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  1. What I got from discussions on Telegram is that government by passing laws against self custody effectively could make all bitcoin transactions to in no way be anonymous and effectively track all transactions. What’s interesting tho is that bitcoin seems more like a way to make money as an investment and not really to be used as currency which I used to think currency was what it was supposed to be.

    If Peter schiff thinks a good etf is really gold, I don’t see how that makes any sense

  2. You have no concept of what faith means to a Christ follower. It’s faith IN Christ; not faith that He exists or that He is Messiah. You can’t truly understand what that means unless you’ve had a genuine relationship with Christ. He is Messiah, and that’s true regardless of what anyone believes. And by the way, Jesus abhors religion. God wants a personal relationship with his children; not a religion.

    • So the biggest mistake you can make is to assume you know what another person has experienced and has not experienced.

      You seem to think I was never a “believer” and you would be WRONG, 100% wrong.

      I was, I was so much I was a Lay Minister in the Methodist Church. I simply changed what I believed but yes I was a “believer” and I get why that is HARD TO COMPREHEND but it is what it is.

      When I was a “believer” shocking enough it meant I BELIEVED it did not mean I knew anything. Now you can in a sense hypnotize yourself into thinking a belief is knowledge but it won’t make it true. Organized faiths (oh there is that word faith again) have done a great job having people profess things (chant them) sufficiently to accomplish this. They literally compel you to state as knowledge that which you believe. This is HIGHLY effective at fooling your mind but it doesn’t equal KNOWLEDGE.

      And again if you have knowledge you do not require faith and if you have faith it means you don’t have full knowledge there is NO WAY AROUND THIS.

      Arguing this point makes no sense, for instance I require no faith to know that my car a 2020 Blue Challenger is sitting in my drive way next to the first bay of my shop right now. I just LOOKED AT IT AND TOUCHED IT. That is not evidence it is PROOF. You understand that right?

      It does require some faith (all be it very little) to say, and it will be sitting right there tomorrow. I can’t know that, I can say it is likely but I can’t know it. It could be stolen, flipped over by a tornado or an emergency could happen and I may use it to take someone to the hospital unplanned.

      See how simple that is? One = knowing the other = believing.

      No you don’t “know” that Jesus really is the son of God and you do not know you are forgiven in his name you believe it. Why the church feels to the need to convince followers otherwise I don’t get other than the legacy of brainwashing, power, control and incest with the state.

      Faith (belief absent knowledge) is beautiful. It requires trust of what you can’t know. It is special.

      Knowledge is boring and requires no faith. What has been done is many have been convinced if you believe really really really hard long enough it converts to knowing. It doesn’t and again even if you are right, there is no point to a earth based religion if you know, only if you believe in what you cannot see or touch or feel.

      This is now the part where you tell me I am wrong with zero logic or reason in your argument just emotion. “But I have felt God’s presence” etc.

      None of use KNOW anything about what happens when we die or who or what God is or if God even exists. We only can form opinions based on what we know and do not know, again this is faith and real faith is beautiful. Why do you seek to destroy your own beautiful faith with a false claim of knowledge?

      • There have been a couple of instances where you have really skinned your intent. This discussion is one. The other was the BitCoin EP where you stated, “you are dead to me”. As a member and eager listener to your cast, those comments had me saying “WTH, Jack come-on, you are really saying this?”. Perhaps better said would be “this is my …, yours can be whatever floats your boat”. Not casting stones, just making observations.

        • Well this discussion is my opinion, no one made you read it.

          If you think you can know a thing that can’t be known, great but don’t expect me to agree with it.

          On the dead to me one, I don’t remember the specifics but it SOUNDS LIKE it may be the “bitcoin is going to zero” people. They are dead to me as in I don’t care about their pointless opinion at this point. And if it was that, it was likely a few “special kids” who show up to every live chat just to say stupid shit about it over and over and over.

          I figure if it is not your thing that floats your boat you don’t need to make sure to be there every time we talk about it just to be a pointless heckler.

  3. We’re going down, boys. Keep some powder dry to buy at the lows, probably late spring/early summer. Not financial advice.

    • My understanding is yes, about the time it really became clear that it was going to be converted. This built in the famous Gray Scale discount. As a closed fund it never was the same price as BTC, the day of conversion the fund became open and the price snapped to spot.

      IDT John became a BTC believer he just saw a lay up opportunity.

  4. Some people have an increase of faith because they feel that they had witnessed things that do not seem like coincidences or even some things that seem supernatural. It’s not always useful to talk about these things because you can’t prove to someone that something happened to you and you can’t produce supernatural things at will as it doesn’t work that way.

    Some eastern yogis are able to go into deep meditational states and they may refer to it as “knowing god” but others may not like those choices of words. Religion can be contentious. I see this between many groups, catholics, protestants and those of other religions. I also count scientific materialism which is atheism as a religion also

  5. I listened to some stories about missionaries who converted cannibals in Fiji to Christianity. It probably wasn’t the most libertarian thing to do but I found it inspiring and they did the right thing.

    Everything we hear about Christianity is not 100% true. Black Elk was the most famous Sioux medicine man of the Lakota and was in the battle of the Little Bighorn. He became Catholic. In reality he mixed his catholic faith with some Native American beliefs but he was baptized and he was angry that he guy that wrote the book about him was a white man who didn’t like Christianity and that part was left out of the book. Geronimo also said that the Christian religion was better than the native beliefs . Henry David Thoreau hired a native Indian guide in Maine who was Christian and he told Thoreau it was wrong that he didn’t observe the sabbath but Thoreau was not Christian and he hated missionaries also. Liberals discount these stories but it’s easy to see that we are not told the truth about countless things and they are the ones who are living in lies

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