CAC Teams – A Call Out to Help Hurricane Refugees in Texas — 10 Comments

  1. I just talked to Steven. I live in Ft. Worth and am planning on taking supplies down but I’m unsure exactly when. Does anyone want to go with me & we can pool resources?

  2. I think there is going to be a need for hurricane assistance down here throughout the entire month of September. But now is not the time to try and get into Houston.

    I’m on the north side of Houston. At noon Sunday hundreds of roadways were flooded all around town and transportation is not advised at this time. Have been monitoring emergency services freq. and there are many rescue operations in progress. Most I’ve heard so far have been around flooded apartment projects.

    I’ve been videoing events since Friday and uploaded a condensed 8 min YouTube video here:

    So far, mostly the areas that flood regularly have been impacted. However, we’ve reached a point of ground saturation and the big atypical flooding problems will be starting soon if we keep getting rain. Luckily, so far, the rain has come in waves so there’s been time for waters to recede before the next deluge.

    Tornados have been spotted in cypress and humble but no reports of damage. Tornados and flooding will be the big threats going forward. I’ve measured 13.5″ rain here since Friday night but I know areas to the southwest of Houston have had much more.

    If you need local assistance or additional information on conditions you can email me at gmail; mike centex life (as 1 word).

  3. Hello my name is SGT. James Gallagher (RET. Army) I live in Michigan and I would like to volunteer my time to aid the citizens that were affected by the hurricane in Texas my contact info; phone number is 517-317-3201 . Thank You for your time

  4. I am straight west of Houston in Sealy. As I write this I have had 18 inches since the start an it hasn’t let up much. Very happy I am not in the Houston metro area.

  5. Just saw this post and have answered your call for a donation. Godspeed and stay safe out there.

  6. Can’t get down there, as I’m in the big sandbox. But I can sure donate to an organization I’m sure will actually use the money for what it’s intended.

  7. Thanks for organizing something like this, Jack and Steven. I donated some smackers and I’ll be helping out from now on. God bless.