Episode-2247- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 7 — 15 Comments

  1. I have proven exactly what Steven mentioned with the portable ice maker and 5 day cooler at my hunting camp. We even have to haul our water in. The key is two gallon Ziploc bags. You make the ice, bag it, put in cooler. When ice melts, pour water from bag back in ice maker and repeat. The ice makers do make some noise, so I run it on the porch. If you are sleeping in your trailer I would plan to have the ice maker outside.

  2. Did you look up the lemon grass oil insecticide? I’d love to know the exact name.

  3. Thought I would throw out there regarding cofee is to suggest cold brew coffee when camping or in a hotel. Basically throw rough ground coffee and water in a mason jar or similar and let them soak minimum 10 hrs ideally 14 hrs. Then strain either with a coffee filter or mesh coffee filter. Also regarding the comment on foam insulation and campers it reminded me of an instruct able I saw about “poor man’s fiberglass” which is essentially canvas sealed to foam with excessive amounts of tight bond wood glue. The guy has actually used this method for making kayaks so it’s effective for water proofing.

  4. I guess I’m a bit confused. Isn’t Lemongrass Oil used to attract bees. Is the lemongrass oil that Jack is saying to use as an insecticide, the same that beekeepers use in swarm traps?

  5. Jack commented on the facebook forum. It’s the same lemongrass oil, but it’s different when sprayed on insects.

  6. I was curious about the lemongrass oil and bees as well.  I will have to check out the facebook forum.

  7. Indeed it is the application and as I said on air it does not work like say raid, it is non toxic but it sure isn’t non toxic when sprayed onto an insect.  Huge difference.

    Think of it this way, if you eat some jalapeno peppers, no big deal right, but what if I make a solution of them with water and spray it in your eyes?

    Now imagine you have an exoskeleton that allows you to breathe though your body and I coat you in this solution, it is kind of like that.  The residue is harmless but when sprayed onto the insect it is almost instant death.

    You put chlorine powder in a pool nothing happens but if wind kicks up and blows it in your face and you inhale it, it can kill you.

  8. Did you find a link for the lemon grass oil insecticide or recall the name that I could look it up? Thanks.

  9. Lean-to tarps double back under to tighten. Also plow shape shelter. There are dozens of other than flat hangs.

  10. Steve said something about 5 lb. freezer blocks is there one he recommends? I found several on amazon. Also I think he said something about ice packs that freeze at different temperatures. Where can I find those?