Episode-1617- Bow Hunting Deer Part Three – Deer Down ~ Now What? — 8 Comments

  1. Any saving Freezer burnt deer meat? I used freezer bags and have some meat that is freezer burnt.

    • No not really, it is still edible but it won’t taste very good, you now have expensive dog food.

  2. Great show. I’m a little behind my podcasts.

    Hello Jack,

    How do you retrieve an animal that fell in a neighboring property? Say the cattle ranch neighbor. Do you jump the fence and keep tracking? Do you go ask for permission? Do you even have a claim to the animal if runs into another property?

    Thank you.

  3. Not a lot of comments on these shows Jack, but I think they provide a lot of good info and advice.

    Even for those of us who have some background in hunting, it’s intersting to see how go about it. Picked up some good tips!

  4. Awesome tips Jack. Although i haven’t hunted much, i have butchered many deer. Years as a chef trained me for that. A couple additional tips i would like to add, if i may. When i butcher, i used to bone out all the neck meat for ground. I found an easier thing to do with it now. I cut the at the base of the skull and as far down as the neck goes to the shoulder-hacksaw right through the neck bones. You will have a big roast like hunk of meat. I will season this whole thing and pop it in my slow cooker for about a whole day. When the meat falls off the neckbones, it’s done. Either pull it or chop it and make bbq meat from it. I usually get at least a couple meals family of 10from it. This save a lot of time boning all the neck bones out and you get all the meat.

    Another.thing i didn’t hear you mention exactly is the front and back shanks. If you saw through these at about 2inch thicknesses, you can make something like osso bucco (braised shanks ). I just put them in the slow cooker with veggies and beef or deer stock and let them.go Thicken broth and use as gravy right before you serve.
    I hope that helps.

  5. I’m coming back to these after I start hunting. I think I start in the next few months.