Episode-2266- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 8 — 10 Comments

  1. A good base for a bug out trailer is a living quarters horse trailer. I have a 3 horse 10 foot living quarters, fully self contained, AC, heat fridge stove and a heater that has kept us warm in Wyoming winters. The horse area also functions as a toy hauler/cargo area and most importantly the suspensions are much beefier than any RV setups I have seen. They can be towed cross country, not a dirt road, but thru pasture and fields. Goose neck hitch as well. Quarters can be tight but most time is sent outside. Just an option worth exploring. Thanks for the great podcast

  2. Thank God my home and property made it unscathed, but we did have two homes down the road burn completely down.
    For those who aren’t aware, when these fires kick up, aircraft are first to respond as it takes time to get “boots on the ground”. The first two days felt like a warzone. When a DC-9 flies 500feet above your house, it gets”real” really fast.
    Thank you Steve and Jack for this episode. I pray no one has to ever go through this kind of ordeal, but because of this program, we’re all equipped to get through, and help our fellow man along the way.

  3. Excellent show going to have to listen to all of em.

    I’m tellen ya folks listen and do as they say.  YES even practice practice practice have that CHECK LIST That list needs to include everything  including head counts and rig set up. Are the trailers if you have em locked down and ready to roll safety chain or what ever hooked up.  Then get COMMUNICATION!!  radios. Don’t rely on your cell phone.

    We had fires here last summer. I kept saying if that thing jumps the river we are out of here.  That, was even against my better judgement I wanted to get things going when the ash / embers were falling.  When you have ash and stuff falling out of the sky a new fire can start any where. Every one said nah can’t jump the river. Well it did! We had a fire just a few miles from the house. The wind shifts and that sucker could jump from tree to tree so fast make your head spin.  We have livestock to get out and that takes hours and hours to get loaded.  Even longer when stress and fear are high and the smoke is thick making it hard to breath.  It’s MASSIVE stress AND EVERYONE else on the road is under the same stress and fear. NOT GOOD

    Train crash cause a toxic spill? um yeah there is no time to load animals it’s grab your bag dogs kids LOAD AND GO.  3 min I am gone


  4. Hey Jack and Steve

    Great show guys! Did you have the link/webpage of the lady who’s mad because Cal Fire only gave her a 5 minute warning?


    • It was a hand shot video of the TV Steve made and sent to me. It was only the short part I played, video would not add much, just an angry elderly woman being used by the media on her worst day.

  5. Enjoying this series a lot
    You mention accessing the show notes
    Please help me find where this information is hiding.

    • You are looking at them, every episode has show notes, they are above your comments including resource links etc.

  6. Steve has been dealing with CAC stuff, some personal stuff and some medical stuff.  There will be more, likely we can begin again next month.