working on my greenhouse today, lol) and so I think in terms of probabilities.

      There was an article recently one of Obama’s former chief economists is already starting to sell the idea of dropping the reserve status of the dollar. Of course they present it like it’s their option, lol. In any case, that tells you they know and are prepared for that to happen.

      But that will take time. In the mean time dollar strength is the policy. Pay close attention to the changing winds.

      I think we most likely see a strong dollar and rising rates for about a year, fueled by collapsing debt (and probably stock market but that has yet to happen), then once Rus/Chi get their financial system operating smoothly and the oligarchs have leveraged the strong dollar to rob the sheep of real assets (buying up “cheap” silver and gold) the excess worldwide USD liquidity will come flooding home.

      Also I would recommend everyone consider using bitcoin. It (or a derivative) might become the only way to…do a lot of things.

      Good luck everyone.

    • There are and I don’t mean to diminish their contributions. However, 8 of 58,000 plus you can see why I used the term men unless you just don’t want to.

  2. So I went to the genforward website and if I sign up for email updates do you really want me to be quiet about it or is that just a way to create hype because you know no one will keep their mouth shut. Reminds me of the secret way the government doesn’t want you to save on your energy bill sign up here and don’t tell anyone.

    • You can tell people about the page but what I don’t want is anyone telling anyone anything you learn by being on the list until we say it is okay. It really isn’t hype it is just the way we want to do things. We don’t really want exactly what it is going to be released until the IndieGoGO is live.

  3. Jack

    Just a heads up… Genfoward Terms link leads to a Spanish language (I think) legal document. Makes it tough to know what you are agreeing to when you signup.

    • I think it is Latin. It has been many years since I studied Latin but what my memory tells it is gibberish.

      Couple words those not familiar with Latin may recognize ‘semper’ (from the Marines motto – means always), ‘vitae’ (from C.V. – means life). Not to say these words don’t exist in another language.

      Also note the paragraphs are repeated, paragraphs 3,5,6, and 8 are the same as are 4 and 7.

      My guess is it is a place holder.

  4. I am just curious about Genforward – why on November 10. For me personally it is a important date for at least two reasons: it is my mother’s birthday and on that day 25 years ago in a small country far, far away a chain of events has started that changed many people’s lives in a TEOTWAWKI style and that allowed me to come to USA and to listen to this show.
    I hope Genforward brings the same positive change in people’s lives.

  5. Have not listened yet but I think the gist is “Don’t buy silver if you have not got six months food put away”. Or “Don’t buy silver if you have to rely on it for immediate cash”

    I stack with extra cash that simply is not worth much in the bank. As Greg Mannarino points out, we are below the cost of production now, I can’t ever see physical get to $10 oz, paper might but my local silver guy simply runs out when prices get too low. I can’t see much below $16 at this point

  6. Out of curiousity I did a quick serch for pastured pork and beef austin texas and found a group called called Eat Wild I do not know anything aobut them yet. They list farms selling pasture raised meat on their Texas page they have a map of farm and it looks like there are few around Austin. The caller might want to talk to some of them.

    There criteria for being listed

    Looks like they have similar information for all the states and Canada might be a good resource for others to find places to buy or for market research.

  7. completely off topic… :

    What is the link to the rechargeable lights that you plug in and allow you light to get to your black out kit?

    I know you posted it before but for the life of me… I can”t find it.
    “Dragging my wife along!”


  8. Concerning webworms, I have about 145 old growth native pecan trees on my 6 acres. When we moved here 4 yrs ago the webworms were very prevalent, although as Jack said not endangering the trees. I read that the pest that becomes the webworm winters in the leaves and that disposing of the leaves would eliminate or severely reduce them.
    I raked the leaves and disposed of them for two years and left them last year. Haven’t had a webworm for the last three years. Leaves had been mulched by mower previous to our acquisition. I won’t be raking the leaves this year, but will next when our every 3rd year crop comes in.

    Thanks for the show.

