Episode-2010- Nicole Sauce on Building Local Demand in a Niche Market — 7 Comments

  1. Ha! I remember that in the small upstate NY town where I lived the anti-war liberals would gather on the corner every Saturday to protest “Bush’s War…” The weekend after the 2008 election I looked for them, but they were nowhere to be found. They never returned to demonstrate against “Obama’s War…”

  2. Small point, but possibly defamation so I think it’s worth noting — in this year in music segment you read Bobby Brown beats Rihanna. Bobby Brown was famously arrested for battery against Whitney Houston. It was Chris Brown who was involved in the domestic abuse with Rihanna. Different dudes

  3. Great interview and thanks for introducing us to Nicole and her podcast! I really love your permaculture and gardening segments, and her podcast definitely has a similar vibe. I’ve only listened to two episodes so far, but it definitely got my subscribe.

  4. Just bought my coffee. Thanks Jack and Nicole. Love the story and as a small business owner found many good points made. Coming to you from very liberal Los Angeles, California. Sure wish you guys were neighbors!

  5. When Nichole mentioned people getting locked in to website plans with DIY platforms that are very limited and then Jack talking about the pay-to-play crap, I raised my hand. Heck, Nichole took a direct look at my website backend the other day and told me I’m kinda screwed if I wanted it to do what I was asking – eh, shit. I want to keep the current look but yea, the options are limited in how I need it to work.
    I just got out of a WordPress hosting/site and in to Wix because I could never figure it out, even with all the tutorials. Now even with all the money sunk in to it, I’m trying to decide if I need to take the plunge again.

    • WP can look like ANYTHING you want. Talk to Blake Akers he recrated the look and feel of from the GoDaddy bullshit builder to WP.