Episode-476- Building That Better Life — 10 Comments

  1. I am going to make my 16-year-old son listen to today’s podcast, Jack. It will be a GREAT reality-check for him. Excellent information and compelling delivery. A very solid podcast. Thanks!

  2. re: that 70-yo “ex”-marine – you just described my FIL to a “T.” He is still a marine, thank you very much, and while he can barely get around, I think that if the Marine Commandant showed up at his door tomorrow, you would never see an old geezer stand so straight in your life.

    Now I will go finish listening to the erst of the podcast 😉

  3. @Rick don’t know what you can make 16 year olds do, they seem to have a mind of their own, but this is a good one for them. My 16 year old daughter usually complains when I’m listening and she is in the room. My 13 year old often listens in. Today my 16 year old listened in, no complaints, many smiles on her end.

  4. Jack!

    I love the fact that you replied to my comments from the last show on air. That was great. I have no problems with your veiw points of them as well. (I posted a reply to your reply before listening to the this episode.)

    Also a huge pat on the back for pointing out the difference between having wants and being entitled to things. Good job!

    If I can think of a question, I’ll call you up.

  5. @Polar bear, Please note when I said the media tell us this or that (Bush for instance) I wasn’t inferring that you said those things, just that those things are said by media and lead people to similar conclusions.

  6. You nailed it on the SCHEDULE time with family. My wives friends thought we were crazy when they found out we scheduled our time together, and for family activities just as I do for all my business travel and meetings.

    It might be strange, but it works! Once I take the appointment, it has the same priority as a meeting with a group VP to make a pitch. I’m never late or miss the meeting, and the kids are even starting to figure out that if it’s on the calendar, it happens.

    Thanks for the great show!

  7. @Brian,

    I have never really understood why anyone (including my wife at first) is even remotely put off by this. I asked my wife, “do you have everyone’s birthday marked on the calendar”, of course the answer was yes. So I said, “do you have them there because you don’t care enough to remember them or because you care enough to make sure you don’t forget”, she said a funny bit of mumbling with a few curse words that had something to do with dealing with a jackass that was to damn good at making a point. LOL

  8. Jack,

    AWESOME point in distinguishing between deserving and feeling entitled. That has always been a sticking point for me with certain philosophies out there. I’ve always figured that you deserved something becuase of what you’ve done, but really it’s the other way around. You deserve something because of who you are, and who you are determines what you do. BIG difference.

    Thanks for the enlightening – Keep it up!

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