    • Good stuff, I imagine just running them though a shredder would take care of most it, then it could be returned to the ground. Most things don’t live if put though a shredder, LOL.

    • No not really, the amendment was passed in 1868.

      It wasn’t until the 1920s that the BOR was incorporated by Supreme Court decisions and they used the Fourteenth as justification for it.

      This is very subjective interpenetration of the 14th, very subjective indeed.

      When the 14th was ratified none of the states felt they were giving up any sovereignty on any of the other amendments.

      The court then simply decided if the 14th applied to the states, the rest did too. It took even longer for the BOR to be enforced on the states though for all amendments.

      Here is some info on it, I know Wiki isn’t the end all but this is accurate,

  9. golf cart wiring
    If you the 6 gc batteries wired up to make 36v you still have 3 12v batteries sitting there. You can flip the seat up and clamp your 800w invertor to the first 2 batteries to tap into 12 volts. When the low power alarm beeps, you can move over to the next 2 batteries. You need to know what you are looking at, but it isn’t hard. You can use a test meter to double check your work before you clamp on your invertor.
    Tapping the battery bank like this will put an unequal drain on your golf cart. You can equalize the bank by charging each 6v battery individually when the power returns. Sure it isn’t the best way and it will not work with the newer 8v cells, but it does work.
    It’s been awhile, but old golf carts and even the duece and 113’s did the same thing to get 12v circuits. I think dash lights were only 12v not 24v.

    • Yea Steve Harris emailed me about this. I have a bit of a problem understanding this.

      If I have 6×6 batteries all in one series I have 36 volts. I have a hard time understanding how I get twelve volts without disconnecting 4 of the batteries. I believe it, I just don’t get it.

      I mean they are all connected.

    • Jack, picture it as 2 12v batteries set up for 24v like a military truck. If I clamp the invertor to one of the 12v batteries I only get 12v because only one battery is in the circuit with the invertor. The rest of the circuit doesn’t matter to the invertor. It only “sees” the single 12v battery that it is clamped on.
      So in the case of the golf cart, it only “sees” 2 6v batteries giving it 12v in total. The rest of the bank just sits there, untapped and unused.

      • Okay, that makes sense. If I want 24VDC on a 5 ton I have to grab the far ends of it.

        Every play with a Hemtt. 2 in series and 2 in parallel. Changing out the batteries on a few in one day wears you out, those fricken things are heavy.

        We got hit with a recall on some in 92. The company had 18 Hemtts and one 63S, I was that 63S. That is 72 of those damned things in one day.

        • Guess I should haved signed in as Mike from NJ. Not to be confused with that other Mike 🙂
          Yes, exactly.
          Nah, I never fooled around with those. I enlisted as 11B1P but our airbourne unit was promtly shut down during the Clinton cut backs. I transfered to a mech unit but stayed infantry until I grew tired of it. Every drill seemed to be eighter breaching a wire obsticle and assaulting a bunker or assaulting a bunker and then breaching a wire obsticle. By then I was old enough to want to learn something useful. I was able to become a track mechanic and stay with same company.

  10. To add a bit of further context to the Iraq death topic. 9/11 the “turning point” for the western world killed 3,000 people. 66,000 / 3,000 = 22. The war in Iraq which was (in a “way”) the response from 9/11 killed 22 TIMES more people, by us. That would be like “9/11” occurring in 22 major american cities. That is using those statistics which who knows the “real” number.

    The vietnam war memorial is definitely a VERY powerful experience. Living in the DC area I went to the war memorials numerous times. It’s so just so long. You go to the WW2 memorial and it has these stars and you’re like whoa that’s a lot of stars. Well, those represent 100 men each. Mind blowing. The one thing that somebody should pull away from those memorials at a minimum is war is not cool, glorious or anything else. Still trying to comprehend the number of Russians dead in WW2 is a hard thing to do.

    The Civil War in the US is even worse. Just in the south alone something like 5% of the entire population was killed. That would be like 15,000,000 people dead (by population comparisons, just using 300 million today).

