Episode-2200- Bug Out Trailers with Spirko and Harris – Part 5 — 14 Comments

  1. If you are in a town big enough, many have a recreation center which is even cheaper than $10 a person if you have a family.  Plus, if you have the stuff you can play in the pool.

  2. The deal to use ANY Planet fitness is $20 a month, not 10. Plus an extra 30 in September.

  3. Great show thanks. One way to heat food while traveling. put MREs or can of your favorite soup,chili, etc. ,on the truck-car engine. Find a spot where it won’t fall off or get into the fan etc. there is always a can on my engine when hunting, a  Swiss Army knife can opener, and plastic spoon in my shirt pocket. a quick meal..UMMMMMM…

  4. I think Netflix has a download to device option for offline watching.
    Same with Spotify.
    Also, Amazon Prime has a their streaming service where you can watch “included with prime” content, plus buying/renting and downloading shows and linking Audible.

    Make sure to save all your google
    Maps locations for offline mode too.

    • This is exactly what I was coming to post. I keep some Netflix and Amazon videos downloaded on my phone, my tablet, and the daughter’s Kindle Fire. It worked well for us when we bugged out for Irma.

      I’m doing similar for a work trip, downloading some movies onto the tablet for entertainment in the hotel at night and podcasts/audiobooks for the phone.

  5. Check Lists!

    We used check lists for about everything when we did alerts.

    Did you find you are missing something when you camp, add it to your check list.

    Aviators use check lists because they know they can’t remember everything.

    • Ditto to this. There’s an excel list with the bugout checklist for the entire family (including the doggo) both in the cloud and hard copy.

      I need to get some totes and duffel bags to make it easier to grab and go. That’s on the list for Hurricane Season 2018.

  6. Jack,

    For the entertainment value, aka the wayback machine site for Old Time Radio and the like, sometimes in zipped files. Just thinking it might help on local storage.

    Thanks for all you do. Great show, Keep up the good work,

    Your quality is a big reason I pay full freight as it were than going for discounts,

    Blessings and regards.

  7. The discussion around bolt-cutters, locks, and chains didn’t sit right with me so I thought it through and have some comments.

    In what situation would I ever need to vandalize someone’s security (locked gate) so that I could trespass on their property?

    – Regional disaster (hurricane, forest fire, flood, etc, etc). If I am in danger, they by all means do what is needed to save myself. However, this segment was around stopping for a place to stay. So if I am still in danger, I should keep moving until I am no longer in danger. If I am not in danger, then I need to revert to civilized behavior – which does not mean vandalism and trespassing.

    – Civil breakdown (“Patriots” meets “Light’s Out”). Yeah, I can totally see desperation leading to taking these actions. But remember, society has broken down and the normal rules don’t apply. If the property owner shows up and you are a trespassing vandal, don’t be surprised if they thank you for the supplies and put you in a hole in the ground. Remember it is their property so they know the lay of the land, home field defender’s advantage, etc.

    I am one of those people with rural property and I have a dirt road with a chain & lock on it. I like to think of myself as a nice guy who is willing to help others. However, if the first thing someone does is grab their bolt cutters I am going to see them as hostile and not someone I am willing to help. In my opinion, I think carrying bolt cutters for this purpose is at best questionable advice, and at worst it is advice that can make someone’s already bad situation more difficult.

  8. On the drug caffeine and various sources.  Keep in mind not all caffeine is created equal and different sources of caffeine affect people differently.  Just store what works best for your own body, and is convenient for your mobile situation.  The cheapest caffeine could make you feel like crap, give you the shakes, and crap your pants while a different source could wind you up to point of learning quantum physics in a few hours.  Also, alternating sources of caffeine can improve efficacy over time as your body develops tolerance.  Just food for thought.

  9. I have a great alternative to clogged cell networks or no cell signal and still wanting to stream things so your kids don’t get bored. It is a device called a HooToo (avaliable on amazon for $20). It runs off you your cars power and creates its own WIFI signal. You can then just plug thumb drives or other storage devices into it (with movies or audio stored on them). At this point anyone in the car just finds the WIFI signal, logs onto it and has access to all of the files. Mine works great!

  10. I can’t tell you why but chewing sunflower seeds (in the shell) is an amazing way to keep you awake while driving. Maybe its the mouth stimulus? All i know is it works