Episode-2160- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 3 — 15 Comments

  1. Did Steve say the brand/model of the battery bank for the mobile devices with the quick charge and readout?   I’ve been using Anker, and love it, but having a display rather than the 4 dots and being able to quick charge would be nice.

  2. A few notes on the Anker powerbanks.

    – They now are all auto-recognising the charging profile (Apple, etc)

    – Most of the models I have seen can be charged AND discharged at the same time.

    – There are Anker models that output 12V 2A. So you can run your HT with them!It has also been done with the Yaesu FT-817 radio…

  3. “The ratio of people to cake is too big…” – Milton Waddams

    Anyway, to add to the pistol caliber carbine discussion. Ruger unveiled their PCC which takes SR9 mags but comes with an adapter for Glock mags. To add to functionality for the bug out trailer/ truck/ hauler, it’s also a takedown model. Wouldn’t fit in a paint can, but I’m sure there will be some creative ideas on storage. Design appears to be similar to the venerable 10/22, which has me very excited for it. Street price will probably be a bit more than a sub2k, but unlike Kel-Tec, Ruger should have no problem supplying the demand.


  4. I think you mentioned a battery pack with USB C and also another fast charge, maybe USB-PD? 



  5. I’ve used totes as luggage in the back of a truck (roughly 25000 miles a year ) and yes the black and yellow ones from sLows and The Home Labyrinth  do a pretty good job.  They stack well and keep pretty dry in the rain.  The Rubbermaid 1172 ActionPacker 24 gal with it’s lid latches is far superior.  They don’t stack like the black and yellow ones and are about double the cost but they keep the rain out a lot better and are more durable.  They are also strong enough to sit or stand on with the lid latched.  One of mine is over 20 years old and is still in good shape.

    Some cargo trailers (especially with stuff on the roof) may have some serious clearance issues in many parking garages.

  6. Steve Harris, do you have an updated portable battery suggestion from the Trent iTorch and iCarrier listed on

  7. Regarding security for your BOT- what signage are you going to put on your BOT? I think I’ll put “Peoples Plumbing- Septic Tank Cleaners”. They may know there are tools inside, but who wants to break into a trailer where everything has been covered in SH*T!

  8. How do powerbanks hold up in extreme temperatures- can a powerbank stay in a vehicle or trailer year round?