    • Good point Mike and keep in mind those are not all lives lost in Iraq, JUST Iraqi civilians.

      Total losses were much higher,

      Classified US military documents released by WikiLeaks in October 2010, record Iraqi and Coalition military deaths between January 2004 and December 2009. The documents record 109,032 deaths broken down into “Civilian” (66,081 deaths), “Host Nation” (15,196 deaths),”Enemy” (23,984 deaths), and “Friendly” (3,771 deaths).

      Estimates are actually all over the map. Ranging from this number to as high as 600,000, I purposefully picked a very conservative estimate.

      • I know you did and at least to a person like me, made the point all that much more important. Even the biased numbers (which look favorable, likely, to the US) aren’t pretty.

        I should have pointed out what you said in your post bigger. That is JUST the number of casualties WE inflicted directly. Does not include from the other side, or from where its not directly war related, etc, etc. How about we point out the 5,000 troops killed in Iraq?

        I think most people are willing to get “the point” but just don’t really want to. (They’d rather focus their attention elsewhere). I get that, but its one of those things that if you take in totality your opinions and your beliefs about things when you take into account THOSE facts, it should temper your thoughts. Which is exactly what you said on the podcast. I get the idea and the mantra “kill them over there so they don’t come over here”. Yeah but it isn’t “that simple”. They’re not on the war ships getting ready to sail to the US. They can’t even claim anymore that its like Afghanistan prior to 9/11 where they had camps and bases for Al Qaida to train. It’s now a ferret out “the enemy war.”

        I certainly understand (more than most) the “enemy” abroad. I’m well aware of the amount of “enemy” that isn’t even from the local country. Putting that to the side for a moment, how many “insurgents” were killed that we should probably ALSO pile into the civilian numbers to point out the number of people dead from their communities? Talk about a major scar. I just laugh when people talk about insurgents because I think of this situation.

        Russia/China no longer like how the US government is treating its civilians so they send all sorts of troops in to “secure the situation” and stop the unrest. How many “insurgents” do we think are going to pop out of the wood work, who had zero political or ideological dog in the fight to all of a sudden fight the Russians/Chinese? Especially if shit sucks, what else can you do? There is no work, there is no prospects, life sucks and they’re here telling you you can’t do this or that, they raided some persons home next door who didn’t do a damn thing (at least in your mind, it doesn’t matter), and you’re going to sit there? Poppycock. It’s hard for me to think EVERYONE ELSE on earth should put up with that.

  11. Sweet show. Specially like the bit about business, LLC and such. Also, the dynamics of wood mulch.

  12. About the whole TV & violent society thing….

    Jack was absolutely right about the desensitizing effects of media.

    But, I’ve gotta say, I don’t think the caller’s choice of show is the best example.

    Before going on–I’ll admit, I’m a fan of the books in the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series, and also of the television GAME OF THRONES adaptation.

    And, yes, I think it’s a great series, but if, like Jack, you want to avoid some graphic violence and quite a bit of nudity/sex, it’s not a show you want to watch. (Or a book series you want to read.)

    Of course, that applies to basically *any* HBO show–they seem to feel constitutionally obligated to introduce nudity and/or sex into every episode of a show, just because they can.

    But part of the premise of GOT is that the medieval world was brutal. And like it or not, George Martin has a logical explanation for including sex in his series.

    I am a little curious about why the caller, after every horrific and violent thing that has been depicted in the show, was tipped over by this bit (Which actually makes sense on both levels).

    Having said that, I don’t think something like GOT is the thing to target. It has reasons for its violence.

    What’s disturbing are the horror movies.
    HIGH TENSION (thank you, Frenchies)
    *These* are the movies where death and torture are entertainment.

    These are the movies where people try to think of the most horrific ways to kill a person–and then audience members cheer. “Game of Thrones” is violent, but I haven’t seen it revel in Gorn.

