Episode-962- The Bug Out Bus with “stateofmind” (Paul) From the TSP Forum — 11 Comments

  1. Hey all! Hope you enjoy today’s show. It was fun doing the interview with Jack. Take a look at the thread too and please feel free to fire away any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them. Take care. Paul

  2. I have not listened thus far but really looking forward to this episode. I have a 6acre plot in PA that at the moment I can not afford to build on but have been considering a small cargo van outfitted for short term camping so this episode is great timing.

    My thought was that making a short term camping van now and using it for recreation would be great as when the time comes to break ground on a structure I will have it available for use then.

    • That’s pretty much where my idea started. So far it has been BETTER than I had hoped. A Step van or similar vehicle is an excellent choice.

      • I also live just outside of Baltimore City and wanted something that would a)be easier to travel with then a full size bus and b)that I can use in the city if I find myself unable to drive after perhaps indulging in a beverage or two. Have to think ahead 🙂

  3. Paul,

    Looks amazing! Good interview as well. Listened while I mowed the grass. Awesome work on the solar setup.

  4. Paul,
    Right on, man. Way to represent Maine! I was just curious where you’re from & where in “northern Maine” your land is at. I’ve been hunting out of Northeast Carry since I was a kid. That’s “northern” to me. Are you in the County? Be only as specific as you’re comfortable being, as I’ll only be marking your location for SHTF> (that’s a joke)
    What an inspirational show. I’ve already hit up Ebay motors looking for my Blue Bird.

  5. Awesome Show, one of my favorites! I’ve always wanted to turn a bus into a RV or Camper.

  6. Glad you all liked the interview. It’s a fun project/hobby. Plan on a few years to accomplish it, even longer in my case. I still have another year or so to go… But to be honest, I’ll probably continue tweaking it as long as I have it. It’s a project that keeps on keeping on.

  7. Jack…..the gov is buying algie diesel at 25 bucks a gal.when you add in front money you closer to 35 a gal. If this kld is not blowing smoke then you should call for an investigation.