Episode-1596- Bow Hunting Deer Part Two ~ Scouting and Setting Up — 3 Comments

  1. hard to touch everything! lots of trial and error. another key observation is planning an exit that avoids disturbing deer feeding in the field. waiting till its dark to move and get down and being silent like you were coming towards your stand. And also just because there is lots of deer sign, it doesn’t mean the deer are there during daylight hours. great case for setting up cameras to verify time and travel patterns.

  2. Funny, I have downloaded all of your old podcasts and was listening to one on bow hunting you did in the car 7 -/+ years ago, just this morning during my 1.5 hour drive to work…. Keep up the great work!!! I’ll keep listening.

    I live in the middle of Maine on the side of a mountain, off grid on solar. Sold my home two years ago in southern Maine in one of the fastest growing towns in the state, down sized a little and own this 7 acres free and clear.