Episode-1331- Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy on their New Survival Board Game — 32 Comments

  1. Great idea!
    My Masters Degree is in instructional Design with an emphasis on game theory. Currently I design curriculum for schools that utilizes game theory and have been working on creating a Permaculture board game. In my Masters program, I created a board game that was about cleaning the environment which was my starting place for the permaculture board game.
    So far I have an awesome local artist and a graphic designer who have agreed to help me with this project. Right now I am developing a team of game designers because this is too big for one person.
    I’ll keep you posted.

  2. Thanks for the infomercial. Thankfully this was on while I was working so I cannot say it was a complete waste of time.

    Good for them and all but a couple minutes shout out or even better a link in the show notes would have sufficed.

    • While I like Joe and Amy and can understand reciprocity of support for all they’ve done for TSP, I have to agree with Chris… A pair with such specialized knowledge of a critical subject should be imparting some of their medical expertise, not telling us about a board game.

      Maybe next time Bones can tell us about some of his old medical textbooks predating modern medicine, I know he collects them and would love to know which titles he recommends.

    • I loved hearing about this game, l think it is a totally cool idea, am considering supporting the kickstarter, and I generally love shows with Doc Bones and Nurse Amy, but I quit listening after about 15 mins. Over an hour is way too long to talk about one board game.

  3. Sorry about that. I am a bit miffed that permaculture and survival cannot be talked about as the same thing.

    It gets me wondering if it upsets people who use this show to try to sell us stuff. It blurs the line and it brings up questions concerning integrity. I do not want to doubt your integrity.

    • It only “blurs the lines” and questions “integerty” if your one of those people that think capitalism is inherently evil and making money is immoral and corrupting.

      It doesn’t bother me one bit that Jack tries to sell me stuff in fact I think its great.

      I believe in the end building a buisness that makes a profit is far more sustainable and helps than far more people than building a non profit charity does in most cases.

      Permaculture buisness will in the end do more than permaculture charities will.

      I have zero problem with Jack using his show to promote small businesses ventures like this.

      • Thanks Daniel, and frankly I wasn’t trying to sell anyone anything. I made people aware of an effort that I find to be very cool and a great way to spread prepping.

        Imagine if every TSPer got a game, gave that game to family members who play games but won’t listen about basic preparedness, how many people might that wake up?

      • That was not written well. Selling stuff is not a problem. I buy a lot of it through the tsp member page.

        It was a poor choice of wording by me and failed to convey what I was thinking, which wasn’t much.

        My bad, my apologies.

    • Chris if you doubt my integrity at this point, here is your solution. Up in the right hand area of your computer is an X, click it and don’t come back. Seriously I will not even entertain such nonsense!

      TSP is about many things, spreading preparedness is ONE OF THE KEY THINGS WE DO. Many won’t read a book, they won’t listen to a podcast, sit though a youtube video, but they will play a game.

      Now seriously stop bitching about other people having some success in their lives because that is what you are doing.

      • As soon as I clicked post I regretted saying I questioned your integrity. For that I am sorry.

        Thanks to you I have learned numerous things. Thank you for that. It all started when I was looking up hugelkulture beds one day a little over a year ago. I was just starting to read up on permaculture.

        There was your video. Then watched another. Then I looked up your podcast. When I had enough extra money I bought a membership.

        The membership alone makes me questioning your integrity just stupid and conflicting with that thought, really doubt I was having. It dispelled my truly questioning your integrity. It was just a few comments you made in the show that raised the hackles on my neck a bit.

        The membership has more than paid for itself a few times over.

        I am sorry for going half cocked and writing something not well thought out, nor conveying what I had in mind. Also because as far as I can see so far your integrity appears to be exemplary to me.


        • Again apology accepted and frankly bitching about an episode isn’t really a big deal, you are right is was questioning my integrity that set me off. I have been 100% open book in all I have done from day one. I have never misled anyone and I have stood by people thought the shit storms that I didn’t have to because one thing I have is integrity. Frankly I really don’t have anything else of true value without that one thing.

    • Oh and Chris on the Permaculture thing I am kind of playing a trick on people. Those two shows, were totally based on Permaculture design. Like 100%, everything from relative location to the problem is the solution. I have more coming next week, I’ll tell the non believers when the series is over. Well except for those that read all the comments.

      • I caught the design and influence it just pissed me off that you could not just say it without someone tuning out or being upset by it.

