Episode-2379- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 10 — 4 Comments

  1. My wife and I have ordered a small camper that should arrive in late July. The primary use will be for camping, and it will also serve as a BOT. I moved all the BOT shows into a separate folder and have been listening to them the past week. I am almost done with Episode 6 and thought I only had three more. Then the notice for today’s episode came out and I realized there’s more great info in my future. As I’ve been listening to each episode, my notes and Amazon wish list have been growing. LOL

    Lots of great information and resources, such as Bob Wells YouTube channel. Noticed in today’s show notes that Steven has a membership site. I went out and signed up, as everything I’ve got from him, whether free or paid, has been very high quality.

    Jack and Steven, this series has been great, so much excellent information for a BOT or even general prepping. Thanks much for all the time and effort put into this series!

  2. I get Heet every spring around $0.25 a bottle on sale from Walmart. Always get the yellow because it has a lower boiling point than red or ethanol. Priming is faster with my crimp aluminum stove.

    • Solid tip.  Since it is Wally Wold good time to check for hand warmers on clearance as well.  Giant O2 absorbers for almost nothing.