CAC Team Activated for Hurricane Michael — 10 Comments

  1. We would like to come up and help out. If we head up tomorrow morning, where could we head to? Who can we meet up with to help?

    • There is a process. First sign up as a volunteer. Then you will get a couple of additional instructions. Activation means get ready, and be prepared, we may call you. Once there is a concrete mission, which we deemed safe, we Deploy. When deployment starts, roles may include recon scouts (phone and on the ground), supply acquisition and delivery (food water diapers etc), or even working physically with other relief groups. Hope this helps.

  2. Great work guys, when I watch the news wouldn’t even think that a hurricane had even made land fall in the USA.  It’s like there’s no political benefit to broadcasting the impact of the storm.  However, thanks to CAC our fellow Americans are getting the assistance they need. Keep up the good work and hard work has not gone unnoticed.

  3. Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for volunteering and supporting our relief efforts. It is so nice to see how this community comes together!

    Nicole Sauce

  4. Hi All!  We want to sincerely thank all of you who are stepping up to help us fulfill our mission.  Our first wave of supplies are in transit to Florida and we have a large group of volunteers waiting to get them organized and ready to be shipped when they arrive.  The TSP community rocks!