    • I actually disagree. The movies you’ve mentioned are intentionally for shock value, whereas the insidious nature of setting the bar continually higher on violence and nudity would be in things that people watch often and generally don’t pay it much time. People (most) don’t watch violent horror movies on a daily basis.

      You could make the same argument regarding the creators had a “reason” for any movie or tv show you’d like. One of the primary reasons I even felt like replying is you mention Saw. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the saw series because of the philosophical overtones of living a thorough and meaningful life. The entire series is based on fixing ourselves and not letting the nonsense of the now stand in our way from doing that, and given the opportunity to see our faults we should take the time to correct them. Unfortunately most people in the movies decide not to.

      Brutal? Sure not going to disagree there. Here’s another “reasonable” argument. Horror movies are supposed to be scary and shockingly brutal, you’re not necessarily supposed to “enjoy” it. However, shows like GOT violence and sex becomes nonchalant. You see somebody get killed and it doesn’t even blip on your radar. One could point out the fact you don’t feel anything (or much) about the show is evidence enough. As I keep thinking about it, you kind of shot your point in the foot because you admit its a violent and sex laden show and then call it great (regardless of those). That would mean you’re de-sensitized enough that all that stuff is “meh, whatever” no big deal. That’s desensitization. (Let me clear the record that I am NO snow flake and probably more desensitized than most people).

      Although my thing is comedy, I rarely watch action or drama movies where a lot of that stuff occurs.

      • And I have to disagree with you, Mike.

        “The movies you’ve mentioned are intentionally for shock value.”
        I disagree with that assessment. “Shock” is something that pops you in the nose, something you’ve not expecting. The traditional horror movie “guy jumps out of a closet.”

        These aren’t that. They are slow, deliberate set ups. It’s not shock–by the time the thing happens, the audience absolutely knows what is coming. And this audience *wants* to see whatever dismemberment is happening.

        “the insidious nature of setting the bar continually higher on violence and nudity”
        Again, I would point to horror movies.
        Yes, I know what you said, but how many people do you think are hitting rewind so they can rewatch *just* the violence or nudity on GOT? (Outside of the HSQ, that is.)
        But people will rewatch torture-porn movies like I mentioned.

        “You could make the same argument regarding the creators had a ‘reason’ for any movie or TV show you’d like.”
        OK, Mike. The French movie I mentioned, HIGH TENSION. The initial slaughter scene in that movie–please present me with a reason for the decapitation other than some sickos getting their jollies off with Goldberg-esque deaths.

        Oh, SAW?
        “the philosophical overtones of living a thorough and meaningful life”
        What the hell are you talking about?
        At best, the “philosophy” of living a better life is the delusion that the serial killer uses to defend his actions to himself.

        If he really was trying to help people, why kill or terrorize so many innocents?

        The SAW series is not about “fixing ourselves”–it’s about bear traps, racks of shotguns, hacksaws, acid, and a lot of other fracked-up stuff.

        “Horror movies are supposed to be scary…. you’re not supposed to enjoy it.”
        I guess you missed the bus.
        Because your pet movie series was basically the scion of the modern torture-porn movie genre.

        “You kind of shot your point in the foot….”
        It IS a great series of books. And a TV series almost as great.
        But some people don’t like some content.

        Some people don’t want to see nudity in a show or movie.
        Some people don’t want to see realistic violence in a show or movie.
        Some people don’t want to see a work that supports the idea of a God; some people don’t want to see a work that opposes that idea.
        Some people don’t want a particular political party to ever be depicted as having any clue about anything.

        In fact, some people don’t want to watch a particular movie simply because they don’t like the actor/actress starring in it.
        (Ironically, that’s the exact opposite of how Hollywood executive think it works.)

        It is a great series. Book or TV.
        If someone, like Jack, says that they don’t want to see that level of violence, then however good the series may be, the responsible thing is to say, “Well, you probably won’t like it. It’s not for your tastes.”

        Or are you saying that you would recommend a movie to someone when you know they would think it disgusting?

