Episode-2395- Joshua Sloan with an Update on Citizens Assisting Citizens — 8 Comments

  1. Great show Jack!  Thank you so much for your continued support of CAC.  And Josh, you rocked it!  We couldn’t have asked for a better spokesperson.  We’re so excited for the future of CAC and it totally came through in the show.

    Erin Martin aka Lighthorse

    Executive Director

    Citizens Assisting Citizens, Inc.

  2. Great show! Thank you for the publicity Joshua and Jack. The CAC Team are doing great things.

  3. Thanks for your ongoing contributions as well Andy! I have faith CAC will reach its goal and do great things. It was really excellent to talk with Jack about Citizens Assisting Citizens!

  4. To give some credit where it’s due, starting a non-profit is a real beast. I’m on the board of 2 non-profits that are both more than a decade old. CAC is well on its way to surpassing where they are because the mission is clear and the results are real/visible. Making it fully operational to the extent CAC has in less than a decade is an accomplishment. I know the initial roll-out wasn’t a full implementation of the original vision, but it was a helluva start. The HARVEY/MICHAEL response really showed that it works.

    I look forward to what CAC is going to do in the future and am confident that it can continue growing based on the real results that it has demonstrated.

    Keep it up! And I’ll do what I can where/when I can. I’ve realized that in my professional role in a public utility, it may be best for me to support by asking for CAC support in areas and working with them rather than as a part of it. Not what I expected, but such is life. I’m really proud and thankful of the support to the Gulf Coast and my company’s customers that CAC has provided.

  5. During Florence we had a volunteer who never worked with us because he had to deploy with the sheriff’s dept but he fed us info, including pictures, of road closures, conditions, needs etc… That sort of info is invaluable. In your work you’d be getting paid to do your work and could also help us immensely with on-the-ground info and pictures. Things like road closures are crucial to know because we are often guiding our volunteers from and to distribution centers. TX has an amazing site with that info but other states really don’t. If you’d be willing to do that it could keep our volunteers out of harm’s way by helping us guide them safely.

    We can find use for almost anything people are willing and able to provide.
    Can’t help us with any time or money but have a secure shed we can use to store things? HUGE!
    Can’t do anything but text me a picture as you work of a closed road? HUGE!
    Can’t do anything but connect us with a local business owner who wants to help? HUGE!
    Only have 30 minutes to donate a day? Great! Here’s a list of hotels to call with phone numbers and scripts to see if they can donate needed supplies to us. If you find one who can help, let us know and we’ll handle the rest.

    We can often turn “small” things into massively impactful things but the first step is telling us what you can offer. We never want anyone to think they can’t help in some way. Thank you for your comment!