        I feel like an ass and cannot stop apologizing.

  4. I don’t want to poopoo their idea, but it sounds identical to the Walking Dead board game. Clear down to collecting materials, finding community members, and “bonus” cards. To be bkunt it sounds so similar it makes me think they just created a new Sorry game but used black, white, brown, and purple pegs.

    • Hi Brian,

      I know the Walking Dead game, and it isn’t anything like it in its gameplay, which anyone could see by watching the gameplay video on the website. We wanted to get away from zombies and put together a game based on a real disaster scenario that you could still play with your family. I don’t know of a survival game that doesn’t involve resources and survivors; it would have been unrealistic to not include them as an integral part of the game.

      • I don’t think you could design a game like this without parallels. I’m just hoping there aren’t so many that someone tries to sue you. To make sure we’re talking about the same TWD board game (there are at least two of them), this is the one to which I’m referring:

        That said, I love the looks of D&B Survival and can’t wait for it to come out.

  5. Hi Chris,
    Our entire purpose for this game is to raise awareness in the preparedness community and awaken new members. We do not expect to “make money” from this game. In fact we have already spent over $15,000 on the art, graphic art and website development already. The cost of manufacturing alone is more than our kickstarter goal.

    We are committed to helping the lone prepper get the whole family involved in the preparedness mindset. This is a way to achieve this goal in a fun and family friendly way.

    • Don’t bother explaining Amy, there are always one or two of these. I wonder how such people feel about PBS and their 48 hour fund raising telethons?

  6. Sounds very fun, I’ll head over to the kickstarter and check it out a bit more. However my wife scares me when she plays board games, it somehow brings out the worst in her. Good to hear that you can team up in this one, it may be safe to be on her team instead of against her! Good luck reaching your goal!

  7. @Nurse Amy,
    Look for an email from my daughter or son-in-law at Initiative:Tabletop. They have an extensive website dedicated to board games, including reviews. They can provide you some more exposure to your Kickstarter campaign as they have a large following.

  8. Thank you very much Kern! I appreciate this gesture more than I could possibly express. It’s nice to know some people understand what this game is really trying to accomplish, which is spreading preparedness and help it become the norm. Joe and I have been working hard to help others become better prepared to deal with medical issues for over 4 years now and we thought a game could be a fun way to get people involved. THANKS so much for the help, Nurse Amy

  9. I really like how you are using Kickstarter at the end. It’s a bold move but it makes me want to donate even more knowing that the game will be shipping so soon. The game looks great! Can’t wait to play it.

  10. I had the pleasure of meeting Doc Bones and Nurse Amy at Jack’s place last Wednesday. They were very entertaining to speak with. I did get a chance to get a glimpse of the board game while it was on the pool table. Let’s just say it looks to be really full of detail and content. It interested me and I am really looking forward to supporting the kickstarter.

    I have no problem with these two fine people coming on and trying to generate interest in a project they are working on. Really, who would? They are great supporters of the TSP community and I have no problem supporting them in kind. They have their own podcast and website, so anyone interested in tapping their vast knowledge could venture there too.

  11. Now, the only big task ahead is gonna be figuring out how to integrate the card game Conflicted into game play of Survival. Now that’d really be a way to spark interesting ideas and scenarios.

  12. I think that one of the points Jack made using the game as a conversation or thought starter with family and friends that might be put off by you asking them to sit in on survival indoctrination lectures every weekend- is this things greatest possibility. If you are listening to the show then you are laready part of the choir, but a big part of the battle is getting everyone else in your sphere of influence ready so you aren’t having to supply or fend off the whole community.

    In that, the game is already doing its job in unexpected ways. I was surprised a week or so after the show to get a health care and and public health threat briefing from a large system in Texas and noticed one of the stories had a picture of the game! Immediately I thought “Oh crap, an anti-prep crazy looney story”. It was actually an overview of a story that was on the New York Times website that dealt with “Family Disaster Preparedness”. Not that I care a bit about the paper’s political views, but kudos to them for a story that wasn’t too bad. You can read it and see the pic at

  13. Just 200$ needed to get the stretch rewards level folks!! Needed that second cup of coffee more then I thought. I thought my pledge would take us over.

  14. About the Kindle MatchBook for The Survival Medicine Handbook. So I bought the physical book earlier but seems like even though it shows in my amazon orders it doesn’t show as a matchbook. Anyone else tried the matchbook?