        “You see somebody get killed and it doesn’t even blip on your radar.”
        “…the fact you don’t feel anything (or much) about the show is evidence…”
        “you’re de-sensitized enough that all that stuff is ‘meh, whatever’ “

        Why, THANK YOU!!!
        Thank you for telling me what I think and feel, Mike.
        If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know.

        • Troll much? I replied with a different view point than you, and then you take it personal. I disagree with literally every sentence you’ve written. Rather than discuss the issue like a rational adult you’ve decided you’ll take the dick swinging ad hominim approach. You didn’t make a single argument in your entire response, except stating mine was incorrect, stating what you believe (without addressing a single one of my points) and then moving on.

          Your problem is you clearly fail to see any other possibility other than your own. Since I speak my own opinion, every opinion I made therefore HAS to be true, negating just about everything you’ve said, since, apparently, you speak everyone and only deal in absolutes.


          “The SAW series is not about “fixing ourselves”–it’s about bear traps, racks of shotguns, hacksaws, acid, and a lot of other fracked-up stuff.”
          That would be YOUR opinion. I disagree completely. Therefore both opinions exist, in your mind, and your writing, you think there is one, namely yours. Why would they even bother with developing the story and the depths of the characters? Just to add to the goriness? Please. If you see horrow movies more as pleasure than horror, you speak volumes about yourself. Oh but I guess you meant OTHER people see it that way… Right.

          “:These aren’t that. They are slow, deliberate set ups. It’s not shock–by the time the thing happens, the audience absolutely knows what is coming. And this audience *wants* to see whatever dismemberment is happening.”

          Again that is YOUR opinion. If I like the Saw series, and I do NOT do that, then what does that make your statement besides completely and totally incorrect?

          Also I don’t have a “pet” horror movie, nor any series. You should probably stick to what people actually say, instead of going for the ad hominm which apparently is your only standing ground. It’s quite clear that you got butt hurt because jack said something you disagreed with your “pet” tv series. This is the most eye rolling thing somebody could get bent out of shape about.

          Do you think people in the 1700s (ignore they’ve ever seen television) would watch GOT and shrug at the levels of violence and sex because of its “stellar story”? I’d assume not. While that scenario certainly can’t be proven, I’m sure my 70 something grandmother wouldn’t be too happy to see it. Why? She didn’t grow up watching said kinds of things and therefore her tolerance is significantly lower.

          Show a child Hellraiser and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Wow, Mike. I never would’ve guessed you were such a piece of work.

        “Rather than discuss the issue like a rational adult you’ve decided to take the dick swinging ad hominem approach”

        Nice projection there, buddy.

        I *did* discuss–oh, perhaps a few times I responded snarkily (Is that a word yet? It is now, I guess). You… didn’t.

        I stated that I *disagreed* with you–in fact, I said that TWICE before getting into the nitty-gritty of my response.

        But ad hominems? Sorry, pal, only one of us has used that arsenal, and from the beginning:
        “the fact that you don’t feel anything (or much) about the show…”
        “you’re desensitized enough that all that stuff is ‘meh, whatever’”
        “Troll much?”
        “If you see horrow [sic] movies more as pleasure than horror”

        “You didn’t make a single argument…”

        Well… That’s just a flat-out lie, homes.
        I made several arguments.

        The problem is that apparently you don’t want to respond to them.

        (Okay, at this point, I’m going to try to drop the buddy/pal/homes thesaurus I’ve apparently been using.)

        …Oh, and you’re trying to act indignant that a lot of what I wrote was opinion, *after* my first two – two – statements were “I disagree”?

        …And if every opinion you make “HAS” to be true, because it’s your own, then logically it follows that every opinion I form ALSO has to be true, because its mine own.

        But that doesn’t mean I have to accept your opinion as truth just because you don’t like mine. And it doesn’t mean I have no right to question your viewpoint.

        And this appears to be the crux of the problem between us, Mike – you disagreed with me, yes, but when I disagreed with you, I had the audacity to *question* your opinion, and that seems to be when you flipped your s4!7.

