12 Bulletproof Homestead Techniques – Epi-3325 — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve listened to many Podcast as I’ve been growing up as a man from the age of 40 when I finally started growing up. I’m 46 about to turn 47. This is the best Podcast I’ve ever heard in my life and I have to listen to it again for the 3rd time with paper and pin in my hand and right every freaking thing you said. Unless you have it all Printed out somewhere. I love what you do And how you teach. On one of your lives a few weeks ago I told you that I’ve been listening to you for a couple of months and my knowledge and production has increased by 300%. I was so impressed that you responded to one of my comments even though you went the fuck off and did not really understand what my comment was trying to say. I really was impressed that you read my comment & even gave a response.

  2. Any reliable sources for the aquatic vegetation, like azolla, water hyacinth, etc.?