Everything is Falling Apart, Time to Build – Epi-3291 — 16 Comments

  1. Jack, I am not real big on the current events stuff, but I am sure others are. But I say this to add — thanks for talking about solutions, instead of just problems. That’s why I still tune in periodically 12 years after first discovering your show!

  2. It was a dairy farm i live here not a factory farm. I’m not sure but think they captured methane at that particular place. Also there are hundreds of dairy’s around here and I don’t think the one will effect the food supply. But one of the largest meat packers in the US is nearby in friona and in hereford. Both within 40 miles of this dairy and they both have methane collection possibly to a larger extent. That would put a giant hole in he food supply.

    • Well then our definition of farm differs.

      Sure it was a place they kept and milked cows, but no situation that allows 18K cows to die in one explosion/fire can be called a farm with honest use of the word.

      Methane is likely what blew up but to kill 18K animals of any kind in one event requires that the entire thing was under roof in a factory set up.

      I’d love to see a picture of this “farm” before this event. I bet it looks like what it was, a factory full of cows.

  3. If Jack thinks something nefarious is going on at food processing plants then I am definitely taking notice. This is the guy who seemed to imply maybe building 7 just fell down because it was weak structurally but he thinks the food processing plant events look suspicious

    Some guy was on prepping 2.0 podcast who is supposedly an expert and he says these things happen all the time. I didn’t necessarily believe him and have always had my doubts about that

    • Well building 7 did fall due to the open lobby design. Sorry you can’t accept that because some teenagers made a youtube movie. Again I was in that building, no one who ever was in that lobby is surprised it fell.

      In any event it has ALWAYS happened, but there is a frequency issue with it. Also I do have sources and have a few saying things like I revealed here.

      • If there is any truth to that, who built or designed that building or did they design it to be weak in the first place? Other than that there are too many strange things about that collapse all around. What building fell like that other than controlled demolition I have to seriously doubt and a collapse that got hardly any media coverage compared to the other buildings.

        You don’t hear much about ocams razir anymore because conspiracy theorists are everywhere these days and there’s a lot of stuff thats not right that people question

        • When the Oklahoma City bombing destroyed the merril building, all kinds of records where lost such that the government no longer had to address gulf war syndrome because all the records on that where stored in that building. I think CIA or FBI records also disappeared when building 7 went down

        • This has NO BEARING on why Building 7 fell. The entire narrative that it was done cuz records or for insurance is really the weakest of all truther arguements.

          On 911 two planes hit two buildings in NYC. And more than 3 buildings fell by the way. The obsession truthers have with Building 7 is at best bizzare.

          Truthers were made into useful idiots in my view, their theories actually stoked by government to keep people searching for nonsense.

          The truth that should be sought about 911 is how it was allowed to happen. But that ship has sailed and truthers sank it to the bottom of the fricken Mariana Trench. This falls under one of my favorite sayings of all time, “you think you’re helping but you’re not”.

        • No because it wasn’t “weak” in design. It was an architectural marvel. This was also not intentional but had the building management set the dam building up with the back up generators and their fuel in the basement rather than on the floor above the lifted lobby it would not have fallen.

          Sometimes shit is what it looks like. The open span was amazing, very impressive and if parts of a 110 story building in flames didn’t fall on the fuckin thing it would be there long after both of us were dead. It isn’t weak design, it is a design with a flaw if a fucking building falls on another building. Not something you usually design for.

        • I think you are super intelligent but you don’t want to cover conspiracy stuff much at least not many topics. Most of what you said is something about open lobby design, where the fuel was stored, and that you have sources. The rest of what you said was mostly calling people names and similar criticisms and your opinions which I have opinions too but I can’t convince people too easily either based on that

        • I call things, opinions, etc. what they are.

          Again the truther movement was coopted by the government they think they are fighting and their arguments went off track and hence will never be taken seriously. That isn’t my opinion that is fact. We know the government fed the truthers, stoked the Lose Change type stuff, we KNOW THIS, not think it, KNOW IT. Ask yourself why.

      • Well there is certainly controlled opposition and disinfo out there, flat earthers, QAnaon and probably Stephen Jones seems like a likely one

  4. I think the ingredient list for your non-soy, corn, GMO feed is a function of your location. Where I get my feed it is pea, wheat and barley that makes up most of it. The rest is basically alfalfa meal and minerals. I live in the grain country of eastern WA and peas are a rotation crop.

    Just wanted to share. The way you said your recipe made it sound like the only option.

  5. I went shopping at Publix with the wife last week and was surprised that most of the customers were overweight. I agree that part of it is probably lifestyle but you didn’t mention the impact of the food. Publix is the opposite of Walmart and is the grocery store known for quality but my son noticed their Publix brand whole wheat bread has HFCS near the top of the ingredients list and wheat was near the bottom.
    It’s probably hard for people to have the energy to do what you talked about when being poisoned by food manufacturers.

  6. When you are talking about people not feeling anything any more I had a strong memory of a line from one of Johnny Cash’s last songs.

    “I hurt myself today, just to see if I still feel”.

    • I wonder if that was an inspiration for part of Scars by Papa Roach;

      our scars remind us that the past is real
      I tear my heart open just to feel