        And I’m going to question it again.
        “the philosophical overtones of living a thorough and meaningful life…. Fixing ourselves….”
        Okay. Allow me to dismantle that, without even using complete sentences:
        Through pop-culture osmosis, I can add bear-trap girl.
        I’m sure the sequels could have given me even more examples, but I don’t hate myself enough to have watched them.

        By the way:
        “If I like the Saw series, and I do NOT do that”
        “I actually thoroughly enjoyed the saw series….”

        …..Well, which is it, Mike? Did you enjoy the father of modern torture-porn, or didn’t you?
        And you can’t argue away that statement. The first SAW movie kicked off the horror movie subgenre commonly called “torture porn.” It did. And you said you liked the *series.*

        ….and, just for the hell of it:
        “If I like the Saw series…. Then what does that make your statement besides completely and totally incorrect?”

        It absolutely does not invalidate my statement for the simple reason that even if your stated reason for liking the SAW series, which is a load of crap as previously mentioned, was correct, are you saying that you had no idea bloody death was about to happen at certain points?

        “…people in the 1700s…”
        Oh, GTFO.
        Name a single modern TV show, and I’m pretty sure there’s something they (1700s) would find offensive or objectionable in it.
        Hell, they might be *more* comfortable watching GAME OF THRONES than SEX AND THE CITY or GIRLS.

        (By the way, in the late 1700s/early 1800s particularly, the Romance/Gothic genre was pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable to “modern” audiences. Yeah, it was tame compared to today, but it was the stuff you would have read in secret under your sheets with a candle. …Until the candle lit the sheets afire , of course.)

        “you should probably stick to what people actually say, instead of going for the ad hominem….”
        Oh, that is rich, for reasons previously mentioned.

        “Show a child Hellraiser and you’ll see what I mean.”
        I don’t have to.
        I AM that child.
        When I was a kid, I went to a birthday sleepover. For some reason, we kids had a copy of CHILDS PLAY.
        I had nightmares for weeks, at least.
        Now please go back to my initial response where I said some people don’t want to see some content.

        Oh, and for bonus points:
        “It’s quite clear that you got butt hurt because jack said something you disagreed with…”

        Oh, yes. As evidenced by my statement “Jack was absolutely right.”

        …Okay, Mike. I know I can be drawn out into a tangent.
        But this is going to go nowhere.
        Unless you actually respond to something that I *did* say, instead of your trolling remarks (and, yeah you’re the only one making such comments here), I’m going to try (try) to stop here.

        It’s been screwy.
        Apparently we disagree.
        Can you just let it go?

  13. Jack you were spot on for Jesse with the reference to the San Diego Rare Fruit Growers Me and my wife went there the month before last and had a blast. The one we went to had a local expert on Cherimoyas. I know they have a yearly Scion wood exchange that would likely be a great place to get new wood. Also they have a raffle at the end of the meeting for Plants, seeds and cuttings that people come in with. We threw in $20 in tickets and walked away with easily $50-80 dollars worth of plants. It is definitely a good place to be for fruit and vegetable nerds. They do group buys of plants and trees as well.

  14. Jack it was cool hearing Walden Heights Nursery on the show. I know you got it from a simple search, but I can vouch for them. I was driving home when I heard you suggest it for scion wood. At the time I was about 10 minutes from Walden heights nursery. Todd is a good guy and he grows a ton of varieties. He is very interested in educating folks on said varieties. He sells antonovka seeds and by chance a town over from Ben Hewitt, the immersion learning guy.
    Every year about this time he does a tasting of about 100 varieties.

  15. Hey What is the episode that has the interview with Mark Sheppard? Couldn’t find it in the search bar. Thank you!

  16. The caller that had the question about a cattle start up, from how he describes his location, he sounds very close to me and would like to touch base with him about when he thinks he might be starting up. I for one would like to have a cow and/ or pig in my freezer but haven’t the room to raise them and would like someone local to work some sort of deal with