Episode-2355- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 9 — 10 Comments

  1. I’m pumped these are back. I was wondering if this was going to pick back up again after CAC got real busy in September. 

  2. Yep, I agree. One of my favorite series. I have all the episodes saved on my cell and listen to them often when Jack takes a podcasting break.

  3. Just stopped by to say if anyone wants to learn something in short courses, Udemy is having their some what quarterly $9.99 sale. If you want to learn anything computer/finance/numbers/logic related, I highly recommend!

    • Steven,
      I have been using the Chamberlain driveway alert system since 2013 with great success.  I have employed this system in urban, suburban, and mostly recently on my 5 acre homestead.  To this day, delivery drivers are always a little unnerved when I am waiting for them before they even get to my house.  You can add up to 4 sensors and the base station can be run off four AA batteries for mobile operations.
      As for the links, I found the night vision useful because I have been looking for some that I could use on my homestead. For the most part, I have been looking at GEN 1 models for less than $200. However, the Nightfox model seems to be far superior to the other models I was looking at.
      Thanks, Jake

  4. Jack,

    I just wanted to let you on  the Face ID (I think the touch too) if you hold the sleep+volume button. Just like to shut it down the Face ID is Disabled till your password is put in.

  5. Great show.  How can a dash cam be incorporated into the security?  Which dash cam is best?  Or, can one of the cameras Steven mentioned but used as a dash cam with recording?

  6. I want to figure out how to tie this:

    to this:

    and use Steve’s pole with motors option.

    **Anyone know if the Pi3 could handle 4 USB devices?**

    The benefits:
    Power requirements would be low.
    Size would be portable.
    Charging would be easy ( Even a solar panel…. If used correctly, right Steve 😛 ).

    The issues would be initial learning and time….
    Learning shouldn’t ever be an issue though 🙂
    Time, there is never enough.