Brink of Freedom — 18 Comments

  1. I am very excited about this. I’ve been looking for folks around my area who are like minded to hook up with and practice some of the thing we talk about on the forum and the thing you discus on the show. Good luck to you Josiah.

    • I think it will be great for our community. Let me know if there are any features you would like to see on the site and please share the word. So far it has been a great success. A lot of members joining.

  2. Since it wouldn’t accept 4 + 11 I thought maybe it was asking what 4 divided by 11 was… wasn’t sure I was gonna be smart enough to be part of this new venture! 🙂

  3. I just tried the “contact us link” and got the same error message as InBox485.

    I also tried to post something to group and the post didn’t show up as well.

    • TSP forum is just a forum, and has a lot of social limitations. Looks like this is supposed to be more of a social network site with a forum in the background. Seeding with TSP people before going broad just means it will at least start with good people 😉

    • InBox485 is absolutely correct. This is not meant to separate anybody from the TSP forums. This is a social network. There are forums on BOF but they are not the same as the TSP forums. The forums at BOF are for the BOF groups and nothing else.

  4. Is BOF open to international TSP listeners? I’m extremely interested in this as a learning and discussion tool

    • Absolutely. Start a group in your country and get others from your area to join up. You can also add your geo location (country, region, city or specific address depending on how detailed you want to be) so that others in your area can find you.