Building Mobile and Stationary Back Up Power Workshop With Steven Harris — 13 Comments

  1. Sounds like a good workshop! And a bargain at that ($100!?!). I wish I could make it. Jack isn’t lyin’ when he says he doubts he can feed you for that $100. I’d go back just for Jack’s brisket. And to hang out with Steven Harris for 3 days……

    • Sorry to disappoint you, Jesse, but it’s going to be $400-500 for all students except those who will bring their truck and be a “demonstration” truck. Read the second to last paragraph carefully.

    • D’oh!!

      That’s what happens when I screw around on the internet when I should have been working.

  2. Any way the Steve Harris shopping list can be published for those of us who can’t make it?

  3. Hi Jack, Valentines day could be an issue for some people. I’m building one for my truck right now. I’m sure the class will be awesome.

  4. Oh man, I would drive my truck from NC for this but I will not be in the states on those dates. Please post all the info possible.


    • Videos that show you exactly how to do it are available from Steve here,

      We always shoot some video but since this is a product Steve makes a living on we won’t want to compete with it.

  5. WOW, depending on price I would definitely like to particpate. I have a truck and a toolbox!
    Looking forward to seeing the price.

  6. Depending on final dates, I’ve got a truck, live local and have been meaning to do a system anyways. So, let me know if you still have a truck opening.

  7. Have diesel truck and will travel. Would like to do a 4 battery array in my toolbox!

    I want one of the truck slots!!!

    • I am taking people in the order they email me on that, line if forming but I am guessing the materials cost is about 1200 bucks. So I am needing firm commitments as they come in.