Episode-2485- John Bush on Kratom — 11 Comments

  1. John Bush, Still sounds like addiction to me. It also sounds like you might have nutritional issues especially the minerals.

    …Yup he just said that (about addiction). I am super glad I don’t have a need or desire for this stuff. Although I do drink coffee, and the withdrawal from coffee is really bad.

    I know the (ADD) overwhelm. I might change my mind, we’ll see. I currently have Ritalin on stand-by for those times. I never used Adderall.

    The CBD oil sounds like a better product to me.

    I’d prefer to solve, rather than mask, my problems.


    • I would say “potentially addictive” which applies to almost every bio reactive substance consumed by humans.

  2. Oh you weren’t kidding, that is a totally awful Version of that song! Sounds like he drank a little to much and practiced way to little.

  3. Wow, that song was breathtakingly bad.  I had never heard it or even heard of it, so I powered through until the end, just on principle.  My ears hurt so bad I considered a Kratom order.

  4. I didn’t go back and re-listen, but did John say he has a sample available for the price of shipping & handling only?
    Is there a link to take advantage of that deal? I didn’t see it on his website.

    • Ha, JimS, go up to the notes above, you will see under resources for todays show, “Try a Free Ounce of Kratom from John” click that link.

  5. O M G !!
    I looked at the show notes and saw the link under that one and clicked to his website.
    Thanks for not mocking me. I certainly deserved an “Open your eyes fool!”

    Thanks, Jack, ya jerk! 😉

  6. Thanks for the interview, John! I attended your Non-Violent Communication workshop at Porcfest 2018. I might have told you this, but I share it for the rest – I lost my dog to cancer the month before and I gave her Kratom which gave us all a few quality days. This was in consultation with a holistic vet and with Rx.